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Friday, November 22, 2002

Metroid Prime = love.


Me? Bitter? NEVER.

It's a scary thing when you start dreaming of Metroid Prime after only two days of playing it. Yes, I say only, despite spending ALL DAY LONG on both days playing, since I'm pathetic like that, or more accurately the major fangirl who has turned into Rabid Metroid Fangirl Mode and it'll be hard to turn the mode off for quite a few weeks, as I trudge through both Metroids and attempt to get every last measly tank, missile and bomb all the while grumbling if I don't remember everything in a second playthrough, bitter that I haven't lived up to Metroid fangirl standards.

Otherwise, my life consists of working and buying losing lottery tickets. Go me. Oh yeah, and chocolate milk. Don't forget the chocolate milk.

Now go read some letters.

P.S. If you want to know what in the seven hells inspired the title, click if you dare.

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Another reason why I don't like pets...

Heya Liz,

So, did anyone know that a kitten can damage a video game console to the point of it being unusable? I didn't, but now I do. And as such, because someone else's kitten broke my GameCube, I can;t buy a GBA-GC link cable and Metroid Fusion. Why? Well, I have to buy a new GC, and the owner of the kitten thinks, "it's a kitten, it's expected that there will be some minor damage." Bloody hell man, $150 bucks isn't minor to me... and I just got Metroid Prime, too.

ANYWAY, from the 15 minutes of Metroid Prime I have played, I have had rewrite about 30% of Origins. But that's OK, Prime is worth it. At first I thought I'd have to scrap a lot more of it, but it appears right now that the majority of what I wrote can be fitted in rather easily, and actually, several parts fit in MUCH better now than they did before.

Prime is gorgeous. I can't wait to get off that ship and down to the planet, so I can get into some down and dirty exploring! I don't know about game of the year - It's fun, and certainly one of MY favorite game series, but Metroid is possibly too cult for that high an award.

GameCube game of the year though? Certainly.

I'd guess Vice City will get Game of the Year. Though personally I won't vote for it. I'd probably vote for... Metroid Prime anyway, but I really doubt it will win it.


..a KITTEN? Yikes. What did it do, pee on your GC or something? o.O And $150 is definitely not a minor thing. Big ouch there.

I dunno, since Nintendo's seriously pushing Metroid Prime this season, it's really leaking its way into the mainstream crowd of VG fans. It'll never be as mainstream as Vice City, but who cares? There's major promotion of all kinds involving Prime, so we'll see how much the game has sold once Nintendo gives up those sales numbers in a couple of days' time.

As for game of the year, I'd also imagine Vice City would be it too, much as I don't care for it. I also would vote for Prime for obvious reasons.

You'll really like some of the Chozo Lores scattered throughout Tallon IV. It offers more detailed stuff on the race, including their intentions and such, plans and technological evolution... it's kind of giving me my own ideas for fics, mainly involving Samus and the Chozo race... though being too busy PLAYING, I've not given much in-depth thought to it. We'll see. I need to get the rest of those lores though, but I'm only so far into the game... there's actually quite a story so far.

Boo for gaming backlogs.

My Christmas wish list is also very short, primarily because I went nuts with my very limited college funds and purchased at almost the same time...wait for it: Wild Arms 3, (pretty sweet) Shadow Hearts, (haven't played yet) Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (pretty sweet), both Alundras (1 is really sweet, 2 is hardly), Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica (haven't played yet). I was slow to catch up with Resident Evil. Oh, and the Diablo 2 expansion pack. I had a lot of ground to cover. And I still haven't played Arc the Lad 3 from the collection I got before school started...

In short, I have many, many games to play.

So really all that's left is Suikoden 3 (which means I have to replay 1 and 2 so I can get the save games going...), and I was also thinking about getting those two Lord of the Rings games. ...know anything about those? Worth my time?

