Really, Really Late
Monday, May 26, 2003

Well. The mailbag is late. REALLY late. Blame part of it on Liz, and part of it on me. We've all been busy and stressed out after E3. Ok, Liz has been stressed, I've just been playing Star Wars: KotOR. If you have an Xbox, buy this game. If you don't, buy an Xbox and this game. It's that good. Well, there'll be more of an introduction next time, but now, onto the letters. -John
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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
Hell, going to LA is a long journey.

Hey Liz,

Long time no email, eh? Anyway, I have 2 things to tell you about today. Being the FF freak I am, it's obvious I'll be talking about 2 FF games that are not talked about much... yet...

FFXII (Final Fantasy 12)

With FFXI being an online game, gamers are afraid that the Final Fantasy saga will finally come to an end. That is incorrect. The creater of FFXII (who ever that is) has informed gamers that FFXII will come out sometime next year in 2004. He has also informed us that the game will be an offline game.

FFTA (Final Fantasy Tatics Advanced)

Ok, this has got to be one of the most impressive games ever, a complete 2-D world that lives off the ending to Final Fantasy Tatics, thus createing a sequal. It is also supposed to include multiple new jobs for you're veiwing and gaming pleasure. The music is also supposed to be one of the best for a game boy advanced game.


John: Yeah. FFXII is offline. We don't know much more. FFTA is slated to be, well, sweet. It's the original FFT with new maps and Jobs. Exactly what everyone wants.
The name's Bond. James Bond. ...No, really.


I mean no offence in writin' this, but, errr, I've already LOOONG finished Crono Cross. You're probably wonderin' why I'm not gripin' my face off about (tremble) FFX-2, so I'll give it away. An ordinary an' borin' day after art class(sigh), an' out of nothin' FLASH! came a total blessing from God an' my sis( man, she sooo totally rocks) - the one and only FFVII !!! Sweating with excitement an' ecstacy, I literally fling open the 3 CD classic, rip out the little packet to find myself ( what a loser) staring in aweful disbelief of what I see. Polygons. Cleancut, bloody polygons. Everywhere.

Alright, alright, I know what you're thinking. Since I've been beginnin' with some of the most graphically amazing games ever concieved by Square, I'm totally visually spoiled with some of the older games. So yeah... you are so right in agreeing that I'm the newest of the new at this stuff, so just ignore me if I'm offendin' with my cluelessness with all this. Oh yeah. Just ta let you know, I'm extra happy that some people write back.

- Wolphie again.

John: Sorry it's late. You've probably already finished Chrono Cross, too. Although there's not much of a difference graphically between FFVII and CC.. much.. maybe...
At least someone agrees with me.

Hello, I have been a RPG fan for more than 10 years now. I have played various types of RPGs. Namco's tale series has always been one of my favorites. When the Tale of Destiny 2 (the real one) was announced inJapan, I was really excited. Considering the previous two tale games had made it to the states, there really isn't any logical reason why this amazing title will be Japan exclusive only. That is what I thought until the reality hit me at E3 this year. After knowing that Tale of Destiny 2 isn't on the roster for Namco this year, I still hoped it was just some kind of market strategy. But reading your site and other RPG related sites, it appears to me that Tale of Destiny 2 is not coming after all. I would like to know the reasoning behind Namco's decision because I, for one, can't understand why Namco won't bring it over. Is it because Namco already used the name of "Tale of Destiny 2" here? If so, why can't Namco just name "Tale of Destiny 2" "Tale of Destiny 3"? I don't mind. I mean anyone who's a fan of the series would know that "Tale of Destiny" and "Tale of Destiny 3" ("Tale of Destiny 2", in reality) are directly related.

Another question, do you know email address of Namco, so I can complain to Namco about my current situation?

Thank you for your time and trouble.



John: Namco likes money. Sadly, the ToD/ToE series doesn't make money here in the US. Therefore, Namco doesn't like putting it out here because there's no money here. You can find Namco's email at their website.
Game companies piss everyone off.

Hey Liz

Yes everyone I actually bought Unlimited Saga. I read all the reviews but I still had to see it for myself. The guy behind the register even tried to warn me. I played game for two straight days as a punishment for wasting money on a game that could have been one of the great ones. The only positive thing from Unlimited Saga (besides the beautiful art work and game music) was the Final Fantasy X-2 trailer but even that got old quick. The trailer consists of a music video with gorgeous CG scenes and game shots of the female characters changing jobs like from white mage to warrior and so on. While I'm bashing on Unlimited Saga I still have give Akitoshi Kawazu and his development their props for trying something new. I think if they copy of the more traditional RPG's and then begin to branch off into their own creativeness then they will start to produce blockbuster hits. So until then keep your head up. I hope FFX-2 is better then its prequel. Famitsu gave FFX-2 and unlimited Saga both a 32 out of 40. So I'll just cross my fingers on that one. