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Monday, November 25, 2002

Withdrawals suck. Withdrawals really suck.

if that's too cryptic for you, let me say it in as plain English as I possibly can. I haven't played Metroid Prime in the past 24 hours. That's right, and I'm suffering withdrawals like Prime is a hard drug or something. Well, I had to have a social life and a job sometime, right? Or most of the time, anyway. Last time I played, yesterday afternoon, I had to stop because of headaches and a crappy TV screen. I did however, see the full commercial for Prime last night and I must say, they did an awesome job on that real life Samus suit. And the grappling beam. o.O

In other news, I had a good hair day today. I wonder if that's somehow related to my lacking in Metroid Prime playing...

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When they say down under, some really are down and under. :P

Hi Liz,

In Australia, we just call Santa...Santa. If you'd like to see something weird, though, I coud always send you a copy of the famous Australian Santa, lazing on the beach in bathers, his fluffy hat and a can of beer. Traumatic. :P

Well, I've managed to once again astound myself with my impatience and complete lack of willpower. Remember in my last letter, I said that I was hoping to get Kingdom Hearts for Christmas? Well, I got it yesterday. I mean, all I wanted to do was stroll into my local EB, pick up the current catalogue, and maybe have a browse through some of the newer titles. But the flashy posters and demo unit caught my attention, and I was hooked. Twenty minutes later, I was leaving the store with my very own copy.

I should probably take some consolation in the fact that I was able to control myself, and buy the game ONE WHOLE DAY after it's release date. At least I'm stronger than my earlier "wait outside the store 15 minutes before it opens" days. :P

Anyway, great game, shame about my empty wallet.


P.S. While at EB, I MAY have also left the store with a GBA, Golden Sun and the "End of Evangelion" Eva DVD. Go me. :P

Traumatic indeed... yet oddly interesting, and I'm curious enough to want to see this disturbing Santa. I hope that image doesn't say anything about the rest of your country, cuz I still want to go there someday and don't exactly want to see my vision of Australia shattered in pieces. :P

Seems like more of the readers here have either more money, a weak conscience, or just some huge desire to splurge - or all three. My personal splurge was Suikoden III, a game that's going to take me forever to finish... Smart, ne? Ah, but I can clearly see why you got sucked into buying Kingdom Hearts so easily... I mean, it's Kingdom Hearts! And when it's sitting on the shelf practically screaming 'Buy me!' while you play an enticing demo of said game, well, who can resist? Besides the broke and credit card-less, of course.

I don't think I've ever waited outside the store 15 minutes before opening. Usually shipments come midday, so I've never gotten the opportunity. Plus the mall opens at 9 AM, and I like sleeping in, thank you very much. Still, one whole day isn't much to brag about... especially considering you ended up spending a whole lot more in the same visit. Ouch. Those purchases better be worth it. Of course, if you're a big EVA fan, EoE will be worth it no matter how bad the fairweather EVA 'fans' say it is. Remind me to rent it someday...

Oh, and enjoy Golden Sun. So long as you don't start out proclaiming it to be the second coming and then talk about how boring it is months down the road, much like many other people I know. :P

Mmm... trash cans - uh, what?

Booyika! In your Topic is said that you could put in you Christmas list if ya wanted to. So heres mine. RPG MAKER with the keyboard attachment! Thats the main main thing. that I want. I've read lots of stuff about it and I am dieing to have it. It comes to my EB Dec. 16. So I said in my most sweetest cheezy face I could muster at the time "Rpg maker with keyboard attachment, 70 bucks (50 for the game and 20 for the keyboard attachment) December 16 and I know you have enough money cause last year you got me a ps2 for 300.00 bucks." I also want from my grandmother (you have to keep it simple with Gram). A save pack for ps1 'Cause I have el zippo kb's left. From my brother in law I asked humbly for the Tidus and yuna action figures. I have the Squall and Rinoa Action Figures from my first ps1 game and I might as well make it complete with Tidus and Yuna Action Figures being my first ps2 game. Unfortunatly he couldn't find them ANYWHERE, so I'll have to find alternate ways heh heh heh..... instead I asked him for the ff8 soundtrack. And Finally and my most wanted gift of all. I asked my aunt for Joe's trash can! OH MY GOODNESS I WANT THAT TRASH CAN SOOOO BAD!!! To have his trash can........oh please oh please oh please....I thinks thats all. Gibanza!

