Sushi Harakiri
Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Yes, I know I was away for an atrociously long amount of time. Last week was not the loveliest of weeks, and this week isn't any less busy. But here I am, trying to get through this backlog as best as I can.

Have I played anything since the last update? Of course not, but I do plan on finishing Link's Awakening sometime soon. I'm still waiting on OoT, but A Link To The Past will occupy me in the meanwhile... one can never have enough Zelda, right? Right. Anyway, it's getting close to E3, and game news is becoming more obscure as we grow closer. And I can't wait. Less than five weeks now...

So what does keep me busy here? Let's just say that work, news updates here, and the occasional Mailbag make up my life at the moment. Oh yeah, and about as much sleep as I can sneak in.

Time for teh letters. Enjoy.

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This has been a good two months for us RPGamers. First we get the awe-inspiring Xenosaga, and then we get the almighty Wind Waker. As I predicted so long ago, the Celda whores have all but died out upon witnessing the majesty of this game. That just goes to show you that you can't really judge a game until you play it, even though almost everyone has done so at least once. I know I have (Metroid Prime).

Anyway, I noticed something about this game that I thought was strange. Wind Waker is simultaneously the longest Zelda and one of the shortest. It's long in hours, but it's short in dungeons. I do believe that Majora's Mask is the only Zelda with fewer dungeons. Maybe Zelda II also; I've tried to block that game from my mind.

So, what did I like about this game? Everything that wasn't the BOAT.

So, what did I not like about this game? In case you missed the subtle hint in the previous line, I didn't care for the BOAT. Actually, it wasn't really the BOAT as much as it was the unending amount of empty seas, but I'll blame the BOAT anyway. First off, it got really old having to use the Wind Waker every single time you hopped into the damn thing. Seriously, if your little BOAT can't handle a little wind blowing in a direction other than the one you are travelling, then it's time to get a new BOAT.

Well, it probably would be a little hard to find another talking BOAT, but whatever.

Even when you manage to get the wind blowing in your direction, the BOAT creeps along the water like a slug. It moves t...h...i...s...s...l...o...w...l...y. One night I fell asleep while Link was travelling to another island in the BOAT. I woke up the next morning and he wasn't there yet. BOAT = slow. Thank God you can warp later, or I might have quit playing.

The rest of the game made up for BOAT, though: classic Zelda gameplay with an interesting twist on the land of Hyrule. The boomerang is actually useful in this one (suck on that, OoT!), but the hookshot isn't because you get it so late (aww...). I have to say that, overall, Wind Waker probably the second best Zelda. It's slightly inferior to Ocarina, but it blows Majora's Mask (my old #2) out of the water (Get it? Water?! HAHAHAHAHA). Good job, Nintendo. Now get to work on Mario Kart. And make sure you keep BOAT out of the next one, okay?

And now...I have nothing to play. Aria of Sorrow cannot get here soon enough. And that's all I have to say. Love, peace, and BOAT.

The Darkrider


Hmm. I stumbled upon a discussion on that very thing today, amongst claims also spouted that Miyamoto cut out the last two dungeons just to have the game out sooner - a claim I've never heard in regards to Wind Waker until today. And really, from what I heard about Wind Waker (including it being the best Zelda game yet, better than Metroid Prime, and having lots of fun little extras to do), I really don't think having so 'few' dungeons matters. I've heard that it takes 30 hours to do everything in that game, or close to that, which makes me wonder why other complain about having only so few dungeons. Yeah, most Zelda games have had MORE, (didn't LttP have like, 11 or 16 or something?) but WW's are apparently really long to boot.

Bah, I can't wait to get my hands on that game. Too bad it won't be until next month.

As for subtle hints about the BOAT... I heard plenty of those from you elsewhere. ;P (And from other people too.) Though if my memory serves me correctly, didn't, uh... you get something later on that makes the thing go faster? Or was I lied to? Unless it's the warp thing, but that doesn't make boats faster.. it just avoids use of them altogether. Ah well.

My favorite item in Zelda games has to be the hookshot. Why? Hell if I knew, probably for the same reasons I love the grapple beam in Metroid so much. But you know, in Link's Awakening at least, it becomes so useful in not so obvious situations.

Anyway, I've heard many people say Wind Waker beats Ocarina of Time by a mile, but I'll be finding that out for myself soon enough. I hope. Yup, it's Zelda season for me.

If you're looking for something new to play, I don't suppose you're interested in old school Final Fantasy, as FF Origins just shipped today... Only $30 US too.

Graphic whore = good

Hi Liz,

Y'know, there's always something about a new RPGFan design that just compels me to write in. Just when you think it couldn't get any better. I absolutely LOVE the new design! It simply improves upon its predecessors in every way. It's so solid and... shiny. :P

Anyway, in other ground-breaking news, I pre-ordered Wind Waker yesterday. Since us poor ol' Aussies don't get it until sometime in May, my excitement over it continues to build. Toys R Us even had a playable demo available, and I have got to say that it is possibly the BEST looking game I have ever seen. It looks a hundred times better in motion than it does in screens. And that classic Zelda gameplay is something I'll never get tired of.

But enough of my babble. Send my thanks, gratitude and unlimited praise to your local Graphics Genius.


Well, I'd guess that the designs should be better and better... or maybe that's just an added bonus. You can thank our usual graphics who... err, deity for that, as always.

Yeah, I definitely agree that screen shots don't do Wind Waker ANY justice. Mind you, I wasn't the craziest about the first shot of Link I saw, but seeing the game in motion last E3 had me sold. PLAYING it at E3 was a thousand times better, sans motion sickness. It's really awesome looking, and the look on Link's face when he gets his spin attack convinced me of that really quick. :P

It's too bad you guys don't get it til May though. Oh well, it's not too far off.

I have lots of no named ranters.

hello liz,

the phantom no named ranter is back again

i have been playing soal and i have to say the pixel sized discoveries have got to go, i was ranting that after finding all the ones in the games first incarnation i had hoped that would make it easier, i have to find just three in the gc version, i haven't wanted to throw the controller around since dragon warrior, i have even sunk to looking for help on here...not here exactly but n-e-way.

as for your friend who said Record of Lodoss war was.... yes it was difficult but that is what made it one of the best games, for a system passed by a bunch of people for a variety of reasons; not a whole lot of complicated menus, you could (if i remember correctly) choose where you struck your enemy, i.e. to the head, left side, right side, chest etc, similiar to i believe vagrant story. But what draws me to the game every couple of months is the story, coming back from the dead and playing the lead evil character from a really good fantasy anime story was a riot. And the animation was right on the money, par for the movie/ tv series the lip movements come close enough that i wasn't watching godzilla movies some sat afternoon two decades ago ,that bears the name. sound was top notch for people that use that to choose a game...

i have also decided to shelve xeno, and play wind waker, and dark cloud 2, oh quick side story, would you like to here a tale, to bad...i played the first game dark cloud for about 60 hours about a third of the way through the game, stuck on this one part, it wasn't until i was messing around changing button configs that i realized my controller was busted, suprisingly the one controller i never threw, broke? After, my characters were high enough in levels that i spent the majority of my time fishing, can't wait to try that again.

no one special
[20 years of service to the video game wars]

ps since the gba sp? is linked to wind waker i have to pick it up, what i want to know is why didn't they link up Pinta from soal gc, like they did with the memory card for dreamcast---you know SEGA's mini original gameboy knock off thing (come on tell me it wasn't)

I wish I could help you there. Yeah, but I have yet to play SoA at all. Better than Kingdom Hearts, you people say?

Yeah, Vagrant Story allowed you to attack different body parts, which I thought was different, and a a neat idea. I tend to hack at each body part once each, but then I got bored of that and focused on the head and body/chest area. And wait, you play an EVIL character in RoLW? Heh heh, neat. I'd love to see RoLW in action sometime. A lot of fans say the game does the anime justice.

So wait.. you threw a controller, a GC one, but the SONY one is busted? Go Sony! (Speaking of which, Sony never did reduce the price of their controllers, did they? Yeah, didn't think so. Or maybe they did once.) Just goes to show how QUALITY *cough* Sony's stuff is. I'm telling you, they let their shit break down way too easily so you have to buy their same product. I swear that's how they have to make money. =P PSX from 1997? Had to replace it in 2000. NES from 1985? Still chugging along nicely. I wonder how long my GC will last.

No, the DC card wasn't a GameBoy knock off.. the GameGear was. Not that the latter lasted long anyway. (Though it WAS in color years before the GB ever was, so bah.) Actually, the GBA has become useful to GC games in ways similar... in Wind Waker, a second person can control... I think it's Tingle, and supporting player will be able to control their character and see all their stats on the GBA screen (I think) in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

I love made up words.

Dear RPGfan,

I have a topic which must be dicussed. I recently went to Gamestop, (Which is a video game store for those of you who are clueless.) and I asked the man at the counter if he knew wich of there reamaining super nintendo cartriges were good. What to my wandering eyes shoult appear but little cartrige called Breath of Fire. told it was popular I gave him his money and went home. This is the most awsome game ever. (For Super nintendo anyway.) I love it do you. Do you know if there will be a remake for the newer systems? Has anyone else played it? I want to know!

(a way that is lactos intolerant.) lactoccintollerently ,

Jo Jo controler of all that is after he says:

Eh, the only people who will be clueless as to what GameStop is are those of us who don't have the store nearly - like anyone outside of the US for example. EB in Canada doesn't SUCK like the American ones I've been to do and actually know what they're selling. Hm. Anyway.

Breath of Fire... Wow, you totally overlooked the GBA remake then. It came out more than a year ago, but I don't think it's that easy of a find these days. Hell, for that matter, there are FIVE Breath of Fire games. The second is also a GBA remake, which is not too difficult to find. (Or, of course, you can just looked for used cartridges.) The third and fourth are PlayStation titles, and the fifth came out two months ago for the PS2.

My God, I can't believe you've never heard of the Breath of Fire series. FOR SHAME!

Everyone sucks up.

Hi whoever's reading this! As you can probably tell, I'm a first time writer and would like to take this time to suck up..I mean express my thanks for creating such a reliable source of RPG news..well..maybe more than news..

Anyway..as it seems to be a hot topic I might as well rant about XS for a bit. Overall I like the game, and as it has been said, the complaints about the cutscenes are somewhat unfounded. Personally I enjoy sitting down and watching a compelling, interesting storyline unfold. The gameplay, though, is a bit lacking..and I hate the silence in some areas. Where's the music?! You gotta have music!

As for the Wind Waker I have to say that (at the risk of being called a fanboy) is one of the best games I've played in a while. Not to say there hasn't been anything GOOD out recently (Xenosaga) but it does rise above the rest in a sense. And we all know the complaint "the game is too kiddy!". Considering most of the dungeons' puzzles stuck me for a good amount of time, they would have to be a pretty smart kid.

I personally do not like it when people base their opinions of a game solely on its look or graphics. You have to consider the other elements such as gameplay and so on. Would you enjoy playing a very pretty game (graphically) in which you ran around in a circle and the game ended? I know I wouldn't.

Anyways, thanks for listening to..or reading..my rantings. I'll be sure to email when time permits (maybe). -Niro

Xenosaga's gameplay, lacking? A BIT? Surely, some of you recall my rants about how I sat and talked online while in battle in XS at the same time. That's more than just lacking. Pretty animation, sure, but you can only watch the spells so many times before you try to gauge your eyes out.

The silence irritates me. And you know where the silence is most deafening and the most inappropriate? THE DRILL game. I mean, just look at the drill game and the concept. Here is this brightly colored minigame, described as exhilarating, which you'd THINK would be noisy, at least with some cheesy BG music. Nope. Total silence, even when you start to move the drill. And even when you choose a spot for it to land, you STILL won't hear any sound effects. Unless you hit a box, LAME.

Come on, Mitsuda's one of the best VG composers there is. They could have gotten him to come up with something to replace all that damn silence.

Well, people who are STILL insisting that Wind Waker is too kiddy can shove it where the sun don't shine. I won't listen to that anymore. :P WW is not a particularly EASY game, and I can see at least SOME kids getting bored fast, or finding some things too difficult, as you said. Though, I'd imagine that would be the case for most Zelda games.

Would I enjoy a pretty game like that? Well.. yes. But only for a minute or less. Graphics help, definitely, but they won't cure FFX's lack of difficulty or Xenosaga's snore of a battle system. I do agree though that people who base an opinion on a game on graphics are irritating. Which is why I also can't stand people who proclaim upcoming games to be the next best thing evar until they get it and it bores them to tears, or the story ends up sucking, and they whine about it for hours on end on IRC.


