Jingle Hell
Monday, December 16, 2002

So last night, as I was trying to sleep, I couldn't get that Jingle Bells song... the version that sounds JAMAICAN - out of my head. Nor could I get that cringeworthy 'Santa Baby' or one of those 50 renditions I heard of 'Rudolph', or countless other songs out of my head.

Oh, the perks of working in malls. It's enough to drive one homicidal. That, coupled with the endless lineup of clueless shoppers who normally don't shop at your store... fantastic. Just fantastic. Nice to see the clueless ones getting their shopping done. Me? Zilch.

I was pointed in the direction of a short Xenosaga movie clip yesterday - from the English version, of course. Seems there's a demo that I never heard of that very few got their hands on. Not bothering to read any hands-on impressions - all I have to do is visualize Xenosaga as I remember it but with English dialogue - I went straight to the short video. Takes places an hour and some into the game, at a cutscene one of the first fairly major plot points. While being attacked by the Gnosis (uh, aliens), you hear one of the men (well, Virgil, but that means nothing to you guys) shout out a few lines. Now, I thought the voice actor sounded scarily like Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, but I wasn't very sure. Watching the clip a few more times though, it seems more likely. Which makes me worry less about the voice acting - I had heard that an anime company was taking care of the voice cast, and if they got actors who are familiar with anime voice acting, then I feel better about the dub. As for the translation itself, well... I can't really judge how well it is or compare it to the Japanese, since it was only three lines...

*sigh* I want more. Go read some letters.

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Square? Errors? Never!

Heey Liz. It's me again. I found this... "error" in FFX. In the beggining of FFX, Tidus had a game, Sin came and he fell. Right? He fell, and saw Auron. So he shouted: "Auron!". Now... How come Tidus knows Auron's name? How come he know who he is, anyway? I mean... Jecht met Auron in Spira, and Tidus lives in Zanarkand. Let's say, he met Auron in Zanarkand (Auron's supposed to watch out for him), what does he has to do with him? Tidus didn't know Auron was a guardian with Jecht. He thought his dad was dead, right? maybe I just misunderstand it all ^_^;.

Anyways Liz... thanks for having patience for my questions ^_^.


You know, I never even thought of that. So...I asked some people whose FFX memories were fresher than mine.

When everything happened with Jecht in Spira, he asked Auron/made him promise to go back to Zanarkand (via Sin, I assume :P) to look after Tidus, so up until that point, Auron had been watching over Tidus and they had known each other for ten years. Now, let's hope you'd remember someone's name after being around them for that long. And no, Tidus didn't know anything of Spira until, well, FFX. Of course, we don't really know if Tidus ever questioned where Auron came from or his association with him, though I imagine that at the point in Tidus' life when Auron showed up, he may have been too young to really think about that.

Everyone has something to say.

Yo,I just had to drop some lines up on this people...ness.

Really,I think that the whole Rikku thing with the showing of body stuff is just messed up.I mean,I am a hardcore RPGer type person,and I think most people would agree with me that showing off a tad bit of the body isn't going to hurt anyone.Anyhoo,I just decided to be saying this,seeing as I have been looking through the site for quite a bit,but never got the courage to actually express my thoughts...heh....heh.Oh,and one more thing,Yuna and Rikku do kinda look just a tad bit slutty! =D

Of course it's not going to hurt anyone... in fact, it's rather drool worthy for many guys out there. The oufits aren't THAT much of a bad thing I admit, though I (and countless others) question why they had to take so many of their clothes off... ahem. At least you can admit at the same time that they do look kind of slutty. Again, it won't bother me unless they start ACTING slutty too.

All that aside, you people really shouldn't worry about being afraid of sending in your opinions - unless it's absolutely asinine, I'll be... somewhat civil. Right guys? And besides, you can always remain anonymous simply by not signing your letter. Like so.

Metroid Prime spoilers! SQUEE!


two questions:
One Those fools on Gamefaqs think that Metroid Prime is an X (as in From Metroid Fusion) any thoughts

Two, What have you heard about Suikoden 3? I am almost ready to buy it but I really did not like the first game but I loved the second game

Any thoughts


...Metroid Prime is an X? Someone ought to tell those fools that they really need to stop believing everything they hear. Someone ought to tell the REST of the world not to listen to the majority of people on GameFAQs, because 90% of them are morons. Yes, this is an actual statistic. Maybe.

I can't comment much since I haven't finished the game (still... damn artifacts), but I somehow doubt it... X don't seem to play a real role in the series until Metroid Fusion, the LAST game in the timeline. Added to that, Metroids are predators of X parasites, so... um... I'm not sure how that would work.

