Friday, April 25, 2003

Don't die of shock now. I'm very well aware that this is the third update this week, but I guess I've actually found some spare time (and extra suga--I mean, motivation these days) to get more things done this week. Not that this is going to be the longest Mailbag of late, but an update is an update, right?

it sucks when you can't watch more of an anime at once, especially when it's getting really good and you have to wait a day or two to watch any more of it. Having watched eight episodes today, I'm already halfway through Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, and now I can't get the show (not to mention Nene's scratchy voice) out of my head. =P

Nothing else interesting to report. Off to a nice slow start in LttP (OH MY GOD LINK HAS A VOICE!), this time without a guide, so it should be more fun. Still bugs me that I can't play Four Swords, but I'll deal. I'm also happy to report that an Ocarina of Time disc is destined for my house, so I have more to look forward to after BGC and LttP. Yay. (Of course, even after those three, I could always go into masochistic mode and rent Ikaruga. Ha ha ha....... ha.)

Yeah. Oh, today's title dedicated to that old foo' The DarkRi-- I mean, Darkrider. *hides*

Letters time! Whee.

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But... don't you like freaky, naked faeries?

I recently beat Windwaker. It was alot of fun! It was short in a sense that there weren't many dungeons but long in a sense that there was alot of optional stuff. And the Great fairys weren't half naked and freaky *shiver*! I was worried about the graphics in the beginning but a half hour into the game I totally forgot about it! And The ending battle was really cool! But what I liked most of all was that in certain dungeons you could use main characters to help you. In my opinion I still like OoT better just because you get to grow up and the Zelda/sheik thing, that always got me. But WW is still an awesome game! Oh and on the travel thing, ugh, Wasn't exactly my favorite way to travel. Yeah you can warp and stuff but I hated having to change the winds just to turn around for something not too far off but too far to cruize there. It was just a pain. When I hadn't gotten the warp song I made a mistake and thought I had to travel back to Outset Isle and I was at the forsaken fortress. In other words I was at the top and I thought I needed to travel to the bottom. Come to find out I wasn't supposed to be at the bottom and I traveled back to the top. The whole thing was just tedious. Besides that I think the game was awesome in every department. Oh and wait 'til you see Ganon! He got realy realy realy old lookin' in my opinion. Can't wait 'til you get the game!

-The Lizard

I'd heard the whole whining bit about the lack of number of dungeons already, not to mention those who came to the game's defense saying there was still a whole lot to do, and the dungeons were long. I wish I could comment on the fairies, but I haven't seen either, though Makar seems to have her fanboys. :P In OoT though, I don't think I could possibly hear MORE of them 'HEY! WAKE UP! LISTEN!' without those voices creeping into my dreams. Yargh. I know just how cool OoT's final battle is, so I can only imagine WW's. And now that I know who the last boss is... oh wait, that's not even a real shocker anyway. Nevermind me. And uh... didn't Ganon look old anyway?

I've heard about the second player option too, geez, with that, and FF Crystal Chronicles, and the GC Mario Kart... I best be moving back to CA sometime soon. =P

My future looks dark - wait, that's just those DAMNED CLOUDS.

greetings again,

well funny story i delved into the attic and dug out my genesis, pulled out the cd, the plastic bin kept it as i left it, dust free, so i looked around for a while, remembering how to connect everything, cleared a surge strip, the plugs are huge!! and spent bunny day deep in a chocolate overdose induced haze as i played shinning force 2 and CD [U. S. ]. i had finally beaten zelda ww, i've ranted about the boat, enough, although a fairy of boat speed upgrade island would have been sweet, i've come to the conclusion that the overall feel of the game was a little to kiddish, yes i'm getting to old. top notch game but ehh, like a kid waking up the day after xmas, let me just hit the snooze bar instead of running to the tree with glee.

the future now looks dark, maybe they are just keep a tight lip on upcoming products, but it seems re-runs is the order of the day, aside from star ocean 3 [PS2] and eventually U.S. ff cc [GC] ( i think ) , i thought i once saw a story on a Dragon Warrior title, but i doubt it reach me anytime soon, i guess its a good thing, last time i told you about my controller difficulty, well a spring or something is starting to give out in my PS2 and it has to be fiddled with to recognized Psone favs like ff tactics, then once it does, what a time i have then trying to get it to play PS2 titles, so i also heard a rumor at work from a very unreliable source, the kid isn;t even in hs the bosses son, n - e - way PS 3 is right around the corner within a two years. is he a prophet? am i going to have to go out and buy another ps2?

I don't suppose the feel of the game being kiddish had anything to do with the fact that it was an interactive cartoon? From Nintendo, I expect some level of 'kiddish', since Zelda isn't the most teen or adult focused series. (Read: They have Metroid for that. :P)

I don't think I ever got up too early for Christmas, probably 8 am at the earliest. Yeah, I was a pretty sad little kid, though I made up for it by waking up at like 6-7 AM on my birthday, three days before Christmas... but anyway.

Shining Force huh? That's supposed to be hard as heck, though I wonder whether it beats out Fire Emblem in that department, I really do. Even the supposedly 'easier than previous FE games', Fuuin no Tsurugi kicked my ass hard. As for up and coming, you bet your ass FF:CC is coming over, check the front page. The Dragon Warrior title you're thinking of is most likely VIII, which, yeah, won't be coming for a long time. After all, look how long VII took to come out...

Sony does, in fact, aim to have the PS3 out by 2005, prompting Nintendo and Microsoft to speed up work on their next-gen consoles. So it's more than just a rumor, but as we all know, these dates are never final. It's safer to say that Sony's going to try to aim for 2005 as much as possible though, with Nintendo and Microsoft doing the same thing. (Can you imagine... a bigger Xbox? I can't either.)

You KNOW, Sony, an original console title wouldn't HURT, either...

...I have guinea pigs?!

Hey Liz,

This is a message coming directly from a man who is perhaps one of the largest fanboys Nintendo has ever had. I happen to own every single system Nintendo has shipped out, even their antique coin-operated machine they made with Mitsubishi Electric back in the 1970's my dad happened to have still lying around. That's right, I also own a Game & Watch, NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Advance, SP, Gamecube, Virtual Boy, and a big collection of games from all of those aforementioned consoles. Now, I didn't just send this letter to boast about how I still own these systems and can make a fortune off them on Ebay because even the older ones work like brand new. I wanted to ask you if you had any more news on the things Nintendo has been experiencing as of late. I did a 10 page report on the company not too long ago, and I came across the news that they had a real hard time trying to keep up which I got from this site (which happens to be the site I religiously visit three times a day whenever I get on the computer for years like as if it was a meal). I don't want my baby ending up like Sega, and I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding that they wouldn't end up working like Sega, and when they stop making consoles is when they stop making games, and that was a huge relief. If you happen to have any news on future developments in this case with Nintendo, please, let me know.

Oh, by the way, I just wanted to promote a company that has been working their hardest to try and break out into the video game business. It is actually a volunteer organization that lets high school students and college students try their hand in helping make great video games and try to match up with what happened like what Gunman did not too long ago. The company is called Broken Horizon, and you guys better watch, because these guys are great and are going to end up big before you know it.

Your local guinea pig,
Malcolm Jacobs

Damn, not anyone can brag about having that '70s coin-op. Hell, I don't think I even know what it LOOKS like... that's a dedicated fan. Or obsessed, one of the two. (Got a good camera to take pics with? I wanna see!) Please promise me one thing though; You'll never sell your collection. That's too good to be true. =P

Darkness in Nintendo's future? I do know that Nintendo posted a less than expected profit (I believe) for the fiscal year ending last month. I don't think it was a whole lot lower though, as there were still huge amounts of sales in... well, everything, not to mention Wind Waker breaking pre-order records, and the GBA SP almost living up to sales expectations. But is Nintendo hurting? From what I've seen, which isn't much more than what people who read every single news story see, or what anyone else here knows, they're still far from it. I mean, they've got a bazillion games planned, they're already thinking about their next system, their hardware works way the hell better than Sony's, and their franchises are still scarily popular.

And really, quite honestly. I never want Nintendo to stop making consoles OR games, because we'd be left with Sony and Microsoft as far as hardware is concerned. Not my idea of gaming heaven, I'll tell you that much.

You know you want the Goku game.

Hey whoevers doing this,

I really like anime. But I have noticed that hardly any anime based games (except for dragonball z) come to America. There are a ton of anime games in Japan so why don't they bring more to our shores? I've been wondering for a while so I thought I might as well try to find out.


