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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Again, I'm still alive. Christmas is still killing me. I still don't have any egg nog. And for the love of God, I still haven't beaten Metroid Prime! It's a damn long game, that it is. It's also keeping me from my Christmas shopping.

And I still never got to help decorate a damn Christmas tree.

So how is everyone ELSE'S December going?!

Oh yeah, I'll also be 22 in 11 days. I guess there's one good thing this month. And it's a champagne birthday too! Oh, and apparently there's this big thing called 'Christmas'... anyone heard of it? Hopefully you guys have made more progress in your Christmas shopping than I have... and have had more chances to play games. (I asked for Zelda GBA for Christmas, teehee. :P)

Speaking of games, I still have tons of lists and other things to put up in the column, so be patient if you don't see yours, and read on.

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Squeenix: The Metroid version.

What are your thoughts about the Square/Enix merger? Personally, I think it's great; cool Enix games like Star Ocean and Dragon Quest could get some media/publicity boosts from Square, I would imagine. I wonder if new games would be developed under a joint "Square Enix" label?

Your thoughts?

~Neo Valmar

Yeah, I definitely think the move would gain previously/currently not-so-popular-in-the-West Enix titles, more exposure. Of course, that's one of the intentions of the new company, as was said at the press conference, so there you go. Dragon Quest may not be my bag, but with its popularity in Japan, and more exposure here, the series could gain all sorts of new fans. Same goes for the other Enix titles too.
That's a lotta dots.

Ok....herre goes my Christmas list:

Fo GBA I want Zelda a Link to the past....instant classic....and for the 4 player i guess.... Phantasy Star Collection....I sorta got hooked on it...I like the sci fi-ness of the first two...and I like the change in the locales on the third one....hmmm....Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland...lol...I've alwayz liked the Kirby series....even though it was a lil bit easy.....its juss a fun lil game.....hmmmmmmm......I would say Fusion but I have it.........Secret of Mana....IF Square would make plans to release it....that and Mario RPG..........hmmmm

I want a Gamecube and Metroid Prime....now that i've played Fusion...i REALLY wanna play Prime......hmmmmm.........Zelda GC....even with the graphic "change", I still think the next Zelda iz gonna be a good one.........uh..................... I still buy games fo the PSone.....even wit the PS2 I still think the first one is a good system......but I ONLY want the Final Fantasy 1 and 2 remake..........yeh and I wanted to give Arc the Lad Collection a try.................I'm into a lot of classic RPG's if u didn't notice yet....heheh......

Goin on to PS2....I want Xenosaga and Star Ocean....those R the ONLY games Im anticipating....I would've added Suikoden 3 to this list....but I heard it wasn't as good as the first two...so i'll stick wit the first two....um..........O....and Kingdom Hearts 2 as well as Chrono Break....I already think that Unlimited Saga isn't goin to do so well.....

um......and lastly......Mario Bros. 3 fo the GBA would be more than nice.....

So thaz my Christmas list.....you wanna try to fulfill any of my wishes.....j/p...lol........aiight.....i'm out.....


Thanks for reminding me about Phantasy Star Collection. I forgot about it for a while... I've seen the PS games, but I've always wanted to play them ever since and experience the apparent greatness some people claim these games are. Kirby too, since I've never gotten to play a Kirby game, and I really want to. Getting and playing the actual games is a whole other story though...

I'll tell you this now, you better make it clear you want a GC for Christmas, if you think someone would actually buy one that expensive? Why? Well, Metroid Prime, of course. Prime's a lot longer, and to me a lot more enjoyable than Fusion, plus there's a lot more story and fascinating stuff overall about this game, and things to do in it. Don't worry, a lot of us have enough faith in Nintendo to know that the GC Zelda (Wind Waker. Yay, I can finally refer to it by a subtitle now!), will be good even if not everyone likes the graphics. Not only have I played the E3 demo to know it's good, but I'm going to get my hands on that pre-order deal, since I never got to play Ocarina Of Time. Whee.