What have I heard about Suikoden III? Let's see... How about everything? it gets, of course, the utmost praise from that diehard Suikoden community, some critcism and... as always, a few complaints. From what I gather it's a great game and not a huge disappointment to Suikoden fans or anything, but many claim the second to be better. It also seems to be a lot more like II than I, so if you loved II, I imagine you'd like III.

Mmm, resource pools...


Since you so kindly asked for X-mas lists and opinions on the Square/Enix merger, I'll throw my two gil/gald/gella/makka/meseta/RPG currency of your choice into the ring.

My X-mas list is short as it is, and doesn't really feature many games. I already snagged the Persona: World Guidance artbook and the Kido Tenshi: Angelic Layer RPG (import for GBA) last month. The only other game on my wishlist for the year is Moto GP for GBA, since I haven't played a good motorcycle game since Super Hang-On and this one's gotten some good praise. Anime is the dominant thing on my X-mas list. I'm snagging volumes 2-4 of Ushio & Tora so I'm happy.

An aside: I've only played about 45 minutes of the Angelic Layer RPG, and it's actually quite good.

Onto the Square/Enix merger. I can only think it's for the better. They're pretty much just pooling resources, right? In that case, we don't really have to worry too much about cross-pollination between! the houses. After all, even within Square itself different people spearhead different RPG projects so I think the games themselves will still retain their distinctive flavor.

Though the lack of competition *could* be slightly detrimental because it's competition that makes for good games. After all, if developers are rivals, they'll do what they have to do to trump or one-up the other. In this case, there isn't much competition as both a new Final Fantasy and a new Dragon Quest will put money into the same collective pot.

Though I certainly hope that with Squaresoft's influence, maybe Enix's presence in the US will be more visible.

But that's all speculation. I'll just wait and see how this all turns out. But still, Square's full of surprises, are they not? First they ditch Nintendo in favor of Sony's console and cause an uproar in the process. Then they recently decide to develop for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance AND GameCube thus causing yet another massive uproar. And now joining forces with their greatest competitor (in Japan at least)? Uproar!

I'm almost reminded of that movie...what was it called? "My Fellow Americans" I think it was, where two bitter presidential rivals had to join forces. Hilarious movie, that was.

In any case, I'll shut my trap while I'm ahead. So Happy Holidays and hopefully the store customers who harass you will be smited by Santa.

-B. Dezo

Square seems to make headlines pretty easily, it seems. And with so much attention especially in the last five years, that's a hard thing to avoid. Not that Square's even trying to avoid it per se, as they've sure been making quite the bold moves.

Looking at the Japanese market, I'd say the new company has more competition there than they do here - after all, we do lack a lot of popular RPG series, MegaTen, Sakura Taisen and Fire Emblem to name a few. Not that any of them really measure up to FF or DQ, but the competition... is more THERE than it is here it seems. While it's true that they seem to have less competition, they have some nonetheless and have a reason to turn out games like both companies have been, if not better. After all, the two are combining what they have, and hopefully the quality of the RPGs will benefit, not just the amount of exposure. I'm also hoping that eventually, when the time is right, developers on both sides will come up with something new and interesting in the way of RPGs, with trademarks of both Square and Enix present. But, we'll see.

Though it's not really Japan I'm concerned about - I don't exactly live there. Like many others, it's North America, and the fact that here, Enix has been rather overshadowed by Square, and the DQ series has not gained huge recognition. For Enix's sake, since I don't really care for DQ, I hope they get more promotion and exposure over here so they can be more successful. Wait... they'll be more successful already. :P

I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas...

even though these games arent out yet, this is what i would like if they were out.

1. .HACK PS2
2. Dark Cloud 2 PS2
3. Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time PS2
4. Ragnarok Online PC
5.Phantasy Star PC

As for the Enix merger Square thigny, i think it could get good. I hope they would merge Terranigma and BFM which are very good Zelda-like games.


Terranigma? Oh, how some of us just WISH. Me, I had to resort to ROM, and what I've seen so far is pretty neat. Not to mention that I have certain friends who are obsessed with the game, and it sounds like something I'd love. Much like Persona 2: EP and Suikoden II if I ever played more of those.

..and if you're going to list future releases, where's Xenosaga? Hm? :P

Lots of questions.

DO you think skies of arcadia, and final fantasy chrystal chronicle will be able to keep up in the ps2 race for rpg's?

