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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

What, an update so soon?

I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I updated regularly again, right? Right. While you may hear (if not write in) constant Xenosaga ramblings, I want my floods of e-mail again... they make me feel loved. Or loathed. Or something.

While I was gone, a bunch of big titles came out other than Xenosaga, and surprisingly, Dark Cloud 2 seems to be a favorite, with vast improvements over its prequel, and it seeming to actually have a fun factor. The system in Breath of Fire V seems to be either loved or loathed, and .hack is also getting a mixture of disappointment and praise. Then, of course, there's Xenosaga. Would you people say that's accurate? What are your favorites and least favorites of the bunch? or heck, do you even care?

Seems that everyone is hunting down Xenosaga goodies off eBay these days, and I keep forgetting how many I actually have. Only when it comes to Xenogears and Xenosaga are my collections overly massive and fanatical, and scarily, I'm only missing a few things. (I'd take a pic, but half of both collections is in California.) My current pursuit is the Elly version of the Xenogears Square Millennium Collection, and once acquired it would sit right beside my Fei one. Oh yeah, and those lithos I mentioned in the last update. (Quick recap: If anyone can obtain a Xenosaga litho for me OTHER than chaos or Shion, let me know.)

...I still haven't gotten to another game yet. Damn me and having things to be done. Like letters...

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Infected already...

Hi my name is jacob jones i am 14 years of age i play many many rpgs like FF series evrquest diablo and much much more any ay i stayed up all night last night and finally beat the Dot hack infection part 1 including all the side quest and i have all the gob armor anyway i need dot hack mutation baddly ive asked around and no one can tell e anything anyway ill take it even if i have to spelial order it from japan and i wll clearlly pay 100 dollars easy well thanks and mail me back if ya can tell me the release date on it thanks!!!

BIG time rpg player

Jacob Jones

But would you really want it in Japanese? Unless you know Japanese well, you might not enjoy it as much if you import it. Of course, if you're that desperate, you could find it off an import site, such as NCSX, but you won't need to pay $100 for it. It came out in Japan last year, so it'd be readily available, I'm sure. Or you could wait until the beginning of May for the domestic version, which, I know, is two months away, but even that would be cheaper than importing.
Lies! ...I hope.

Hey! I've been hearing horrible, terrifying, soul-crushing rumors that development on Xenosaga Episode 2 has been abandoned due to poor Japanese sales. According to certain questionably-reliable message board sources, they've abandoned it entirely in favor of that other RPG they're developing. Being a paranoid fangirl, I've noted the lack of media pretaining to XS2 out there and have concluded that... that's extremely possible.


So. Is this all lies? Or will we see XS2 after all? Please say it's all lies. It was painful enough thinking they weren't going to make a sequal to the original Xenogears, and XENOGEARS at least had a fairly self-contained storyline!

- Mess

Poor Japanese sales? Silly people. Who the heck told you this? GameFAQS posters? :P

Okay, so Xenosaga wasn't a record breaking seller either, but consider this. Namco expected to sell about 600,000 copies of Episode 1 in Japan. To date, I'd say it's at about 500,000 there. Short of expectations, yes, but how often does a new RPG, series that's.. you know, not developed by Square or Enix, sell that much? I'll tell you this, it doesn't happen very often. Monolith and Namco should be happy with the Japanese sales, and the North American sales shouldn't be too shabby either. I believe Namco expects to sell a million units worldwide... I think it's feasible, and more than enough evidence to support that, yes, making Episode II WOULD be profitable.

It is a scary thing that, a year after Episode I's Japanese release, we haven't heard anything about Episode II. I want to hear it... like, now. Or soon, in any case, since I'll again be importing it, and anyone out there who's finished Ep I is just dying to get their questions answered in II. And damn, while I love my games and all, I usually don't take them so seriously. But if the rest of the series, let alone II, gets canned, I'll be one angry fangirl. :P

Gotta love Capcom and their endless sequels.

OMFG! A new topic! And it's only been three months since we got a new one! Surely this is a sign of good things to come. With the tri-monthly topic change comes my tri-monthly rant about whatever the topic is...unless the topic is something that sucks, like hentai.

Ah, my dream game. Actually, I can think of several games that would fit this description. Thankfully, one of those was recently announced: PS2 Castlevania. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I read that delightful news! The news caused me to experience an almost orgasmic outpouring of happiness!

...Okay, I'd better get off the Castlevania subject before you run away.

As for RPGs, one of them that you mentioned is SCREAMING for a follow-up: Vagrant Story. I won't spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't played it, so let me just say that the ending pretty much sets up the premise for a damn fine sequel. Since Square has developed a taste for direct sequels lately, I think this would be a great project to continue the trend with. I'm not gonna hold my breath, though....