While anime is popular, it still doesn't seem popular enough here to sell lots of game titles like some do in Japan. The exceptions are, as you said, DBZ and the crap games it spawned. As for other animes, anime itself may not be popular here yet, and/or the companies are wary of poor sales (it ALWAYS comes down to sales expectations) due to past lessons. Look at Record of Lodoss War for the DC. Great game, RoLW fans will tell you, but it was no record breaker. I was surprised it even came out here. That's why we (I believe) have gotten a couple of Gundam related games and maybe even an EVA one! Oh, and don't forget all the YuGiOh junk - thanks Konami! *cough* But really, we deserve anime based games of a higher calibre. Problem is, are there any, and are there any that would actually sell somewhat well here?
*pulls hair*

I don't know how many times this question has been asked but I'll take a stab at it anyway. Are the FFVII, VIII & IX remakes still coming out on PS2? Are they on the backburner or are they just canceled? Am I one of millions of victims in an April-Fools Joke? I was really excited when I heard the news about it like 2+ years ago. So what's crackin at the Square-Enix empire?
I don't know how many times you never read the FAQ, but now would be a good time to look! It would also be a good indicator that I've been asked this WAY TOO MANY FREAKING TIMES! Oh, and to answer your question, let's hope they're canceled. (But that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I DISLIKED all three games, would it? Naaah.) Square hasn't said a damn peep about it though, so it's anyone's guess.

And if they DO come out, they'll be on the PS3. In 2005. Right after FFXIV is out. :P

I've yet to beat FFVIII as well.

Haven't written in awhile/a while (is it one word or two?) so here goes.

El Waker De Los Winds:
Yes, at first I was a cel-hater, cuz for one thing they (Nintendo) shouldn't have given us the c**ktease that was the SpaceWorld 2000 demo of realistic Link and Ganon fighting. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I big dumbass that won't play the game because of it (cel-shading)? Of course not. OoT was one of the BEST video games ever manufactured, IMO. So of course I'm gonna keep on trucking, (I bought Majora for like 70 bux at GameStop the X-mas season it came out, the rare bastard.) and play TWW. I HAVE played TWW for like 30 minutes at a friend's house, and have come to dig the game's original graphic "feel." Now I'm just waiting for that friend to beat it who has promised to lend me his Cube and the game...

FFX-2, aka Really, Really Bad Idea:
>From the moment this game was announced, I said "This is a really, really bad idea. WTF is Square thinking?, etc etc etc" IMO, Sakaguchi-san and Co. should've just FINISHED FFX instead of leaving one unresolved problem (honestly, folks, what's there left to resolve with a WHOLE 'nother game? One thing: Where's Tidus, and what happened to him? As Austin Powers would say, "Thats...about...it.") to give themselves an excuse to pump another game (which I guess won't be too bad but I'm definitely not awaiting it like I did Xenosaga) out that relentless fanboys will rush to buy merely cuz it carries the Square logo. (and as I bash this game, chances are, when it comes out, I'll prolly give up and mutter "dammit" under my breath as I make the drive to E.B. to buy it.) SO, bottom line: bad idea, what the crap?!

FF Origins:
Arguably the best value I've received from a video game purchase in a lonnng time. It's really cool - I'd never played 1 OR 2 except briefly in Emu-land, and the fact that they upgraded them to SNES status is just too cool, methinks. The music is AWESOME, by the way, it's like freakin' CD-quality, I swear....The moment you walk into Cornelia (Coneria in the oldskool version) when you hear those guitars, you'll be thinking Chrono Cross in seconds. It's great. I checked FF2 just to get a feel for the new version, and was slightly miffed. FF1's remastering shows apparently hard work in graphics cleanup, and looks moderately presentable by SNES standards - not quite up to FF3e/6j or Chrono Trigger standards, but still good nonetheless. FF2's visuals, however, are remarkably lower, and the result looks like a primitive beta version of FF5j. But hey, I ain't complaining by any means...30 bucks for 2 games, one of which was previously unavailable? Cartman would say it best: "kick ass." Now I'm really fiendin' for a States-side release of FF3j (an official one, not Johnny Jones's emu-translation of it.) I too heard the GBA rumors after the WSC version was cancelled or whatever. (speaking of that, did anyone ever BUY one of those? I never saw any marketing for it....hmm.)