Also at E3 2003, will more rpg's for gamecube be announced for the gamecube? Cause Skies of Arcadia Legemds, and FFCC are good titles, but we need more rpg's for the cube. But I cant complain tom much cause namco is having that one event and it is said they gonna release more info on the new rpg they releasing. And Square has a knew rpg they gonna tlak about that is in the works too. But I hope FFCC is gonna be an orginal rpg, cause the screens look mad tight. And with these knew scans I saw at ningc.com it just makes me want to get the game even more. So do u think that this knew Square enix merger will bring any knew series to any system ( even though is would be tighter on gamecube )? I think they should make a knew series for gamecube ane xbox too, not always ps2. I mean ps2 get like all the rpg's. Do companies believe that ps2 would have the only rpg's that sell good. ShouldnŐt they go to a system with like no rps so the gamers could just get that one rpg for that system since they got nothing else too get?

Also have you heard what system chrono break will be for? Cause I'm really anticipating it. And since Roy and Marth were on SSBM and it raised heads about who these guys, does that mean nintendo is going to make a fire emblem for the cube? Sorry for all these questions but im a die hard rpg fan, and im a gamecube fan and I think the 2 would go to and hand. What about Earthbound and Pokemon, if nintendo has rights to both these great titles I mean shouldnŐt they doing something about putting them on the system. Instead off all these broke pokemon puzzle games. But it would be good to have a pokemon game on gamecube and gba so you can exchange info and stuff. Well I'm out


Where to start, where to start. I think if any GameCube RPG is going to be stiff competition, it'll be FF Crystal Chronicles. Skies of Arcadia, while a highly praised game when it came out for the Dreamcast, has its legion(s?) fans but isn't exactly an FF title. As for GC RPGs, well, all we know about next E3 is the show's dates, and the hotel we're staying at. :P Oh yeah, and that Konami will show off Metal Gear Solid 3. *drool* But I digress. RPG announcements for the GameCube may slowly be tricking in, but they'll come.

Generally, the system with the most games has a factor in determining possible success for a new game... and that would be a PS2 by far. Going by that, one can determine that most people are most likely to have that system if anything. Wisely, not every company is going to go by this logic, and instead factor in a system's capabilities... I mean really, can you imagine something as pretty as Metroid Prime on the PS2?

Chrono Break on the GameCube is a dream to me. As it is, there's not even that confirmed about the game... not even the game itself. Fire Emblem for the GC is yet another dream, but since we've heard nothing of Intelligent Systems giving up on the successful FE series, you can expect a Fire Emblem within a couple of years, and if not on the GBA, then the GC. Which would be strange, really, as Fire Emblem has always been 2D, but I'd love to see how they'd do a 3D Fire Emblem... or a Fire Emblem on the GC at all. And if it'd come out here. Still, if a new Fire Emblem was to make its way over here, you can forget about Roy and Marth unless they make a sequel/game otherwise related to Sword of Seals. Er... Roy's FE.

Rumors have been circulating for a while about a new Mother (Earthbound) game, but nothing's come of it, and I don't know if anything ever will. Pokemon might as well be a given... another Pokemon Stadium game maybe?

Hm.. Pokemon, the cow that never runs dry.

I really should have thought twice before skipping breakfast, too.

Hi Liz,

I only have a short amount of time before I return to my own little personal hell (working as a temporary employee at a toy store over Christmas holidays), but I thought I'd ask a question for you to ponder or reply to:

Why is it that a massive combo in a Capcom 2D fighter can impress hordes of young male gamers but not one mature, sophisticated woman?


Evapilot (who really should have thought twice before applying for the position). :P

Hey, at least it's only temporary for you. Me, I have to do this year round, with the stress simply heightened over the holidays. Still, I get more money than you do, so ha. Money is always good, so at least you get something out of it all. And money = games.

Back to your actual question, the answer is simple: Sophisticated women don't play games. Well, most of them anyway. Am I sophisticated? :D I like to think I am sometimes, and for that matter, some magical SSBM moves are more likely to impress me. It's more of a matter of taste...

I also get this visual of your mature, sophisticated woman walking past an arcade and sorta shaking her head at a bunch of guys hollering after someone does this impressive 8376257834 hit combo. Hell, is that possible in that game?

Then there's all that crap about girls generally not being into games and thinking of them as a bit childish, but I'm sure you read about that enough on the boards. I still think some of us CAN be mature and sophisticated and enjoy games. (Yes, I have my mature moments.) However, it must look really odd, me playing a serious game of SSBM in a tournament which otherwise consisted of a bunch of loud teenaged boys...

...and quietly kicking their asses. Ahem.

Xenosaga Japanese voices = win.

All I want for Christmas is an announcement that Xenosaga will have the japanese dialouge track along with the english dub in the North American release. And subtitles, of course :P


Do what I did. Buy both copies! Not the English dub sounds bad, so far.. but again, that was only one character. Oh, and a scream from Shion.
Closing Thoughts

Feed me Tylenol. Please.

And letters. P.S. Enjoy the new topic.

~ Liz, already sick of sugar. Boo! (letters@rpgfan.com)


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