Wednesday, January 29, 2003

So anyway, I guess you guys had to put up with John last time. That probably sucked, eh? Well, you now have a reason to be happy, because I, the mighty Josh, am in charge of the mailbag today. Normally, I'm one of them there guys that plays the games and says "yes it is good" or "no it is not good". Or, a "reviewer", for all of you fancy people who like to use big words. You should all definitely check some of my reviews out. They're awesome, and I say that from a completely non-biased point of view. Wait, what am I thinking...that's about as biased as I could get. Silly me.

I've been playing a lot Legaia 2 lately, and while it's pretty fun, I just can't get my mind off of Xenosaga. Xenogears is my all-time favorite console RPG, and I've been awaiting the "unofficial prequel" ever since it was first announced. Everything I've heard about it so far is incredibly positive, and I am seriously having trouble containing my excitement about it. I hope I can make it until its release without having a heart attack or something :P

Anyway, you're not really here to read my pointless rambling, are you? I didn't think so. We've got plenty of letters to get to and I'm sure you'd like to get started. Let's proceed then, eh?
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Funny Faces are GOOD

Rpgfan is my favorite website, you know lots liz. Please answer some questions for me.Guess what i hared? Final fantasy 13 will be out soon, did u hear that? Any idea when the release date is? Nobody here knows, so i hope u can tell me.

Suidoken 3 was the best game i played in a long time, lol. U must've played it, did u think it was game of 2002? Can u guess what game i thought was better, it had funny faces. Kingdom hearts had funny faces! Square sure makes good games, lol! Any game with funny faces is good, plus the gummi ship made it better.

Lots of my friends read ure mailbag whenever its updated. Liz we love when u make fun of other sites lol. R u sure when xenosaga comes out? Ppl heer don't know. Game stores don't put up release dates. R u gonna get xenosaga?U always get theb est games lol!!!

Liz, i hope you put up this letter. E-mails r so hard to write sometimes lol.See ya.

Ozzie Slashandflea

Final Fantasy 13, eh? Easy there, killer. We'd probably want to see FF12 first, don't you think?

I'm definitely in agreement with you about Suikoden III. I spent the better part of my holiday break enjoying it, and it's definitely one of my very favorite console RPGs. I recommend that you all read my review of it. It will probably be the greatest piece of literature you will ever see. Not really, but it's still cool. Kingdom Hearts was another good one, although I have absolutely no idea what you mean by "funny faces".

As for your question about release dates, just check here to find the answer.
More PAL problems

There are a lot of disappointed people in light of Suikoden 3ís cancelled PAL release (which Iím still hoping is just some big misunderstanding). Myself and others have sent emails to Konami Europe asking if the cancellation is true, and none of us have received a single response.

Konami seems ignorant of Suikoden 3ís quality, and if the excellent reviews and RPG of the year awards donít convince them, I donít know what will. We get games such as Wild Arms 3, Grandia 2, Jade Cocoon 2 and Legaia 2 in PAL, but Suikoden 3 is too much effort for them? If itís so difficult for them to translate the game for the various European languages, why canít they just release the English version of the game to theUK,Australia, New Zealand etc? Youíd think even the non-English regions would prefer a foreign language version over not getting the game at all. And yes, I know I could spend hundreds to modify my PS2 and import it, but Iím sick of having to pay that much for games just because of where I live. I thought we had seen the end of PAL gamers being screwed over, but I guess I was wrong.

If Konami are too arrogant to reply to Suikodenís fans, Iím hoping theyíll reply to a high-profile games site as yourself. Why donít they bother to reply to fans?emails? Is the cancellation true? Why was it cancelled? And Iím hoping they have a better excuse than ďlocalization issuesĒÖ


It seems like every PAL gamer out there is outraged about this, and they have every right to feel that way. Suikoden III was easily my favorite console game of last year, and I feel bad for those of you who will never get the chance to play it. My advice to you is to do your best to import. As for us "high-profile games sites", we have absolutely no control over the matter. Sorry.
Knights of the Old Republic