Too bad about all the worthy stuff coming out in February or around there. Like hack and Xenosaga. I could then get those without great cost to myself, which would be nice. On the other hand, that's two more months to carve through the enormous pile of games I've already acquired. Good thing I've got a job all lined up for winter break!

-TV's Adam

Wow, when you said you blew your college funds... you really meant it. :P You know, if you have a job lined up for winter break, when are you gonna play the things? Ah well, I know what you mean about backlogs though. My immediate backlog includes Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Sunshine and Suikoden III. My long-term backlog includes FF Tactics, the Fire Emblem series (which I have to play on emu anyway), Suikoden I and II, Persona 2: EP and... several others. Brain hurts, just thinking about it. I also need to stock up on dramamine just for said backlog.

Man, I forgot about the big games next year too: Zelda Kaze no Takuto, Star Ocean 3 and .hack. Oh, and the GBA Zelda next month... Gah, I don't need a bigger backlog than what I already have!

I've heard, actually, that there's a bug in the GBA FotR that's hard to avoid - apparently the game locks up at a certain point in the game and is a well known issue, though I'm not sure if the developer has made any move to fix the problem or not. Otherwise, I've heard nothing majorly outstanding nor majorly bad about the RPGs, and I'm not particularly interested myself. I personally think there's bigger stuff out there you should be bothering with, but more importantly, a backlog of games you already own to deal with. Have fun! :P

I don't wanna go there either.

Hey Liz, letters seem to be a bit skimpy so i'm gonna share my thoughts with everyone. First of all, Suikoden Suikoden Suikoden, I heard some great things about the third installment, but uh... haven't played any of the other ones! Is it necessary to play the first two to understand whats going down or is it like a final fantasy game where you can play any of the games in any order? Well, that is except this new ffX-2, that i've heard so much about. Personally, ffX was my least favorite final fantasy mainly because the ending kinda left me with a bad feeling after all that happened. Thats why i'd like to see a sequel, and that is why a sequel is coming out, am I right? Anyways, February looks to be a good month because two of my favorite series are coming out with new games, Breath of Fire V and Xenosaga. Also, I heard from somewhere a sequel to FF7 is possible? Don't even wanna go there...
Like plenty of RPG series, the Suikoden games are similar in terms of gameplay and story structure. As for the actual plot and characters, they're not directly related, but I think there are references here and there. Now, as many Suiko fans will tell me, III alone is a great game, but you'd appreciate it much more if you at least played II. I'm not sure how, but seeing as II is rather popular (and its cult following scary), I'd play II at least, in any case. If you can find it, that is.

Bad feeling, you say? There can be many of those. My personal 'bad feeling' was simply over how sad the ending was. I liked it, but it was sad. Of course, you could also mean the 'I expected so much more out of this game/ending' way, or the 'That was just utterly stupid' way. Whatever the case... hey, it's your opinion. I'm hoping for a bit of a happier and more conclusive ending, because if they ever made ANOTHER sequel, I'm not sure if I could withstand any more of the controversy surrounding it. Still, no matter what the ending, FFX was a good game overall for me.

FFVII-2... I'm hoping it doesn't happen. Why? For starters, VII was anything but my favorite FF. Great for its time, but looking back at all the FFs... it's just not up there with the FFs I love. Second, what would they do for a sequel? The ending was very conclusive, unlike FFX. As for the actual possibility of this sequel happening, some staff at Square has mentioned they've always liked to do one, so long as they don't screw up or make the rabid FFVII fans angry. I bet they'll be angry no matter what, you can't please everyone.

Someone knows me well. Or just looked at my board sig. :P

I knew Metroid Prime factored in somewhere to the lack of updates. I was actually about to ask that before I saw that there was an update.

Anyway, down to business. First off, I would love to finally get a PS2 (college has been too expensive for me to afford one myself). It would be even better if it was a modded PS2 so I could play some imports that don't look to make it to the US (Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio Ni, and Shin Megami Tensei III to name a few). To tide me over until they are released, a copy of FFX or Kingdom Hearts would be a nice addition.

