Wednesday, January 8, 2003

So, since I have no games, vacations or what have you to ramble about in today's intro, I give you my Obligatory Lists of 2002(tm).

The RPG Liz Became Most Obsessed With:
Xenosaga. Honestly, it's hard not to obsess over it more when you're a big Xenogears fan, and need to obsess over reading the text in the game because your Japanese language skills are below subpar. Plus the game rocks, and the story, whether you're Japanese-fluent or had to read a translation of the script on GameFAQs, is just awesome. Not to mention the graphics were... er, ARE something else.

The RPG Liz Hated Most Frustrating RPG Liz Played, Since She Didn't Hate Any RPGs She Touched This Year:
Fire Emblem: Fuuin No Tsurugi. Seriously, again, FE rocks (hardcore, if I can say that here :P) if you're a strategy RPG fan. Still, FE is pretty merciless... you have not a chance at reviving any fallen units. The lack of Japanese skill is only a BIT of a hinderance when playing this game/series.

The RPG Liz Didn't Play In The Old School Days But Grew To Love Fondly In 2002:
Final Fantasy IV. Need I say why? Not to mention the higher difficulty was most welcome. I love a good challenge. Runners up: Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

The Game That Made Liz Go, "RPGs? What are RPGs?":
Metroid Prime. I mean, come on. This game is the love of (well, one of) my life. Bow down. :P Runners up: Super Smash Bros. Melee. Addicting. TOTALLY addicting. Oh yeah, and Bomberman Generation rather tickled my fancy.

The Game Liz Never, EVER Wants To Hear About Again:
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Nifty game, I LOVE the nostalgic soundtrack, but... why is everybody acting like it's the second coming? Runners Up: WarCraft III, just about any PC RPG.

The RPGs Of 2002 Liz Swears She Will Play in '03:
Kingdom Hearts and Suikoden III to name two. I think I've given up on Wild Arms 3, and Lunar Legends just isn't interesting enough. Runner Up: Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. It will rock just as much as the SNES version did. And I wouldn't mind playing Phantasy Star Collection either.

The Movie That Made Liz Forget About Gaming For Two And a Half Weeks:
Lord of the Rings. Both Two Towers and Fellowship. Seriously, owning the FotR collector's set, seeing Two Towers three times in theaters AND reading the books will fry your mind. My brain also won't let me think of anything ELSE it seems, so I'll be going on a Metroid Prime marathon in hopes of forgetting about Lord of the Rings for at least a few hours. :P

Well, I've run out of ideas. On to some letters.

P.S. If anyone is still seeking out Car Battler Joe, I got a little note from Dezo. It seems that upon the game's release, only Gamestop carried it, and EBGames didn't until recently. Hope that helps, and thanks to Dezo for the info.

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Chulip = Tulips grown by Chu-Chus?

Hey there Liz! Long time RPGfan fan, first time writer.

I dunno about anyone else, but I've found the quality of gaming in general these days to be rather... awful, really. There are still great games, of course, but they all seem so derivitive of one another, and those rare gems that DO exist seem trapped within a huge library of... well, COMPLETE crap. Gaming companies these days seem to do rush jobs, and frankly, games aren't as fun as they used to be. Even popular titles like Final Fantasy X and Suikoden III failed to impress me, and got shelved after only a few hours. Maybe I'm just overly picky, I dunno... all I know is, the golden age of gaming is in the past. In my opinion, anyway.

That having been said, however, Xenosaga is FRIGGIN' FANTASTIC. I didn't even like Xenogears, but Xenosaga is definitely one of the most high-quality RPGs I've played in YEARS. It is, hands-down, the best game of 2002 for me. And to be honest, I really didn't find the scene Namco's editing to be all that terrible... in fact, I've watched it multiple times. It's disturbing, but it's necessary, to show you just how CRUEL and EVIL Albedo is. Without it, his insanity just wouldn't come through nearly as well. Maybe I'm desensitized to that kinda stuff, though, I dunno... but the fact that Namco is editing it AT ALL is a testiment to the sickening Puritan-derived American mindset that children need to be "protected" from the evils of the world.

Anyway, off of my soapbox for a moment...