K, that's it for now, this letter's gotten pretty long.

"I ain't stoopit.....I just DUPE it." (Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice. In Living Color, anyone?)

P.S. Liz, I like the Miang-ness of your new pic. It's the little things that count. ::Winks and gives a thumbs-up::

Yup, SW was one big fat tease. It's not as if the Zelda series is ending anytime soon, so who knows what the NEXT non-GB Zelda will look like? I won't go so far as to say that people are big dumbasses for not playing WW because of its graphics... I'll just say, as in the case of people not playing Metroid Prime because they assume it's a first person shooter (NO IT'S NOT GOD DAMNIT), that they're missing out. Glad you like the game despite graphics though. And what, MM for $70? ...That better be Canadian.

I was really, really iffy at the sight of FFX-2, especially when the first thing ANYONE saw was Yuna with her asscheeks hanging out, proving that the game had screamed 'FANSERVICE OMG' from the very beginning. However, I'm biased in favor of X-2 in the way that I cried at the end of X and wanted to see more of a conclusion, especially after the epilogue in X International. I mean, it was the first FF I'd loved that much since VI. I can see how seeking out Tidus can become a whole other game though (and I think it makes for a decent premise), since what happened at X wasn't for the most simple of reasons, and seeing him at the VERY end raises a whole ton of questions. I'll buy it of course, but as much as I loved X, I know this one's gonna be very different and can hopefully prepare myself for a bit of a disappointment. But then again, maybe the different approach in X-2 may just be all the more refreshing - until I get annoyed over how useless most of the job classes are.

I've never played I or II period. The remakes look very SNES-ish too, and since I loved the SNES FFs, I'm hoping I like these almost as much. Kinda disappointing to hear the second isn't nearly as impressive as the first, but I can deal. To be quite honest though, I expect very few 2D games to look as good as CT. Or Seiken Densetsu 3, for that matter. Ah well, at least someone other than me is itching for FFIII.

I'm sure a few WonderSwan Colors were sold. They never came out here though, which is why you never saw marketing. :P Surprisingly, not too many games were released for it, since its market was too small/dominated by far, by the GameBoy of the moment.

Hire me. I speak Solarian.

I heard on various sites on the net, that Monolith Soft is looking for help in making rpgs, for the Nintendo Gamecube, and Playstaion2. Now I find that very good news, that they are taking interest in the GCN, maybe just maybe, Gamecube will end up being a rpg powerhouse like the super nintendo.
...Monolith is? This is news to me. We had posted some time ago that Namco is hiring developers for new Tales games, but I've heard nothing about Monolith. Of course, if it's true, I really hope they don't mess up Xenosaga. Maybe they're hiring someone to put some LIFE into that horrendously boring battle system...
I wish I had a clue here...

Dear Liz ( if this is Liz)

It seems like ever since Kingdom Hearts 2 has been announced by Square-enix, new questions start coming up. I mean, the ending doesn't have anything to do with the Deep Dive trailer with all those unknowns in it. Anyway, do you know anything about how Deep dive has to do with the story? I watch it over and over and still no thoughts come to my head.


So being as KH clueless as I am, I wrangled the answer out of someone else. Here's from TEH JOSH:

Well, sir, there isn't a whole lot of information on Kingdom Hearts 2 yet, so it's way too early for speculation of this nature. The end of Kingdom Hearts is quite open for expansion, and Deep Dive could really fit in anywhere. There's really no reason to attempt a connection yet, though. I mean, come on...Deep Dive is a TRAILER. Its purpose is to create questions and stir up interest, not to give the viewer a clear-cut connection filled with glorious insight as to what the sequel will be about. Until Square releases more information, we'll just have to sit tight.

Closing Thoughts

Well now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Guess not. Well, what a way to spend a Thursday night - now I can work on finding out what color my bedroom carpet is. Or maybe I'll just go for the ice cream and LttP, that sounds like a more fun plan. Oh yeah, and write me - that's an awesome plan for you guys, at least I'd like to think so.

~ Liz, who's getting tired of all this rain. Starting to miss that big bright round thing that emits light and warmth... (letters@rpgfan.com)


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