Well If I can't get a PS2, at least a copy of Tactics Ogre for the PSX would be nice. This is probably not be coming my way as it seems to be quite rare, as well as out of print, and the only place I've seen it was on ebay for $70.

The rest of my list (other than money), consists mainly of anime stuff, such as the Love Hina and Eva mangas (the right to left versions of course).

Well, here's to hoping I can get some of this.


Ah yes, the special edition of the EVA novels... which cost no more than the regular, in fact. The only difference, as you said, is that they read from right to left. I'm so weird when it comes to EVA, come to think of it. Half the time it fascinates me, half the time it pisses me off. Still, I've got all the manga so far, and I like it regardless. :P

As for playing imports, you could always go nuts like me and buy a Japanese PS2. Nevermind that I only have two import games so far, I still have a few planned for the future (FFX-2! :P And some others...), there's also some older games I'd like to try. Tactics Ogre for PSX is supposed to be a great game, so good luck finding it. Ever played the GBA one (Knights of Lodis)? That's supposed to be a good one as well.

I'm dreaming of a warm~ Christmas~

Hiya Liz,

Hooray for hot days. Yep, it seems as if summer is coming early here in Western Australia. As I struggle to type these words and wipe the sweat from my brow, I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I wished for a hot, HOT summer this year. :P

Anyway, onto the Christmas wish list. Well, I'd definately like to get Kingdom Hearts when it reaches our shores, as well as Metroid Prime (if it's released before Christmas). The problem with me, though, is that I'm an impatient person. In all probability I'll already have these titles by the time the ol' Christmas holidays roll in.

What I'd really, REALLY like though is art books. Lots of them. Of anything. For some strange reason, I seem to get much more enjoyment collecting video game memorabilia than I do playing the games themselves! I just can't get enough of viewing original artwork or attempting to stumble my way through mountains of japanese text.

And voila! One short, vague Christmas wishlist. Now if I just send this letter as an attachment to my grandmother, maybe I can look forward to more than a newly knitted pair of socks. :P

Regards, Evapilot

...Summer is coming? I only wish I was in Australia... blah. Here I am freezing my ass off every night and waking up thinking I'm one big icicle. So I assume that you guys get nice, sunny... warm... Christmases? That's a really bizarre concept, but growing up for 21 years in the very Western concept of Christmas can be blamed for my way of thinking. Speaking of which, what the heck is Santa Claus called around the world? St. Nick? Kris Kringle? What else? I'm curious.

...I know exactly what you mean with impatience, which is why I ended up buying Suikoden III right before Metroid Prime, when I was originally going to ask for the former for Christmas. Gah. And read a few responses up to see what my gaming backlog is like. All so I can make some money.

As long as I like the art, I'll love the artbooks to death. My Xenogears and Chrono Cross ones especially, and not to mention Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Yes, I'm an artbook whore. But I'm into art as a whole, so artbooks should be a given. Same goes for any other huge art fans. I especially love looking at concept sketches... mmm.

If my memory serves correctly, you guys get Metroid... in ichigatsu-- er, January or February or so? (I'm sure ichigatsu is wrong anyway.) And for any Metroid nut, it'll be worth to wait. (I've got a friend on IRC who's also from Australia who's sick of hearing me and Mike talk about Metroid. Mainly because he wants the game. :P)

Man, knitted socks is a bizarrely foreign concept to me. I can't even PICTURE something like that, even for babies. Anyway, my grandparents like to give me money and/or some really neat clothes - how can they have taste, yet my aunt's taste is worse (and cheaper) than any other grandmother imaginable? Gah.

...Hey, it'd give us an excuse to cover Metroid!

I always figured Metroid games to be "Almost Action-RPGs", since they're action games with some rpg elements included. Now that I've defined my letter as being topical, I continue:

A game that was on my X-mas list but that I just went ahead and got is/was Metroid Fusion for GBA.