There's also some non-RPGs that would fit the "dream game" description, like a 3D Bionic Commando. Can you imagine how cool that would be if it were done properly? I can see it now: swinging around from power poles and searchlights while gunning down everything that moves. Man, that would be great.

Speaking of Capcom, I'd like to see another Mega Man. Not X, not Legends, and not Zero. I mean Mega Man 9. I would love to go another round with Dr. Wily and his fruity-yet-deadly creations. I want to see more of the Mega Man that I grew up with.

I could rant on about the rest of the topic, but I don't seem to have the time right now. In summary:

World maps = cool. I'd rather walk to a place than be forced to go there automatically.

Xenosaga = orgasm-on-a-disc

Wow...two uses of the word "orgasm" in a single letter. That has to be a RPGFan Mailbag record. You can send me my prize at anytime.

That's it.

The Darkrider

Three months? Pff, it was only two! Wait, one and a half, and I was away for one of them...

Yeah, I'm really anxious to see this PS2 Castlevania. After getting some SotN wannabes for so long (great games still, but a major change is nice too), this one's got me really curious. I hope it's in playable form at E3, and knowing Konami and that giant screen of theirs, chances are good it'll be on that screen along with Metal Gear Solid 3. Luckily for you, we cover the series and all.

Yeah, a lot of people have mentioned how well a VS sequel would work. One day I'll finish that game, if the box puzzles don't bore me to death in the process. I do like the story though, and story is usually the most of what drives me through a game.

3D Bionic Commando... that was a standalone game wasn't it? For some reason, you're making me visualize a 3D Pitfall... gah, make it stop.

You know, even though I'm not the most adamant follower of the Mega Man games, I dislike the direction of the X games. X5 felt like a step backward from X4, which I've played the most of, and X6 is apparently ridiculously hard. And X7... I'm sorry, but it just looks so bad. I played Mega Man 8 some time ago though, and I loved that. The series has way too many mini-series...

By the way, does Lores still suck? Didn't think so. :P

Just make those kids play RPGs. Especially Xenosaga.

ya know, I consider myself a huge xenogears fan. Since I played it the day it came out bout 4-5 years ago it has been the template that I have compared every other game iv'e played since then. So one can imagine my indescribable thirst for some xenosaga. However I was just thinking, If xenosaga is supposed to be a six game long series, and it takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 years to fully release a sequel, wouldn't it take about ten years before the series is completed? Ten years from now, the PS3 will almost be in retirement age! I know im just ranting, but this has got me thinking about how long I am committed to playing xenosaga, by the time ep 6 comes out, ill be a thirty-some-od dude who probably is DRIVING A MINIVAN FULL OF KIDS. OH GOD!! ITS NOT FAIR!! I want it all now…
You know, after realizing there's been nothing on Episode II, I also got to thinking about that... I'm easily going to be 30 by the time the Xenosaga series is done. And my Xenosaga collection? It'll need a room of its own! I really hope it doesn't take two years between each game, that's just..way too long for me. Especially with the lack of closure at the end of Ep I, we really don't need to wait forever for II. Ah well, I'm already old and playing games, I don't see myself stopping anytime in the future.

Just make sure it's a nice minivan, not one of those crappy Kia ones.

Someone sure loves their dating sims.

Hey Liz,

Yeah, it's the broke college guy again, although not quite as broke anymore thanks to a tutoring job (gotta love professors that can't teach a subject that you luckily understand and can explain). Anyways, an rpg that I'd love to see made is a sequel to Thousand Arms. It was a great game although it had a seriously flawed battle system. To see another rpg where there are that many slaps in the face to overused cliches would be great. I mean, how many games do you know of where the main character comes from a line of skirt chasers and is proud of it. The sequel would definitely need a new battle system, an improved dating system, and opening and ending themes by Ayumi Hamasaki again wouldn't be bad.

As far as no overworlds, I'd have to try it first. If the game pulls it off right, I wouldn't care. Besides, a lot of the games nowadays are rather forced in the direction you need to go until you get an airship or some other vehicle. There really isn't any question as to which way to go, there is just one path. I have yet to play FFX or Xenosaga, although I really want to, so I really don't know what it's actually like yet.

After all of my bills, I will finally be able to pick up a PS2 (Yay). I will probably wait until this spring though for 2 reasons. One is so I don't have any more distractions from my classes, differential equations is evil, and the other is that I heard some unofficial news that the PS2 will drop in price this spring, presumably around the time of E3. Even if this bit of news turns out to be false, I will have more money to buy more games with. Now the only thing I need is to find a decently priced mod chip and somewhere where I can get Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio Ni, I found it at ncsx.com for $65 but I'm hoping I can find it cheaper. Oh well, until then I still have my 3 ST dvds, although I can't stand the english dub of Maria, she has too much of a russian accent.


Not being broke is good. Did you file your taxes or something? Oh right, tutoring job, nevermind me. Anyway, glad to hear your financial situation has improved somewhat, and that you can get a PS2 and catch up with the rest of us.. or a lot of us, anyway. I'm still partially behind. Though I'd be kinda surprised that the PS2 would drop in price just a year after the last price drop (which was a year and a half since its release), but since the last price drops happened right before E3... who knows. I can't help you much with the mod chip, but $65 is probably one of the best deals you'll be able to find for Sakura Taisen.

While I haven't played Thousand Arms, I do agree about the Ayumi part. It's still weird to me that she's had a song in a game though, since.. I don't think any of her stuff has been in games or anime before, but I could be wrong. Of course, some of her stuff, like Depend on You (in Thousand Arms) does kinda fit, so who knows.

Two letters in one, cuz I can. Plus they're from the same reader. :P

A dream Rpg? Well I think they should make a Legend of the Dragoon 2. I liked LOTD. It wasn't my favorite game in the world but I still thought it was pretty good. I'd like to see a nice graphic's good storyline and gameplay ps2 update.

Should I play Xenogears before I play Xenosaga? I just wanna play Xenosaga but i don't wanna miss anything but I don't think I will miss anything 'cause its a prequel (I think). And I've been hearing all this good stuff about it and I just wanna play it but I'm afraid I may miss something. You see the pattern? So In a nutshell should I play Xenosaga first or gears?

-The Lizard

Legend of Dragoon 2? But there is one... it's Drag-On Dragoon!!! *cough*

In case you missed it, that was blatant sarcasm. Seriously, a lot of people DO think it's a sequel to LoD because of the 'Dragoon' in the name. My memory of the game is hazy... I played it at some Playstation demo center.... arcade-like thing roughly three years ago. I have though, heard everything about this game - from its 1/5 score from the GIA, to how much it apparently rips off Final Fantasy VII. Then again, the demo didn't really grab me, so I kind of passed it on.

It isn't necessary to play Xenogears first, since it's not directly connected with Xenosaga. All you'll miss is a couple of semi-obscure references, and only one obvious one. Though you should play Xenogears sometime anyway, since it's still a great game and all, and you'd find out more about Zohar.

Well, there goes suggesting Metroid.

Welcome back Liz! We all missed you (at least I did)! I didn't mind Nicole, though…

Anyhoo, I've been sitting on a $25 gift card that I can buy games with. I've been searching for a good PS2 game to get and nothing catches my attention enough to spend the money. I buy no more than three games a year, so I want a game that's worth the money. Are there any other good games now or coming out later this year that you've actually seen or played? I know you're the official spokeswoman for Xenosaga, but I'll ask you to refrain just this once from suggesting it.

Overworlds are cool. It made FFVII a great RPG. The newer ones are disappointing with “walk from here to there, and by the way, there's lightning to make the trip fun” (sound familiar?) making up most of the traveling. Maybe the designers need to see the forest for the trees (pun intended). Then I can make fun of the one-house towns! Seriously, though, they just give the game an epic kind of feel, and that's what RPGs should be.

Robert James Funches

You're going to buy a game with a $25 certificate? Well, out of what's come out this year, I'd have said Xenosaga and/or Dark Cloud 2 anyway, since for RPGs those seem like the best choices. As for what's coming our way, I'd be getting Star Ocean III and Final Fantasy X-2 in the fall. If you liked the previous SaGa games, you'd probably love Unlimited: SaGa, which comes out here this summer. I'm not really sure what to suggest in the way of non-RPGs - there is Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, and uh... I really don't know. A lot of what I'm looking forward to is also on the GC and GBA too, so I guess my attention can be limited. :P

Whoops, I forgot momentarily about Chaos Legion - that game looks too good to be true. And Castlevania this fall, if that's your thing... come on, it's Castlevania!

Closing Thoughts

This is me, still finishing up a backlog here. But I want more - more to keep me going on regular updates for, well, ever. After all, I'm not playing a major title to review anymore, so I need to be put to work somehow, yes? Yes, indeed.

One final note. People, if you have something you want to say, say it plainly, or don't say it at all. Don't hide like a little coward behind subliminal and cryptic messages.

~ Liz, miserably craving ice cream. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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