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Monday, January 27, 2003

Have you ever wondered what a mailbag would sound like if it were done by me? No? I hate you.

For those of you who don't know of my /glorious/ presence, I am the almighty Previews Editor John McCarroll, also known as KeeperX. I'm a Cancer and enjoy long walks on the beach. Wait, this isn't a dating service? Liz... Was this all a plot for you to have me answer emails? I guess I'm stuck with you guys, but at least I get to rant.

I just recently bought Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I'm one of the few people who enjoy the games for reasons other than boobs. It reminds me of Tokimeki Memorial in a way, as you have to keep your partner's moods good with gifts and stuff. And then you give them really skimpy bikinis and they wear them. So, as you can see, this game is a really big breast. I mean, good.

My new bass is also the awesomest thing you've never cared about. It's a Yamaha RBX270F Fretless Bass, and it's one of the sweetest instruments i've ever played. No fret buzz, no nut problems, nothing. Just sweet, sweet DOAXVB. I mean sound, yes sound.

Anyone looking forward to Lost Kingdoms 2 will be glad to know that I just submitted a preview about it. Look for it this week.

Well, enough of my being like
Strong Bad, and getting on to your letters. Answered by the best person ever. Me.
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PAL sucks.

hey liz, i might not have wrote for a while but i still read the mailbag most of the time.in the last column someone said that konami may not release suiko 3 in europe which is the biggest load of crap ive ever heard. Suikoden 3 has, according to the biggest videogame shop in england's website, was one of the top games to look forward to of 2003 and this was based on the ammount of pre-orders made.if that aint enough reason for those lazy 'translators' to actually do their job which isnt even hard (translating english to english) as they dont even bother to translate the game just the manuals into the other european languages. i bought an imported german suiko2 and found that only the manual was in german, not the game.How lazy can one company be.And its not just konami europe, its just about every other company that makes rpgs with square being one of the worst culprits.Damn i hate them.

Anyway, i suppose i better tell you my fave games of 2002 and most looked forward to of 2003.

2002 1.Final fantasy X(ps2) - i loved the sphere grid and became a bit obsessed with it as well (so u didnt sound stupid to me).Is it true that shere grid is out of X-2?cos it rocked.(could you imagine how good ffix would have been with the shere grid and the cool new battle system)
2.Grandia 2(ps2) - as i missed it on dreamcast i had to have it for ps2 after borrowing the original of my mate.great game, good characters, i was actually quite sad when one character died.oh well.amazin battle system
3.morrowind (pc) - huge and fun,good game

non rpgs of 2002
1.Pro evolution soccer 2 - one game that you didnt get before uk
2.tony hawks 4
3.gta3-vice city

1.Suiko 3 - i think ive talked enuf about this game already.
2.FFX-2 - looks great but i'd love to see a sphere grid for aeons since bahamut is back(from one of the pics)i dont like rikkus hair to much tho
3.Xenosaga - ah xenosaga, from monolith, the one company that hasnt let me down yet, and i say yet cos it will be delayed, i know it will. as i never got xenogears(damn u square) i look forward to this game even more
4.grandia xtreme - i not sure y but im looking forward to grandia xtreme more than i first thought when i heard that i was a dungeon crawler with hardly any story.
5.Wild arms 3 - the first two were released over here but for some strange reason, like the suiko games, you cant find them anywhere so i'd like to see how good it is.

mgs2-substance - snake on a skateboard, it dont come much better than that.

well thats about it from me

It's the PAL Format -- everyone hates it. I honestly didn't like Suikoden 3. Yes. That's right. I don't like Suikoden 3. Shoot me.

Regarding the FFX-2 Sphere Grid, meh. I thought it was innovative, but it's being replaced by what, in my opinion, is a far better leveling system, the Job System. It could be that I'm a huge Tactics fan, but that just gives me the jibblies.

Grandia 2 was excellent on the Dreamcast, but some of the errors with the graphics in the PS2 version really bugged me. Otherwise, it's one of the richest stories I've ever seen.

Tony Hawk 4 is one of the games I fell in love with in 2002, and I've only finished around 120 of the 160 goals, but I did manage to get all of the Pro Objectives. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

FFX-2 and Xenosaga look like they'll be excellent games, and I doubt Xenosaga will be delayed, after all, it's all localization. Grandia Xtreme was... crap. I disliked it, even with how much I loved the Grandia battle system.
Xenosaga? Metroid? I know not of these things.

Hey again Miz Liz,

Just a follow-up to my last email and your replies to it--plus there was some stuff I forgot to ask you last time. Tabernac! ^_^

Trade our drunken, capabable premier for your drunker, inept one? No thanks. Besides we love our hard-drivin, hard-nosed, hard-drinkin (reformed), hobo-bashing, premier-for-life, Ralph, too much to part with him. =) 

From what I've read about the 100% ending, it adds just an iota more to the story. Mmm. Sequel. I just would have preferred some more denoument. Bah! What I really wanted was to see Samus in her skivvies. Yum!

As for the story not making sense, well, why were the Space Pirates so eager to get into the Impact Crater? If you read the logs correctly, it would seem that the Metroid Prime opened the way for them. Why is it that Samus seems to suffer from Megaman disease, whereby she has a few to nil of the abilities she gained in the last game? Did the Metroid Prime somehow generate/create Phazon? Just where did the Metroid Prime come from anyway? Aren't Metroids supposed to be limited to SR388? And while Samus defeated the Metroid Prime (Hmmm. How many times can I type Metroid Prime in the same paragraph?), and that was all well and good, she failed to destroy the Space Pirates labs, bases, and miscellany, so the presumably the Pirates can continue to make Phazon enhanced bioforms. Pretty piss-poor planning on her part if you ask me.

Everybody's got Xenosaga on the brain. So, in the spirit of the moment, I'll join in.

1. How many DVD's big is the game? I read somewhere that it was two. Is that a fact?

2. Is the game really more story/cutscenes (Thirty minutes!)than gameplay? I'm not sure I want to play another Disc 2.

3. Have you read Perfect Works? Do you know where I can get a copy in English?

4. I'm confused. How can there be an Episode 6? The whole Xenosaga/gears milieu centres around the Zohar, and yet at the end of Episode 5, the Zohar had been absorbed into Deus, who'd sebsequently went boom. Any ideas?

5. Is the whole game set on a spaceship/colony ship? Is it the Eldridge?

Whew! I's yammered on long enough. Thanks again.



P.S. It's snowed since my last email. Time to break out the Krazy Karpet and ArmourAll!

P.P.S. Straberry KitKats? Bleh!

P.P.P.S. Check out this site. Funny! It looks like they haven't updated in a long while, though. http://www.standonguard.com/

First off, what's a Metroid? Seriously, I've never played any of the Metroid games. Liz will kill me for writing this in her section, but it had to be done. After all, I'm a Sega fanboy, not a Nintendo one.

Off to the questions I know at least something about. Xenosaga is 1 dual-layered DVD big. It's around 9 Gigabytes. That's bigger than my hard drive. From what I've heard, story is incredibly prevalent, as it was in Xenogears (which I've never played). Regarding all the other questions: No, Where are Episodes 2-4?, and I have no idea.

Regarding the website, I stopped clicking links. Something about an image named 'pain4.jpg' stopped me.
Wow, Liz plays more RPGs than I do.


I was just curious to know your opinion on something. You have stated that you would like to see a version of Secret of Mana for the GBA. IMO, one of the best parts of the game was Hiroki Kikuta's soundtrack. Sadly he is no longer an employee of Square. If in fact SoM was remade, wouldn't it be kind of a downer if he was not brought back to redo the music and how much would that change your desire to see a remake?

As for my list for 2003:

Zelda, FFX-2, FFXI (if it comes), FFTA, Xenosaga, Shinyaku SD, Final Fantasy Origins. I would also eagerly anticipate ANYTHING, from news bit to screenshots of: Xenosaga Episode 2, FFXII, Chrono Trigger 3.

Um, I never played Secret of Mana, but in a GBA version, all it would be is transferring the MIDI files, so the music would be nearly the same. Unless I'm completely wrong or something.

I'm looking forward to FFX-2, FFTA, and Final Fantasy Origins, myself. As the great man who spent 5 hours doing the FF Origins Gallery, I have to say that the games look to be quite good. FFX-2 has the Job System. Everyone loves the Job system. Ditto for FFTA, which combines my 3 favorite things: The Job System, Strategy-RPGs, and the girls from Dead or Alive in thongs. Wait, natch that third one. DOAX on the brain.

Why are you looking so far into the future? We have so much that's coming out right now. You've probably not yet played Xenosaga 1, and yet you're looking to anticipate the next one? How do you know that Xenosaga's not crap? Eh?
Liz must like lists.

ok, i write you alot anymore it seems, but oh well, i enjoy it.

by the way, it is my 21st birthday now (jan 24), so please forgive any typing errors. :)

anyways, i really like sending emails to you, sorry if that is weird, but oh well.

so, the games i am looking forward to this year that i know about are all relatively close...so i guess i will tell you what they are.

1. Zelda, Wind Waker
2. Xenosaga
3. Zelda, Bonus Discs
4. Final Fantasy I & 2
5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

ok, sure it's not a long list, but it's early and i'm sure it will be updated, and i did forget to mention one, .hack, so anyways, there you go...and sorry about the lack of capitalization, i'll do better next time.

well, hope everything is going good for you, and keep up the good work. i really like our sort of conversations liz, so take care.

jon baldwin

Happy 21st birthday. Today is the 6767th day I've been alive. That places me at just over 18.5 years of age. Buy me some beer.

As I've said, I'm really looking forward to FF Origins and FFTA, but Xenosaga just doesn't turn me on. Zelda looks intriguing, but I don't feel either way about the graphics. The bonus discs turn me on, though, in a huge way, as I'd been looking forward to the 64DD version. Too bad I have to preorder at a competitor's store to get those perks. Maybe I'll just preorder, buy, and refund, then buy at my store. I'm evil.

I remember Cameron's rant about this game...

hi Liz,

i wrote that rant about the cancellation of Suikoden 3... ive calmed down now but i havent forgotten...anyway, i mentioned Blaze and Blade in my rant, and you queried "what the hecks Blaze and Blade?" In answer to this, Blaze and Blade is a Japanese Playstation rpg that us 'lucky' PAL gamers got that you Americans didnt. It is also a complete abomination in the world of rpgs, and should only be spoken of in hushed whispers... my friend described it best when he bought it eagerly ( the pictures on the back of the box are miniscule and look pretty good without a magnifying glass) and later described it as " the biggest pile of crap ever!"

The only good thing about it is that up to 4 people can play simultaneously, so its got a certain fun factor, but when me and my friend finished it, we played frisbee with it - that was more fun than the game! It would normally please me to know we normally hard-done-to PAL gamers have some exclusive rpgs, but when theyre as bad as Blaze and Blade (by 'Funsoft'. who????) it just makes me despair more!

Oh well, at least we didnt get the sequel, Blaze and Blade Busters......

One of our former editors, Cameron, the guy who did the Logfile, had a chance to review Blaze and Blade. It got less than a 60%, which is really bad, considering we're rather optimistic with our scores. Usually I reserve frisbee play for my AOL CDs, however. Funsoft made many classic PAL games, like Phat Air: Extreme Snowboarding. I envy you Europeans.
"It's the shinning, boy, do ya want to get sued?!"

Hi my name is Carlos and i was wondering if Sega is going to make another Shinning Force game Following Shinning Force 3 from the Sega Saturn??? I love that game series and i would love to find out if they are going to do any more games for Shining Force. Please let me Know as soon as possible if you have any info. on this Thank YOu Very Much for your time...
I don't even want a new Shining Force game. I want Scenerio 2 and 3 in English. It's really a shame, as Shining Force is a fan favorite, even with some shortfalls in the battle system. We all want it, but it's about as far away as Lunar 3..
Tales of Gamecubia.

Hey rpgfan love the site

I was wondering were is the tales game for the cube. nothing has been said about it in a long time, and they said something about a new rpg game later on. Are they even working on it or anything, man I can't any longer, the suspencion is getting to me ( just over doing it that's all ) Well I hope it comes soon cause the game looks awsome. it seems the gamecube is becoming the snes with it's rpg pick up.

I don't know, man, I really don't know. As I tell those who email rpgfan@rpgfan.com, I'm not a game company insider, I just happen to write about video games. It's one of those things that can make money, but fans want quality games in short amounts of time, which just doesn't happen with RPGs.
Closing Thoughts

I don't know why the lyrics to Reel Big Fish's "I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend" are going through my head, but they are. Maybe it's fate. But, if you want /me/ to read your letters, send them to rpgfan@rpgfan.com, and I'll answer them. Not this fancy "Liz" person you're all talking about.
- John. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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