See, when Prime was announced, I was very (and still am) disappointed that Nintendo opted to make the Cube version of Metroid an FPS (that's First Person Shooter, not Frames Per Second. I like my old school side-scrollers (among other old-skoo games), and have seen what happens when such transitions occur (need I remind you, of, brace yourself, CASTLEVANIA 64!!!! DUNH DUNH DUNH - keep reading if your eyes havent melted out of their sockets from reading those two hideous words). I'm sure Prime will be ass-kickin (it received an unprecedented 9.7 from the hard-asses at Gamespot), but I longed for something a bit more nostalgic; my prayers were answered when Nintendo released another whole Metroid alongside Prime, and a classic-style side-scroller at that!

Fusion met and surpassed my expectations - all the great gameplay and stellar (possibly better) graphics of Super Metroid (albeit a few gameplay mechanics were tweaked) on a handheld! Along with decent story advancement (in a Metroid game for crying out loud!), cool bosses, and a few surprises.

So all you old-schoolers still cringing at the thoughts of our beloved classics being transformed, there is hope, and that hope is METROID FUSION!

~Neo Valmar (who in past incarnations has been The Amazing, Sneezing Floor Tile and Brandon B. I'm sticking with my e-mail addy for the moment.)

P.S. - Liz have you played it? If so, your thoughts?

Alright, now here's my chance to rant and vent and whine and scream. *ahem*


*cough* End screamfest. For now.

Yep, that's right, my store hasn't gotten Metroid Fusion in yet. Like... at all. It was supposed to arrive Tuesday, then Wednesday, and today they still don't have a bloody thing. I JUST DON'T GET IT. Oh well, at least I have Prime to keep me company.

Ah yes, Prime. The game that is *cough* NOT, I repeat, NOT a first person shooter. FPS elements? Yes. Even more adventure, or more importantly, classic Metroid elements? Yes, much much more so. Trust me, the most diehard, most rabid of the Metroid fancult voiced many doubts, many of which fizzled away after playing the demos at either E3 or a store. Some still doubted, until they stuck with it a little longer, and came away rather impressed - mostly with the fact that despite the major, obvious differences, it was still very much a Metroid game in how it felt. Me, I relented and almost gave in to the 'fact' that it was an FPS before E3. E3 proved me otherwise and still had me rather impressed. Heck, when Nov. 18th got closer, I had a few doubts again, probably because it had been almost six months since I touched the demo. Once I got into the game though, sans headaches, I was in a very happy place. :P Again, despite the huge obvious differences, there's tons of nostalgia in the game which comes in many forms - whether it be music, enemies, gameplay structure - that will make the Metroid cult very happy.

God, I love the sound of that. 'Metroid cult'... I should start one. It can be a religion! We'll worship the Chozo! I'll make a mini-Bible out of all the Chozo Lore in Prime!

Or... not.

Holy crap, this column is getting long. Anyway, as you may have guessed, I don't have Fusion yet. I played a good half hour or so of the ROM, and liked it a lot due to the Super Metroid feel. Once I finish Prime, and blah on in detail about the game (eh... I'll save that for my LiveJournal), I'll one day get Fusion from EB and you guys will one day hear my general impressions of that game. Believe me, you'll hear them.

Apparently, both Metroid games have surprises. I like surprises, as long as they're not of the Metal Gear Solid 2 kind.

Closing Thoughts

You know, I wasn't quite finished this update, but it's gotten long enough as it is. So if a letter's not here, you'll see it next time. Oh, and keep sending in your Christmas wish lists. I know there's plenty out there. Speak up. :P if you've already sent it in, you can always blab on about Metroid or something else. Go ahead, I dare you.

~ Liz, letting that drugged up feeling wear off... however, this also means no Metroid for her until tomorrow. Wah... (letters@rpgfan.com)


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