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Monday, February 10, 2003

John: Zort. That's all I have to say to you. Or not. Today, you get one of many delights, not one, but TWO mailbag hosts. I'll be hosting with our lovely fanart editor, Jen Claudio. It's been a lot of fun lately, for me. I beat Halo on Legendary after 5 rentals and got to play the Final Fantasy Origins beta. Life is sweet.

The only thing that's kept me alive in class is the fact that I bought an extra copy of Fallout & Fallout 2 to play during Precalculus and History classes. I'm also quite intrigued by War of the Monsters. I picked this game up expecting something like Godzilla on the GameCube, but got a wild experience that's going to have me buying it after this rental. Kineticlops rules!

I suppose I'll let Jen introduce herself now.

Jen: Yup! Like John said, I'm Jen. You probably notice the name if you've accidently clicked into the Fan Art section before. If not, then I hope not to disturb any of you unfamiliar with me. Really. Anyway, I'm very glad to be commenting on and answering some of your questions here with John.

.hack//INFECTION, Xenosaga, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Star Ocean 3, and Dark Cloud 2... Geez, I feel there is a conspiracy going on with all these RPGs coming out around the same time! (I probably shouldn't even mention what 'other' types of games I want.) I'm dead broke after buying a new GBA and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, so I think I'll have to wait until my money magically reappears in my bank account. Which reminds me that I should go pre-order Castlevania: Aria of Dissonance in the future.

So anyway, enough babbling here. Get to those letters! Or, I swear I'll tell a story about the indecisive squirrel, or how jealous I am of John having played FFO... =P
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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.

Diablo II.
Perfect Dark.
Eternal Darkness.
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.
and now, Xenosaga.

What do these games have in common? They were all games that turned out to be awesome but were relentless delayed by their developers for retarded amounts of time, keeping their fans waiting for eons.

When Xenosaga was released in Japan last February, I anticipated a news article or something announcing the American version would be released 6 or so months later. So I waited. And waited....and wai--you get the point. Then when the announcement finally came, I learned that Monolith would be taking A F**KING YEAR to localize the game!!!

Well, I've bided my time since then with various activities to take my mind off the eternal wait (Keep in mind that Xenogears is one of my favorite RPG's of all time, so it makes the wait unbearable--Josh, you know what I'm saying), what with school and other RPG's and StarCraft to name a few. But now, all my patient waiting will culminate in me playing what I sincerely hope (and know) will be an AWESOME game. 27 days and counting....

Oh--I guess, the main idea of this letter is that the game that I am "most looking forward to in 2003" is Britney's Dance Beat 2. No--seriously: Xenosaga.

~Neo Valmar

p.s. I guess there's other games I'm looking forward to, but there is no way any of them will be able to COME CLOSE to XS.

p.s.s.s.s. Josh kicks ass because he gives Skies of Arcadia props and his staff pic is Vyse.

John: Josh sucks. I've got nothing against Vyse or SoA, but Josh sucks.

Regarding Lunar: EB, it wasn't a developer's pushing it back, Game Arts finished the game a long time ago, it's just that Working Designs took a long time for localization. Maybe it's all of Vic Ireland's fart jokes. I don't see what everyone's so excited about with Xenosaga -- I didn't even like Xenogears that much. I'm way more excited over Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Origins. To me my own, however.

Jen: Xenosaga is going to be awesome. I just know it. Judging from Liz's very long absence, I'm guessing it is indeed quite a game. =P Like you, I have waited an eternity for Xenosaga. However, I didn't particularly mind the one-year long wait as I did want a quality job from Monolith (it seems they have succeeded, too). Just thank your lucky stars that Working Designs didn't localize it... *shudders* Not like they would or can, but hey... strange things can happen.

Oh, and wow. I could have sworn I read "John sucks" there. My eyes aren't working right today. Which, by the way, reminds me: it's 'cuz I rule. ;P (You know I'm kidding, right? Right.)
Shining Soul!

Hey liz

I'm so happy Ive just bought a copy of shining soul and wow, the detail to the characters was very impressive to me, especially when it actually came to choosing the characters, in the end i chose the archer and wow! Although the story itself can't match the calibre of final fantasy games i found it very interesting another problem i also had was that the characters did not have alot depth and this also disappointed me but the gameplay reminded me of zelda games and it was great. The difference i felt between them was that shining soul paid more attention to the weapons rather than zelda but i still felt that shining soul made a nice replacement to zelda and until link to the past comes to the shores of europe i'll make due with shining soul. As it must be obvious to you im from england and to tell the truth i feel sorry that people of u.s.a won't experience this game but it is easy to import so have a try at it.