The PSOne was definitely a good system, no doubt about that. The exception was the early, 1997 (and perhaps even before) model of the PSX, which can quickly turn into a piece of garbage if you play a lot. But anyway, I'd go for Final Fantasy I and II (out next spring! Yay!) over Arc because I've played Arc, and it simply didn't turn my crank... but that's just me. But being into classic RPGs is always good.

Eh, I wouldn't say Suikoden III wasn't as good as the first two installments. It wasn't as good as the second one, but still a great game, better if you HAVE played the first two (read: story progression). I haven't played the first, but II gets tons, and I mean TONS more praise than I. It's not to say that III is a bad game, because it's not. It's a great game, and II was just a tough act to follow is all.

Unlimited Saga... I dunno, it's hard to say. I was never a fan of the Saga games (not that I played them all), but it does look nice. I'd want a demo before deciding either way though, since I'd rather not pass it up and later find out it kicks ass. I think it will SELL well though, at least in Japan. Hopefully it does, so it can come out here and we can find out for ourselves whether it's any good or not. Yay!

Um um.... but Metroid! Oh yeah, it's out...


Am I the only one looking forward to the Zelda release on the Gamecube? It seems everyone i've talked to says, "Oh it's so gay. Look at the kiddy graphics.". I LOVE the graphics. I think it's pretty cool and looks a lot better than the norm cel-shading. I'm looking more forward to that than just about any other game.

On the subject of the Gamecube, have you played Animal Crossing as well? That game is really fun... I really recommend it for any simulation game fans (like sensei phoenix).


Are you the only one? Heck no. That game is FUN, as I keep repeating over and over again, and for those who loved the two N64 titles, the gameplay is the same. The graphics work really well for how Miyamoto intended them too as well - an interactive cartoon. Have I mentioned how well the cel shading works for this game? Yeah.

I'm not quite into sims, but everyone's been e-mailing me about Animal Crossing it seems, and now with the original Mario and Zelda being in it, that's sure to get the game more attention. Maybe I'll rent it one day, but with my gaming backlog, that's very unlikely.

RPG Companies 101 coming forth.

Ok I have to ask this. In all the years I've been a gamer I've been devoted to Squaresoft. Mostly because of FF8. But I have never known what FMV means. I know that it's a cut scene with awesome graphic's but what does the letters actually stand for? Fat man video? I need to know!! One more question. Um, Like (oh gosh this is embarrassing) What company is Enix or whatever? I've been to devoted to Square and only been a gamer well all my life. I watched my cousin play when I was young but when I was older I tried it myself. So I've been actually playing video games for 5 years. But through that time I mostly played Square games. Legend Of Zelda and Legend of Dragoon are exceptions. So I'm still in the learning stage of video games. Wait do we realy need to know these thing? Video games are for playing not knowing everything about.....No wait yes we do. We gotta know these things!! So please answer me questions! What FMV stands for and the deal on Enix. Thank in advance!

-The Lizard

FMV simply means full motion video. Now if I was to explain all the technical differences between that and what you usually see in a 3D game, I'd be lost myself. :P But you can SEE the difference, I'll give you that much credit. :P

Enix... is responsible for Dragon Warrior, Dragon Quest, whatever you like to call it. The series was also one of the first console RPG series alongside FF, though the popularity has never been overly massive like FF in North America. In Japan, however, Dragon Quest is one of the best selling game series, so quite massively popular, which is why this news is a bigger deal in Japan than it is here. Not to mention that Square Enix might be able to gain the DQ a series more of a following here in the West.

I've beaten... uh... many older RPGs. Go me.