-The Lizard

Well, now I can truthfully say that I've heard someone go nuts over a trash can and want one really badly. What will people think? :P And after hearing all your hype surrounding your cousin's trash can... what does it look like that makes it so special? I mean, really?

A PS2? How generous. I'm sure you can get RPGMaker... so long as it doesn't spawn evil and twisted RPGs, that is... if you got a PS2 last year. I don't know if I really like the Yuna action figure... I like the Auron and Kimahri ones - those larger ones - because they're so nicely detailed. I also want to see a Wakka one just because I want to see detail on his funy hair, then snap his bangs off. Or something. (I always looked at him in the game and wanted to take scissors to his hair. His hair annoyed me sometimes!)

Anyway, neat choices... though i would have asked for the FFX or VI soundtracks, first, depending on what you own already, but that's just me and the fact that I've heard way too much of the VIII OST lately. Still, VIII's isn't bad, but probably better if you've beaten the game unlike yours truly. *gets evil glares*... What? I was busy with Parasite Eve!

Retail hell? You and me both, pal.


Christmas list? I don't really have one, because no one gives me anything for Christmas to speak of. Well, other than cards. Curse being more or less independant. Most of the stuff I'm looking forward to is coming out well after Xmas. Zelda (I still hold to the fact that Link is UGLY, but the environments and animation are excellent, and it's quite fun to play), Breath Of Fire V, Xenosaga, and in the more distant future, FFX-2, Skies Of Arcadia GC (never played the DC one), and the GBA remake of Seiken Densetsu. I loved that game's music, even with the Gameboy's sound chip. I can't wait to see what they do with it on some more advanced hardware. I guess about the only thing before Xmas I'm looking forward to is Zelda GBA. And I still need to play Suikoden 3. And the used copy of Suikoden 2 is $44.99 at work. A tad less after discount, but blah.

As for the lovely Xmas holiday season itself, I'll be spending it in retail hell. Only time of year where working at EB sucks. And on Christmas day I'll likely do what I usually do and just go to the movies with Jewish friends. Humbug. =P


Yeah, Link may be ugly, but he's a KID. There are many ugly kids out there and I guess Nintendo decided to be realistic this time........ Kidding. :P Though you have to admit the l33tness of the spin attack... that, or how much it made you laugh when you first saw and heard it. (And I know it did! I was there!)

it's kind of funny how a huge chunk of good RPGs came out a few months before Christmas.... and another chunk follows months AFTER. (And I do admit, I'd be looking forward to Xenosaga more if I hadn't beaten it already. :P) I'm guessing it's a huge conspiracy by the gaming industry to time it right after we financially recover from Christmas and the fall wave of RPGs... wouldn't you agree? Planned well enough to make us broke for months and months!

Retail season is never fun during Christmas. if you work on the day after Christmas and see the mall packed wall to wall, you feel my pain, I'm sure. And then last year, despite not working that day, I wanted to go to the mall and shop. And I did. Yikes.

Lacking in time != lazy.

Why did Brady decide to be so lazy with the Suikoden 3 strat guide any way?And anyother thing that bothers me is that I could and cannot find a Hoshigami:Ruining Blue Earth Strat Guide anywhere!Is there such a thing?!?!And one last suggestion for you....Why doesn't Rpgfan do FAQs?
RPGFan? Do FAQs? Hey, we do enough here! FAQs take a LOT of work, and I mean hours upon hours of just working on the FAQ itself, PLUS playing a game over and over to get all the stats and little things down. Some of us just don't have the time - it can be months before a full and complete FAQ can be done. Look at GameFAQs - FAQs for years-old games are STILL updated. And when you see FAQs at other game sites, remember that they're fan submitted and rarely ever done by an actual staffer.

It wasn't a matter of laziness, but moreso lack of time and the fact that Brady couldn't commit to a certain deadline no matter what. Believe me, I'm sure they would have wanted to complete that guide, as it would have made them cash. And I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to can it either - they are after all a business.

Apparently the Hoshigami guide was never completed either... the writer must have either fallen asleep during the game or broke his controller and/or Playstation and/or game disc out of frustration. Go figure!