My rpgs of 2002 were:
5.megaman battle network 2
4.breath of fire 2
3. Tactics ogre
2 Kingdom hearts
1. Golden sun

My rpgs of 2003 are:
5. final fantasy tactics advance
4.zelda:Link to the past
3. Shining soul
2. golden sun lost age
1. pokemon sapphire

John: I've still got no interest in Shining Soul. I dislike Action RPGs. Score one for old-school turn based games! I didn't play MMBN2 or Tactics Ogre, but I heard good things about them. Your games of 2003 are a bit skewed, aren't they? Shining Soul and LTTP came out in 2002.. and some of those games aren't out yet! Although I am looking forward to FFTA.

Jen: Hm, Shining Soul... My mind is still pretty much focused on the line up this February. Now if I had more money, I'd probably have a little more interest in it. I'm just crossing my fingers in hope that Shining Soul II will be just as good of a game when it releases over in Japan this summer. Heh, I'll also be hoping that both SSI and SSII will make an appearance in the US (so I wouldn't have to import =P). But, that would be unlikely. Aside from that, I agree with Golden Sun:LA and FFTA just because I need more good GBA games. =)
More Suikoden 3 PAL Woes

Please tell me that Konami has plans to release Suikoden III in Europe. For the past few months I've been salivating over the glowing praise that this game has attracted in reviews on the rpgfan website, but I can't find so much as a sentence about it on Konami's official U.K. website. I noticed that it isn't mentioned in your European release dates list, either. I have a horrible suspicion that Konami considers Suikoden to be too "niche" for us European gamers.

Alex Warburton, Britain

John: I wish I could give you some encouragement about this, but Konami still has no plans to release Suikoden 3 in PAL areas. It sucks, I know, but it's Konami's stupid thing. I dunno what everyone sees in the Suikoden series.. it's never appealed to me.

Jen: John says it all except I liked the game a lot. It's quite a treat for Suikoden fans. Anyway, I haven't heard any recents news on it myself as of late. (And, geez, I hope that suspicion of yours isn't true...)
Korea Meets America, Tonight at Nine!

Im riting u a letter rpgfan. Help me! A problem occured.Do you know lunar Silver star story? Exciting game! Xenobia is hot too!Well, this is the problem.I played it. That was my first rpg. Help me! Lets see if u can help. I went to the store - they said buy final fantasy 9 or parasite eve. Zidane does not look cooler than aya!!!!! Even though they are the same price the choice is hard. Very hard! Easy for u though rpgfan! Nothing is hard for u, mailbag always fixes peoples problems. Thanks in advance.

Here's something else to ask.Orphen looks like a good game. Unless u dont think so Game sites everwhere say it is a bad game. Help me! Rpgfan is the only really trustworthy one.Please tell me ur opinion. Games aren't just about graphics!Final fantasy x2 looks good but its not about that.Also sound is not what is important. Nothing is more important than haveing fun. I think so, anyway. So thats my opinion, should I borrwo orphen?

Could u please answer my letter?Rpgfan is cool in ur school. As always, good work. Please forgive the bad english, im korean.

John: Well, if you liked Silver Star Story so much, why not try to find Lunar: Eternal Blue? It's an excellent sequel. If your choice is just between Final Fantasy 9 and Parasite Eve, I'd go with FF9. It's just one of my favorites.

Jen: Orphen? Those game sites are correct when they say it's a bad game. Believe me. It's not just about graphics... While the anime cut-scenes are nice, they don't make up for the cruddy gameplay or the obnoxious voiceovers. I also couldn't stand the complaining of the characters... To sum it up: stay away from Orphen. You can borrow it to see what it's like since some of the anime stuff looks alright, but please don't purchase it. It's very bad compared to what other RPGs you can get nowadays...

As for FF9 and Parasite Eve, if you want something different from the usual RPG, try Parasite Eve. The story is interesting and the gameplay is much different from the usual RPG. I enjoyed it for the most part. However, like John, I prefer Final Fantasy 9. It's more of a traditional RPG, and it has a lovely story, too.
Chrono Cross and Big Black Boxes

Kay, here's hoping you print my letter! ^_^ I always read your site, and it's really the coolest! Sucking up might get this published, right? ^_^ So, anyway, to get to the point.

My question is, why do people say chrono cross sucks? You know the kind of people who go on about how it ruined chrono trigger. Any opinions on this issue?