This is my first time writing to the RpgFan Mailbag sooooooo as is the custom I will do the honors of restocking your !s for you: !!!!!!!!!!!.!!!..!!...!...! Something about that just seemed out of place, how odd... Anyway on to the topic**sidenote---> Atleast I know how to stay on topic unlike other people who have the dreadful tendecy...tendicy...aghhh screw it, the dreadful habit of ranting on on about the most frightful subjects and topics**

As I was saying, Lizzy Poo, my Christmas List is rather short. You don't mind me calling you Lizzy Poo do you? A girl from my school calls herself that and that is basically, now, the first name that comes to mind when I hear the name Liz, so I hope not.....and won't just in case. My Christmas Wish List this year, and every year now following, is going to consist of one thing.....CASH!! BE VERY CAREFUL when asking your parents for a specific game or hardware. Something terrible happened to me a couple of years ago that I dare hope shouldn't happen again to anyone. I don't remember what game it was so I will use "FFX-2" as an example. Well I asked for "FFX-2" for Christmas. Christmas came and was given a gift that looked**in the Christmas wrapping paper** how it should. To make a long story short I tore off the paper and gladly saw that it indeed was "FFX-2" but then the most terrible thing happened. I noticed at the top that it was for the Xbox!**remember this is just an example off the top of my head** Well that would be all fine and dandy if I HAD A FREAKIN XBOX!!!! You see me point.......I hope.Later

Taigoro Yamatashi,

PS:Dude, have you heard about the Square and Enix merger? This could be big...but then again couldn't, you just never know till it happens. Just thought I would mention it.

PPS:Sorry for that last statement, I wrote this e-mail last week and got.....detained from sending it then so the content in the letter may be a little out of date. Ade Liz

Lizzy Poo? Good God, kill me now. :P Who the hell would call themselves that?

Yes, I know, I'm lacking in !s... I guess I've gotten so used to the whole journalism dealie to use them much. Oh well! (...Damnit all.)

...Okay, that must really suck. And this, folks, is why we put more info in our Christmas lists than we did before. Lots of specifics, like platform title for example, written very clearly and/or bolded. Can't forget prices or stores too... why not make parents' Christmas shopping a little easier? Either that, or buy every console there is available. (In which case all I'd need is an Xbox. Too bad I don't want one.)


hey liz

i am the gc man. nothing will do for the gc man for christmas exept the following:

METROID: PRIME + Guide + memory card for it
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO
PS2 + memory card for it
RPG Maker

If these demand are not met the gc man will wait a month till his birth day if they are not met then there will be no peace at my house for 6 months

as a side note i just got a preveiw dvd for prime. it looks alsome but some idiot rented all my Block Busters copies

-the person whos thoughts come after HE THINKS: (Joe)Cousin of Lizard)(eseamed ruler over all that is gc

Fuzion? Interesting. I still say my favorite Metroid game is Metroid Fuzuyn (right Mike?). Using guides is lame though... if you use one, you'll never know if you could have been leet enough to beat the game on your own in your first try. I do want the Prime and Fusion Nintendo Player guides for collecting purposes though... though not the Prime one just yet. Must beat game first.

Well, Prime is quite a popular game. So of course all the copies are going to be rented out, so you might have to resort to stalking the video store... or buying the game. My, choices, choices.

I prefer whatever you prefer.

Ooo, now you're the one asking the questions and I get to answer em! Well, the X TV series is pretty good, not up with the best I would say, maybe a B series or so, but I'd say worth watching (though maybe, yah know, for free. *wink wink*). The story is pretty well different from the movie and from what I've heard of the manga, but holds to some parts quite well. And Chobits is a great little series about a farmer boy who moves to the big city to study at a college prep school and accidently stumbles upon a Persocon, a popular (and expensive) human-shaped walking computer that performs many mundane tasks, in a garbage pile. He names the Persocon "Chii" and, being the unusual creature she is, he teaches her all sorts of things from scratch like a child and learns all sorts of mysterious stuff about her. Heh, sounds like a sales pitch. :P

Oh, and on a quick note, I have a gamepad, but played through the first half of Metroid Fusion on the keyboard as well. XP I'm used to it though, no gamepads at school and I've had my share of practice in my computer classes. :p

-Sam/Poojipoo (I keep alternating, which one do you prefer? :P)

Well, I heard that the X TV series was at least better than the movie. Not to say that the movie was BAD, but it also could have been much better... and I have a tendency for getting attached to characters if I do like a show. Such was not the case with the X movie... big surprise. I'm really interested in reading the manga too.