A lesser-known Shenmue-style Japanese RPG called "Chulip", released in October, would definitely also show up on my list of 2002's best games. It's a shame all the quirky little titles like this will never see the light of day in the U.S. I mean, come on -- who WOULDN'T want to play an RPG about a 12-year-old pauper on a quest to kiss all his neighbors? It's barnone the single strangest game I've ever played, and is something of a spiritual sequel to the 1997 PlayStation RPG "Moon", which is one of my favorite games of all time. While Moon is undeniably BETTER than Chulip, Chulip still manages to capture a lot of Moon's essence, which I didn't think would ever happen again. That alone makes me love it. You importers with good Japanese ability, keep an eye out for this one. It's sometimes called "Tulip", so be careful not to miss it!

There are still a lot of games I need to play before I can accurately say what games are TRULY the best of 2002, however... like Metroids Prime and Fusion, which have me more excited than I've been in a while, even though I own neither system necessary to play them. But, that's what Christmas money is for, I suppose!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and I hope my long-winded and somewhat scathing message hasn't sorely pissed you all off. I really just need sleep. I'll be fine. (:


I'm picky with my games too. Or maybe I just get bored easily. I dunno.

I think it's safe to say that you're far from alone. While lots of RPGs are fun, they're still crap in other ways or at least, that's what I've found. Since my gaming backlog is so huge, I tend to toss aside anything mediocre, because I'd rather play good games and not waste my precious(ssss) time on mediocre ones, since I always feel so limited in time. This is why I didn't continue with games like Saga Frontier and Legend of Legaia, and why I care less about Wild Arms 3 than I did before.

Xenosaga is awesome though, and will be moreso when I get to play it in English. The voices are apparently fantastic, and I don't doubt this very much, as some actors who have VAed for major animes in the past apparently also worked on Xenosaga. Speaking of the scene, there are a few different things Albedo does, and which action is more disturbing seems to depend on the person who watches the scene. For me, it was the scene with the limbs that disturbed me the most. Yet in the end, from what I heard, the edit wasn't even that major. I do agree that it shows the extent of Albedo's messed up existence, and more people need to understand so too.

Despite all the import coverage we do, I seem to have forgotten the title 'Chulip' among all the other strange titles. Still, it sounds little strange than most of the other Japanese only titles do. How can we forget the one where the main character, a male, gets into an all girls cooking school, pretending to be female, and ends up getting crushes on his classmates? (I don't know about the rest of you, but that screams lesbian intentions to me. :P) Once my Japanese skill up way up there, oh the interesting games I could play, and tell tales about.. oh my!

Hopefully you'll have enough Christmas money/gift certificates to afford at least one system and its appropriate Metroid game. My obvious recommendation would be Prime for oh so many reasons. Heck, if you've already obtained either Metroid and played it by the time you read this, I'm curious as to whether it made your games of 2002 list in the end.

Wow, more people like WA3 than I thought. Bad Liz.

Hey there Liz,

I couldn't help but notice this specific topic while browsin' RPGFan. It's a great way to give those "not-so-hyped" and "hyped" games the recognition they truly deserve. Game of the year you ask? Wait no 5 of them!? All right, let's see what we had this year (not that much let me assure you). If Neverwinter Nights was released this year (can't quite remember my memory is a bit hazy) I would have to say Game Of The Year. Aside from the fact I played a good 10-15 hours the first day I got it, I was completely engrossed in both the tool set and unlimited online options. Gameplay was there and strong, story was good, and that's all that really matters in an RPG. Kingdom Hearts, possibly one of the most controversial titles this year. Squaresoft and Disney? I often pondered about the situation Square had made but just figured it to be a time where another company would shine. But nope.. I was wrong. Square pulled it off. How? I can't put it in to words nor can most gamers even be! gin to fathom, but they did it. Square implemented that FF look with Disney so well, creating by far one of the most incredible stories and best looking environment I have seen in ages. I'm not the oldest gamers, but I like to consider myself a "true" gamer. As a child I sat around watchin' the Disney movies, so it was awesome seeing them again with some of my favorite RPG characters. I played a few others RPGs like Summoner II, Grandia Extreme, Suikoden III, Lord Of The Rings and Wild Arms III. I haven't played much of Wild Arms III yet but it's shaping out to be quite a promising title. Bottom line, Neverwinter Nights and Kingdom Hearts. Well, you got to hear me babble on senselessly, so I think it's time to hear your favorite games of this year and biggest letdowns. Take care, and may everyone have a great time with their newly gotten games from Christmas!

Paul Tipton (Mr. T)

Well, you don't necessarily have to give five games. Take a look around, and most readers gave me three... perhaps they were all spending their gaming time the way I did, by playing some more classic titles.

So, I guess Neverwinter Nights would in fact be your game of the year. (2002 WAS last year, correct? I'm shocked that I'm actually remembering to put 2003 when writing current dates, You'd think I was getting used to years changing or something.) I think it looks really nice, and has only had me ever so slightly curious. I wonder how addicted I'd become if I played that or a game similar.

Kingdom Hearts really was great for Disney nostalgia, right down to the voices. It really seemed to please both the FF and Disney fans. Sadly, none of MY favorite FF characters were in it, but I guess it's easier to put in someone who was already a polygon, instead of a sprite from FFVI.

No comments on the other games you mentioned? Aw, I'm sad (other than Grandia Xtreme, in which case I could care less), I'm still waiting to hear even more differing opinions on Suikoden III.

The Japanese are desensitized to the bizarre.

Hey, Liz. How was your Christmas?


First of all, just a random thing I'd like to say. I don't get why people make such a big deal over FFX. Sure, it was great, but I don't think it was on par with FFIX or FFVII at all. Definitely better than FFVIII, though. But, FFX, while the gameplay was better in many ways, had a less than stellar story that was far too Tidus-focused, a love story that was very disappointing and had little development, and a quest that was, overall, too linear. Overall, it was a pretty great game, but I don't think it was as good as FFVII or FFIX.

So...games of 2002. I think this was quite a good year on the whole. I can't put these in any sort of order, 'cause some of them I haven't finished and because it's tough to put them in order of most favorite, but, whatever. Here are some of (what I think) the best games in 2002.

- Suikoden 3: Really surprised me. The story turned out to be better than FFX's in my opinion, and even with all the characters in the game, it had great character development overall. The battle system was pretty good, too. The Trinity Sight system was really unique and I loved it. Hell, just an excellent game overall in my book.

- Kingdom Hearts: This game was tons of fun and managed to have a good story, too. I think it started to drag a little near the end, though, because it had a lot of battles, but it also had a lot of plot development near the end, so that was good.

- Metroid Prime: 'Nuff said.

- Super Mario Sunshine: Strangely addicting, like all Mario games. Sure, it wasn't revolutionary, but how can you resist a game this good?

That's the main list...there are more, but I've just forgotten them.

That's it.....thanks for your time. Seeya later.

P.S. - I'm curious about this edited scene in Xenosaga...you don't have to explain it in detail or something, but I'd like to know what happens in it (I probably won't play Xenosaga, so if possible, maybe you could respond to this e-mail and tell me briefly?). I'm just curious not because I'm a pervert or something, heh, but because it seems odd that a company would admit that a scene in a game was over-the-top, even after releasing it in Japan and all that. Thanks.

I'd say people are allowed to like FFX more than VII or IX... I know this is quite shocking, but I think plenty did. I know I did. There's nothing wrong with a very linear quest as long as the gameplay is fun and the story moves along nicely. Needless to say, the story didn't bother me, despite me not being a big romance fan, although there was much more to X than that. Of course, IX is as forgettable as can be when you haven't even played a minute of it, don't you agree?

The Suikoden games have always been known for story and character development, hence my interest in eventually playing the entire series. The trinity system in III really is nifty, seeing the story from three different viewpoints really makes you think about the story a bit more.

The rest of your list doesn't surprise me. :P

The editing in the Xenosaga scene, as I said earlier, is actually rather minor, and more than likely to keep the game down to a Teen rating. Really, I see no problem with Xenosaga having an M rating, but apparently Namco does. I described the scene in some detail a few columns back, but I'll keep quiet for now for spoiler free purposes. As you well know, it involves Albedo, the creepy looking white haired antagonist, and MOMO, and it makes the player despise Albedo more as they rightfully should. Purposefully, I might add. As well, the dialogue during the scene is important, so I'm thankful it wasn't cut out altogether.

I try my best not to spoil my readers. KOS-MOS DIES! *twitch*

Hey Liz,

You probably already have had several e-mails like this, and it's a minor nitpick that probably wouldn't even matter, but I feel like making a small correction to one of your responses pertaining to the English version of Xenosaga Episode 1.

In you response to a letter pertaining to the English dubbing of Xenosaga Ep. 1, you stated that the group that did the English voices are the same people that did the English voices for Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. This isn't entirely true. Cowboy Bebop's English version was produced by ZROLimit Productions, whereas Rurouni Kenshin was produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment. These two production companies often, if not always, use the same pool of actors and actresses, which are indeed talented, so I can see where someone can get this mixed up. I know it's a small nitpick that really isn't important, and maybe a waste of time, but I though I'd give you a heads up.

I'd like to also state that I support dubs. While I do like subs and often find myself watching more of those than many dubs, I find it irritating that there are people out there that will not give a dub a chance, even if it's a good one. Sure, there are many, many, upon many bad dubs out there. However, not every one has the attention span to follow subtitles. Also, in many cases, there can be too much going on at once for one person to watch a show subtitled and get everything out of a scene he or she is supposed to, and watching it in this form can detract from the enjoyable aspects of a series. Who wants to rewind three or four times just to catch all of what is said when you could be watching and enjoying the series? Why should your viewing experience suffer?

Also, this person doesn't realize that, even though learning Japanese would prove valuable in some situation, not everybody has the time or the patience. Granted, learning a foreign language can be an enriching experience and is usually a good way to make someone more worldly and aware of different cultures (you often have to learn the customs and ways of life of a country in order to understand the way the language is used), but there are many that see English as the only language needed, and thus won't learn anything else.

I support good translations and good dubbing practices. There are many circumstances where fans of anime and video games have been horribly let down, and time upon time these people- including myself- have been disappointed, but that's no reason to give up hope of a good dub being produced or to automatically call all dubs evil. It's usally a hit or miss job, where the production crew has to deal with cultural differences, lip syncing, continuity issues, proper translation of scripts, and proper casting to name a few of the items these people have to deal with. In the right hands a dub can turn out to be something good, saving the viewer that extra reading effort. Cowboy Bebop is probably the most prime example, where the dub is almost perfection, if not perfection itself.

As far as the censorship issue goes, while I understand the issues many would have with the scene from your vague accounts Liz (it's all right, there's no harm in wanting to keep from spoiling the experience of playing the game... in fact, I'd probably say the same thing you have been this whole time), I don't totally agree with it. I support only two forms of censorship: parental and viewer discretion. Granted, Namco is doing this to avoid public outcry (which I can't blame them for), and they are probably making our lives easier on us by doing so, but the burden should rest on us, not them. Hell, if I can sit through Van Wilder and still be able and willing to eat a cream puff, then anybody can. Chances are the scene in question probably couldn't be as bad as it could possibly be. I don't doubt what you say about it, Liz, but it's possible that the developers could have made this scene downright despicable to the point that you not only want to kill the perpotrator in the game, but go and cause him or her to cease to exist in the afterlife. I don't know the severity of the scene, seeing as I haven't played the game yet, so I can't really pass a good judgement as to how bad it really is. I'll just have to take your word for it.

I apologize for making this so long. This turned out to be more than I was expecting it to be. Anyhow, keep up the good work. Despite what my buddy says, RPG Fan is a good site, and I enjoy visiting it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Justin C. Buehner

This is why what I said was said here, and not in a news story or something. It was from a message board, and not quite clear at the time, nor could I remember the details. Of course, it IS easy to get mixed up if they use the same pool of actors - heck, looking at the rosters for Bebop and Kenshin alone is enough proof of that fact. I had heard the name OceanGroup mentioned... don't know if it means anything though.

As far as dubs and subtitles are concerned, I'm a bit split. I'm not at all against dubs unless they're bad, and the Japanese voices are better. If a dub is good, then so what? While I've gotten used to subtitles, and being able to keep track of what's going on, if a dub is impressive enough, I'll choose that. (Though, if I like the roster of Japanese actors, I'll watch it again with subtitles.) Am I the only one who finds dubs to progressively be getting better? English voices are especially more suitable when the characters and setting are you know, not centered in Japan or Asia, but instead, North America or Europe. I fail to understand people who stick to subtitles however, no matter what. Some people may think of it as an elitist (cool, otaku, what have you) thing to do, I like to call it closed minded. One rule of advice is to NEVER think the Japanese are capable of bad or subpar voice acting, because believe me, they are.

I've seen many people learn Japanese only to give up not long after. A lot of the reasons I've found were that it was too difficult, and the classes started 'droning' on about Japanese culture. I often wonder how one can be strongly interested in a language enough to take classes, yet not care about the culture. The classes are really preparing you just in case you actually go to visit the home country of that language. And just by LOOKING at Japanese text, people should know how difficult it must be, much moreso than, say, Spanish or French, and therefore understand just what they're getting into, and that it's a commitment of many years.

Like I said, the scene was very much so designed to cause more dislike for Albedo, which is why, I'm guessing, they've only made minor changes to that scene. There are disturbing parts, and I understand Namco editing it to a point. Though, to really have the effect originally desired when Monolith Soft first created it, it's best to see as much as possible of what the Japanese got to see - and I'm just going to safely assume that Namco kept the story in mind and the fact that that part is very relevant to the story. Part of me disagrees with any edits, so that players can see the whole thing and very extent of his messed up ways, but I really can't comment more til I see it myself. The timing of the scene is also very appropriate as well, as it happens late in the second to last dungeon, and you don't meet Albedo until about the halfway point, or later, of the game.

All .hacked up.

Hi there. ^^ Never sent in a letter to RPGFan before, but I've recently started reading the column, and decided to throw in my favorites from 2002 for the heck of it.

#3) Wild ARMs 3 - I remember when this was first annouced, eons ago when the GIA still existed, and I kept going psychotic waiting for more updates. Luckily, those updates came... slowly. The past two games were both just... charming. And kinda cutesy, and I guess they were just fun... and I live in Arizona as well, so I appreciated the lean towards the Wild Western enviorment. ^^ I awaited Wild ARMs 3 for quite sometime, and am really pleased by the third installment, although I'm disappointed the US never got any of the little bonus goodies.

#2) Phantasy Star Collections - When the original PSO came out for the dreamcast, I overdosed it. When the GBA collections was annouced, I was glad to know I'd finally get to play the games. :D It's three classic RPG's, all in one.

#1) .hack//volume 3 (erosion pollution) - The english version of .hack was delayed from October to February, so I turned to importing vol. 2 and vol. 3. Although, I don't understand Japanese, nor do I read it. However, I still found myself able to enjoy playing the games. Some of my friends who do know Japanese were able to help me wade through the game, and share with me most of the story elements; it's quite impressive. The controls are easy to pick up on, but the battles themselves are challenging to the point where you can't just click and kill. Even though I've already played 50% of the series, I'm still looking forward to the American release of all four of the .hack games, as well as the release of the anime.

(though some of my close friends might debate that the only reason .hack//vol. 3 got #1 was because I have a crush on Balmung. ^_~)

That's got me wondering as to whether sales of Wild ARMS 3 were higher in states like Arizona...

Something tells me that if you can't understand Japanese, you can't read it... I always thought the two went hand in hand. At least you had some people to help you get through it, and that you'll enjoy the English ones just as much. .hack has been so slow in coming to North America, I don't even know if I'll pick it up now, or at least right away.

For those interested, or even for those who do plan to buy .hack when the game comes here, the anime begins on Cartoon Network on February 1. Unfortunately, we don't have CN on Canada so I'm/we're pretty much screwed, unless it's playing on some network here and everyone's failed to tell me. In any case, I'd advise anyone interested/buying the game to catch the anime if they can, since it's supposed to be really good, the music rocks, and it's yet another point of view of the .hack world.

Backlit GBA + Seiken Densetsu = ROCK.

Hi liz

I my self am a massive fan of the Seiken Densetsu series and have managed to get through both snes games 1 and 2, but as an owner of the GBA I would love it if both Seiken Densetsu games were remade onto the GBA, its my dream, so i ask myself? Why don't they do it already, after all, they've remade the snes versions of breath of fire one and two onto the GBA, so why don't they do this for Seiken Densetsu? Although some remakes of popular games like link to the past (in which I'm greatly excited in getting) are making their way to the GBA screens there are still games that need to step from their old consoles to the new ones.