I can't believe I forgot this, but since nobody has mentioned it at all, I must add to my "games I'm looking forward to in 2003" list with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware. News has been rather non-existant of late about this game, but I'm somewhat of a Star Wars fanboy (not nearas bad as I was in college), and every Bioware RPG has been really great. The only question is whether I get the Xbox version or the PC version, which will be determined by which one gets better reviews. But why isn't anyone else looking forward to this game? Is it because it's made by Canadians rather than the Japanese?
Ah, a fellow Bioware fan. Being both a huge Star Wars geek and a total Bioware fanboy, I'm definitely looking forward to Knights of the Old Republic. Personally, I plan to get the PC version. There are a couple of reasons for this. First off, I don't have an Xbox, and I don't really want one. Second, Bioware has established itself as a premier PC developer, whereas they have no previous experience with the Xbox. That's not to say the Xbox version will be bad, but I'm a PC gamer at heart, so that's the direction I'm leaning.
Kingdom Hearts

Ah KH!Far off one of the BEST games I've played all my life.I'm not huge on games,I more like anime and Disney.

*Squaresoft walks by with new idea to put them together*

I LOVE UM!They were so great to make this game.Although the camera thing gets on my nerves and I have noooo clue what-so-ever on just HOW to build a gummi ship!

*countinues to re-read what Chip and Dale tell you to do on a gummi ship*

Well anyways I got the game for Christmas and I just beat it 2 days ago!(go me) I've tried to get my boyfriend and friends to play it and only 2 really want too.But the rest are like "It'll be way to easy that game is made for toddlers" or"Are you joking it's got Disney characters in it!No way am I playing that". Well SORRY for bursting your bubble but the game is quite difficult and took me sooo long to beat!But anyways if ya do complete the game with all the 99 dalmation puppies and trinites and what not you unlock a secret tralier telling ya about a Kingdom Hearts 2!!!!!

*eyes light up and jumps around everywhere*

And one of my friends told me when they said it would be out!Kingdom Hearts 2 is going to be out in 2005 for Playstation 3.So ya gotta wait 2 years and have a WHOLE lotta money saved up for both the game and new system!I love the FF,disney,and new characters in the game.It is wicked awsome and I'm sure all KH fans will agree with me on that one!


Ah, Kingdom Hearts...it seems like everyone loves this game, and with good reason. I had a blast playing through it a couple months ago, and although I wasn't too enthusiatic about the whole Disney/Square mix at first, I grew to like it quite a bit. I definitely have to agree with you that the game was pretty damn difficult at times, particularly on a couple of the bosses. However, it was nothing a little leveling up couldn't fix :P

As for your Gummi Ship building problems, I suggest taking a look at this, as it's pretty informative on that particular topic.

Hey Liz

I just got a camecube! Although I'm gettin' Animal Crossing, I would like to know if you could reccomend any other games? Oh and I got the best deal, I got Animal Crossing and a save pack (a good one from what I hear) for 40 bucks shipped! I love Ebay......Anyway any reccomendations would be good!

The Lizard

Ah, you made a wise choice in purchasing the Camecube...er...I mean, Gamecube. Animal Crossing is a great game to start with. It's highly addictive and there's plenty of things to do, so you'll be kept busy for quite some time if you expect to see everything the game has to offer.

Other Gamecube games? Oh, you've come to the right place with that question. First off, I must mention Metroid Prime. Not only is it a terrific game, but if I didn't talk about it here, Liz would probably have me assassinated or something. If you're a Resident Evil fan like me, I highly recommend checking out the remake of the original RE as well as RE Zero. For your multiplayer fix, be sure to pick up Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Monkey Ball 2. Both will provide you with many hours of happy funtime multiplayer goodness. Get your RPG fix with the recently released Skies of Arcadia Legends, which is a remake of one of my all-time favorite RPGs. Other notable games include Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, Eternal Darkness, and the upcoming Zelda game. Overall, you've got plenty to choose from on your new GC.
Closing Thoughts

Well, that was fun. Be sure to send Liz emails telling her how cool I am and how I totally rule at this mailbag stuff. She may or may not be back for the next chapter of the glorious mailbag saga, but send your letters anyway. Someone will answer them. Goodbye for now, and be sure to read my reviews sometime. They're totally awesome, and by totally awesome, I mean totally sweet.
- Josh (letters@rpgfan.com)


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