Hey liz

Thanks for the spelling tip, I was just tired that day. Anywayz Camelot IS making a game for gamecube, and it IS a rpg, and you don't have to be so harsh, just wodnering if you knew. And as for the Monolith, it was confirmed and hopefully we'll be seeing a preview at e3. Oh and Tales fo Symphonia is looking tight, it helps us rpg gamecube fans out a lot. Your thoughts?

Okay, you either didn't read the entire column, or you did and the closing (not to mention the intro) flew right over your head. So, in case you missed it, IT WASN'T ME. You WERE warned not to write in to me whining about something I never said.

But, here we are. Honestly, I KNOW by now what you've heard about Camelot and Monolith. Good for you, but you don't have to write me three times telling me the exact same thing. No one we've talked to has heard such thing. We have news eds who scour Japanese sites all the time. You say you heard it from IGN? Great, because also according to IGN, FFX-2 and FF: CC are coming out here on the exact same day, FFX-3 is in the works, and oh yeah, THERE'S A COW JUMPING OVER THE MOON.

Not everyone posts facts you know. Lots of people post rumors, even if they think it's fact. But a new Camelot RPG would be nice.

As for Tales of Symphonia, I had a dream that it was announced for North America... which I don't really understand, since I didn't know I cared about the game so much. I'm glad the GC is getting more attention RPG wise though.


Wind Waker rocks. OK Hey Liz. The new logo is odd. They should have used SquarEniX or E-Quare. Anyway I was wondering about Star Ocean. You have a release date on your page. I was wondering if you think the merger will have any effect on its release, either good or bad?
Squenix is my personal choice for the company's new name. Ah well. The new logo is okay I guess. It's not ugly, but it's not even close to mindblowing either. I really miss the red A though, I don't know why.

Now, as far as Star Ocean: Til The End of Time is concerned, EB has it listed for November of this year. Which wouldn't surprise me, since it takes about that long for localizations anyway. However, as far as the release other than date is concerned, I think we can expect a good localization as Square's become known for. I'm not sure how good Enix's localization jobs were, except that DWVII was really shoddy. Oh, and I can also foresee more exposure for the title, since Square's pretty big on advertising and such for their titles. Enix was never big here, so the merger will really help them out.

The game we'll never see.

I haven't heard any updates on Lunar 3 lately, but one day when I was searching for Lunar 3 on Yahoo I found a website saying that "Lunar: Magic School" (the Lunar game that never made it to North America) was going to be Lunar 3. I wonder if this is true? Lunar: Magic School was released after the original Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue so this is my explanation on why Magic School might be Lunar 3. Anyway, that is all I know and I thought if I told you about it you would be able to give me an answer... Is this infomation true or false?

Oh yeah the link to the page I found the information is:


..There are no updates to be had on Lunar 3, actually. And I'm going to tell you without clicking that link - I know that this is going to be heartbreaking, but oh well - Lunar 3 ain't coming. It ain't Magic School, hell, it barely EXISTS. That's not enough of a reason to make Magic School Lunar 3 either. Magic School was more like a gaiden.

As for the REAL Lunar 3, does it exist? Technically yes. Don't expect to ever see it though, because GameArts has its.. what, third or fourth development team working on it? They've probably got other projects as a priority though, as the progress has been, apparently, really SLOW. And what was SEEN of the game (but not publicly), has been very BAD.

Just when you think we had all the FF there was...

Hi Liz, i'm a mailbag newbie, although i've been a rpgfan fan for quite a long time. My question is: Does "Square-enix"(it sounds weird huh?) have any plans for a remake for FF3(the 8-bit, japanese, never released in america game), sorry if that's not your department, but i didn't know where to ask...

sooo, keep the good work.

Nothing announced. I think the last FFIIIj remake was for the Wonderswan Color, and we know how the thing doesn't even exist over here. It's kind of odd too, because after today, or tomorrow, III will be the only FF to not make it over here. One day, I will play them all.. Maybe. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually came out here though.
Closing Thoughts

Well, guess that's it for now. I know I had to vent, but..it's my job to. :P Anyway, I'm off to play Link's Awakening while eating ice cream or something. Oh yeah, and I'm going to finally update my not so beloved topic. Go look. And write me. Please.

~ Liz, who can actually see the color of the carpet in her room now. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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