You people really scare me.

metroid prime is awsome. it is bye far one of the best games ever the one guy from last update is retarded and I would givie him my game cube if he could somhow earease ever reading that email from my mind for ever but he can't so LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHUHUHUHUZEER. So to recap primew awsome new yuna awsome new rikuu bad person who wrote that letter EVIL.

From joe the cortroler of all that is typed after HE THINKS:

Oh right, THAT letter. Well, maybe it's just me, but I thought it wasn't too hard to tell that the guy was kidding. So was I, for that matter, as I don't imagine he would actually do... what my response described. :P (Of course, it described something he SHOULD NOT be doing...) I do agree that he needs a GameCube, as I'd already said, so he, or anyone, can drool over Metroid Prime in action alongside myself. Game of the year? You bet your arse it is. :P
Which one?!

Hey Liz!

I could've sworn that I read about a big game developer jumping ship from one platform to another. (I think they went to GC.) Did this actually happen or did I just read this while dreaming about my half-dozen writing projects?

And since cursing and Christmas shopping go hand-in-hand for you, why not just buy all of us gifts? You can put me down for FFXI, a PlayOnline subscription, and an on-call Japanese translator. Now that's what I call one heck of a gift!

I haven't seen any company jump ship from one *exclusive* platform to another, rather I've seen developers go from once-exclusive to multi-platform. There's Rare, who was once Nintendo exclusive until Microsoft bought them; now they no longer make Nintendo-exclusive titles, with StarFox Adventures being the last of that kind. There's Squaresoft, who, once Sony-only, patched things up with Nintendo and have a number of titles in development for both GC and GBA, yet still develop for the PS2. But that news was so huge there's no way anyone could have possibly missed that. I'm starting to wonder if any companies (excluding first party, obviously, or uh, second party, I suppose :P) are exclusive to any platform...

Buy you all? BAH HUMBUG. Go buy your own if no one else is gonna buy you anything, my 'to buy for' list can stretch all the way to bloody Seattle. I don't need it stretching all the way to Brazil now.

KH: The goodness that never ends.

Hey about the cat, yea if your not paying attention to it..sure that can most definetly happen. But thats not what this is about...guess what LIZ! hA hA I'm getting a PS2 and KH for christmas..most likely I'll play the heck out of it much like your playing Prime..rock on..with your bad self! at any rate I'm gonna have fun with it, and I talked my girl into playing it..so its just gonna be an all around blast and a half...question though..you think Prime will hit the PC?


I once again am very happy that I don't and can't own pets (allergies, see :P). Well, lucky you for getting KH and a PS2 for Christmas. And even luckier if your girlfriend is interested in playing. It's not too often that that happens, you know. I hope she likes it for your, and well, her sake too since I wouldn't want to play a game I hated if I were her. Just pray she doesn't get motion sickness from games, and likes Disney at least a bit.

Since when has a Nintendo game ever hit PC? Metroid Prime is, was, and most likely always will be a GameCube exclusive, just as all other first party titles will always be Nintendo exclusive. Come on, GCs are cheap, you can afford one... maybe... you know Metroid is worth it... it's calling your name...

Final Kingdom Fantasy Hearts? I think not. :P

Howdy Liz. It's me again. I just recently bought Kingdom Hearts and... why is it that the FF characters have a little bit of a role in this game? just a little little bit. Especially Tidus Wakka and Selphie. Square could've add some more. Heh, and tell me if I'm right... I think, that if it wasn't for the FF characters, 40% less people would buy KH.


-Danel Eder

The way I see it, Kingdom Hearts is titled 'Kingdom Hearts', and not some FF title for a reason. The FF characters don't need bigger roles, as the story is not about them. It's about Sora, Riku and Kairi and the Disney characters. I wouldn't want to see them have bigger roles, either, or it'd lose the story's main focus. Also, I'm willing to bet that the % of people who wouldn't have bought KH otherwise would be more like 10-20% if even less. FF cameos or not, as cool as they look, KH is an interesting concept all on its own, which works rather well. No offense to FF or the FF characters in KH, mind you.
Closing Thoughts

Well, if you don't hear from me for an extra couple of days it's because I'm not exactly near a computer. Fear not (or fear more, one of the two), I'll be back before you know it. And I'll be expecting a whole lot of letters too. :P

~ Liz, finally going to get out of the cold Vancouver rain... (letters@rpgfan.com)


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