There is also another topic i need talk about this i about the fact that great games like Magical vacation haven't even made it past japan it is increasingly sad to see that games like Fire emblem sealed sword not getting anywhere to north american and European gamers and these games are most of the time awesome!

Your dream begins with Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu for the GBA... and ends when mine begins. Indeed, the former is a remake of the original Seiken Densetsu, also known as Final Fantasy Adventure to some of you. Of course, there's been no confirmation of it coming to North America, but as someone reminded me the other day, what major RPG of Square's hasn't come to our shores?

My dream? A Secret of Mana remake for the GBA, which has been my dream for ages. With the first Seiken Densetsu being remade, I'll safely assume this one's pretty likely.

I still think a Super Metroid GBA would be the bestest though. As would the revelation that Super Mario Advance 4 is, indeed, Super Mario Bros. 3. Come on Nintendo, you're driving us crazy. Just what is it already? (Yes, I'm aware that SMA4 was only announced today, but I'm of the impatient kind.)

Certainly Nintendo teased us with Magical Vacation and Fire Emblem localizations... it looks as if they had too many major projects going, as I don't see either of the two games being a priority in comparison to the many huge projects. Whether that means the games just faced a long delay, or were scrapped altogether, who knows.

On the subject of Europe, does anyone else find it interesting that Europe will be getting Shining Soul, but not us? When I commented on this little oddity, I was reminded of Terranigma, which also made it to Europe and not here. Alas, I still feel gypped over Terranigma. This time around however, Shining Soul is a GBA game and can be imported rather easily for those of you who are desperate enough.

There is only one Xenogears. And it ends with an S.


I am a huge RPG fan and I just read in the latest issue of PSM that Xenogear is suppose to be a six game series. I this true or not? If it is then where there games before Xenogear (and if you know what were they), or are there four more games coming out after Xenosaga? If you can answer this you will quell my curious mind on this subject so I can wait semi-partially-somewhat (even though I am lying my tail off) patiently for Xenosaga to release.

Wow, someone was actually able to avoid the Xenogears/Xenosaga discussion until now. I'm in shock. Now, since I've had to explain this about 10 times a month since Xenosaga was announced, here it goes in short form.

While at Squaresoft, Tetsuya Takahashi produces a standalone title back in 1998. It goes by the name of Xenogears. The game includes way too much backstory, and Xenogears Perfect Works, the guide to everything Xenogears and sometimes referred to as the game's 'bible', is released. PW outlines six episodes of the Xenogears universe, the game's events being in the fifth. At the end of Xenogears, the words 'Episode V' also appear on the screen. Soon after, Takahashi and some of the Xenogears team defect from Square and form developer MonolithSoft, who Namco picks up for publishing. Copyrights in Xenogears however, remain with Square.

MonolithSoft announces Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht at Tokyo Game Show in '01. We later learn that they plan to develop all six episodes (yes, even V) and release them one year after another. We also learn that it does follow the Xenogears Perfect Works timeline, but a slightly revised version, ie it's not going to be followed explicitly. I still believe part of this has to do with the fact that they don't want the Xenosaga series to have to run into/coincide with any copyrights Square still holds but won't let Namco use.

And on top of all that, they can't outright advertise or state that Xenosaga takes place in the Xenogears universe. Whew. Okay, so that took me longer than I thought, but as long as I got all the important parts in, that wasn't so bad, as it?


FF12 connection to FFTA? As in, similar items, map, characters, enemies, plot, etc? Or Connection TO the GBA? (ff12 a GC game? It cant be..) Hmmmmmm....
Hey, you know as much as we do. If we knew more, we'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you. Or maybe not.

To be honest, I don't get it either. FFXII is said to be a PS2 game, and has been all along, and Square seems to be sticking by that fact. All I know is, they have a character designer, or some such in common.

Closing Thoughts

And here I am with proof that I'm keeping the New Year's resolution that I mentioned in the last update, with more to come. Once again, if yours isn't here, it will be in the next update. If you haven't sent one in, hurry up and do so. I know there are those of you who haven't yet, so what the heck are you waiting for? Games of 2003?

~ Liz, who has sworn off chocolate for a while. Don't die of shock just yet. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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