Needless to say, Chobits sounds rather....... interesting. Actually it sounds as weird as the title itself. Maybe I'll... finish watching what I missed of Excel Saga and Bubblegum Crisis 2040 first...

ROM practice during computer classes? I envy you... I was lame and just went into chatrooms. And flamed people on message boards, as well as checked my Hotmail... how I miss Hotmail... *hack* *cough*


Hello. I just have a few comments on a few topics lately, if you dont mind. (I'd like to express my opinions). But first I somewhat have a question or idea about Square and Enix merging. Since a lot of Sqaure games get localized and Enix's don't, is there any chance maybe square would localize Dragon Warrior 4 or they actually release it here( cant remember if it was almost completed or they just canned the idea). After all in that press meeting thing it said square localizes alot (something like that). ok. now onto my ranting. I visit 3 other game websites and read their mailbags regularly and almost every mailbag someone has something to say about how Rikku or Yuna looks like a slut or compare them to Chritina and Brittney.Rikku DOES NOT look like them at all!!!!! Can people just not shut up aboput this? It's not a big deal how these charaters look. It really pisses me off that people waste there time on this subject when they could be saying something intellegent. THERE JUST CHARACTERS...its not like there haveing sex w/ everyone in the game!!!!!!! Oh!!! what do you think this mystery game is that sqaure will show later on? Hopefully its not FFCrystal Chronicals. I hope its something worth knowing about though, like Kingdom Hearts 2?!Also, square is already starting to research for FFX13, i think. What ever happended to 12? I heard more about 13 than 12 but that was just that they might not call it 13. Wheres 12!!!!! See ya
Again, it may not be for a while that current games/franchises are affected by the merger. So we may eventually see Square and Enix games being promoted more equally, but two companies merging into one is quite a long process and is going to require a LOT of getting used to from staff on both ends. A DW4 translation is still a bit farfetched, but with some companies, you never know. And yeah, Square does a LOT of localizations, even translates games for others. (Wild Arms 3, anyone?)

But..on to Yuna and Rikku. I know I know, Yuna's been constantly compared to Christina (has anyone seen the edited album cover pic? Heh heh heh.), but if anything, I'd compare Rikku to Christina... at least Britney Spears has more clothes on than Christina, and she doesn't look like COMPLETE trash... yet. Same with Yuna. Rikku is a ton skimpier, so I'm kind of surprised there was an equal amount of comments on both new outfits, rather than Rikku getting more. Still, Rikku was more outgoing and wore less clothes in FFX. It doesn't change the fact that they look at least a tad slutty (you have to admit that), and people are going to comment on it no matter what. The same way I comment on Christina Aguilera's atrocious new look no matter what.

I too, really hope the new game isn't an already announced one. There's still some unannounced/unconfirmed things Square's working on, like some Parasite Eve title they mentioned a while back and hopefully Chrono Break. Oh, and Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm seriously hoping for Chrono Break. As cool as FF Crystal Chronicles looks, I want CB damnit! Or heck, it could be FFXII for all we know. Speaking of which, it is true Square is doing/has done some form of work in FFXIII. But it doesn't mean that they forgot about XII... on the contrary, it could be finished (or close to it) for all we know.

Closing Thoughts

My insanity grows... or something. Feed the Mailbag, for my sake. (FYI, it likes fudge covered mint Oreos, Pocky, sushi and motion sickness pills. Not altogether, of course.) Oh, and get your Christmas shopping done. You've only got two weeks left for God's sake.

~ Liz, who's getting spoiled... (letters@rpgfan.com)


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