Say, there's another question on my mind. Should the next console on my purchase list be the purple gamecube or the big, big xbox? Really, any input you give me would be great. Please tell me how you feel about both. Games that are out aren't as important to me as games down the road. Feel free to make fun of either one! ^_^

Anyways, keep up the good work. Nothing more for me to say, but baibai! ^_^

John: Chrono Cross rules. It's an awesome game. It just doesn't have Robo. That's why it ruined Chrono Trigger. BRING BACK ROBO! Other than that, it's awesome

Regarding your next console purchase, it's really all about what /kind/ of games you play. Both of them have kind of a bleak RPG outlook compared to the PS2. Xbox has its Halos and Splinter Cells, whereas the Gamecube has its Metroids and its Zeldas. I just bought both ^_^

Jen: Who says Chrono Cross sucks?! I must kil... er, straighten them out. *ahem* What I receive from a few of my CC-hating 'friends' is that there are too many characters who aren't developed enough, which is somewhat true. Another I've heard of was that the battle system is unlike the CT one. (Is that a bad thing? Nah.) However, there was one person crazy enough to say that he hated CC since it didn't have Toriyama's artwork! Geez, such bias! Then again, I'm biased enough since I'm a Chrono Trigger/Cross fan. Anything I say about those games will be good...

As for the GameCube or XBox... since I'm a fan of Metroid and Zelda, I'd choose the GC, of course. But, like John said, it's all up to what games you like. You won't see me buying an XBox any time soon (unless it's for Panzer Dragoon Orta or Jet Set Radio Future... *drools*).
Alas, Enix (America) has perished.

Dear RPGfan,

I've been hearing a rumor (there's an article about it at gamers.com) that Enix America will be leaving us by. . .two days ago! Apparently this is due to the Square-Enix merger (which I like to call Squenix). Can you verify/debunk this rumor/fact?


John: Sadly, Enix of America did, in fact, leave us. I don't see it as being a huge problem, as now just Square EA will handle the publishing in the US. The news is official, as you saw on gamers.com.

Jen: Yep, what he said.
John Hate PAL

ive been waiting for news of suikoden 3 release here in new zealand and after finding nothing on my local gaming websites i searced for the release sate and this site popped up with the words suikoden 3.....release date. that realy got me going, but i was completely gutted as soon as i read the post about its PAL cancellation. why cant Konami be bothered converting it? they have done it with many other games, some worse than suikoden 3. whats up? are they to poor? all i know is that me and most of my friends want to get our hands on it so there will be abit of money in it.

enough ranting now to the point, IS THIS REALLY TRUE!? HOW COULD THEY FORCE US PROUD PS2 OWNERS TO STOOP DOWN TO CHIPS IN THE PLAYSTATIONS? and if this does turn out to be true could you please tell me what i should look for in order to play the game and what chip i should go for.

ps. i have a cousin in the u.s. and they would be able to send me a game from over there.

from a gutted rpg fan,
Michael Rudman

John: Sadly, Konami of Europe, who handles New Zealand releases, has still not let on to whether they will go ahead with the PAL publishing. Konami's not really forcing you to chip your PS2s, either, but you probably will. As chipping is kind of a grey area with laws and I don't want to get the site into any trouble, go ahead and email me, and I'll see if i can help you out.

Jen: I can speculate as to why Konami wouldn't want to convert it to PAL, but I think they'd try to wipe me out as soon as I speak. Misleading rumors will be running amuck. I doubt they are too poor either... unless I'm missing something big here. As for modding your PS2... Read John's statement above.
Why games 'there' but not 'here'?

I see all these great Rpg's goin to Japan but it dosent say anything about them coming to the US? Y not?? and one otehr thing why does xbox get all the western style rPG's im not a huge fan of the japanese style i would like to see more games like fable and the new stars wars one to come to Ps2 i like the openness. Where are these games for Ps2???
John: You don't see a lot of games from Japan here because it wouldn't be economically viable here. Buchigire Kongou anyone? For those who don't know, Buchigire Kongou was a PS2 launch game. It wasn't just any game, however, it was a Construction Vehicle Fighting game. It would've sold a total of 12 copies in the US.

The reason all of the western RPGs are for the Xbox? Because the Xbox is a western machine, and much easier to develop for by US PC developers, as it is a PC-like platform. If you want to play some western-style RPGs, just use your PC.

Jen: I would have SO bought Buchigire Kongou! (No, wait...) There are a few games I'd like to see here in the states, like La Pucelle and even Aburenbou Princess... but, I doubt they'd get by here anyway. It seems only the more acclaimed games (like the obvious Final Fantasy game) and whatever other one strikes a US publisher's fancy make it over here. There are a few publishers, like Fresh Games and Atlus, who are trying to bring over some of those lesser known games from Japan...
Closing Thoughts

John: Remember to email Liz and tell her how much you hate Josh and want me to answer emails in the mailbag more than you want him to. I rule.

Jen: Ah, but you're mistaken, John. I rule over all of you. (Kidding, kidding! Geez...) However, I doubt I'd make another appearance in the mailbag. If you want, though, feel free to drop by the Fan Art section and drop me a note. (READ: blatant advertisement.) Oh, and e-mail Liz your letters. That's the way to go!

- Jen and John (letters@rpgfan.com)


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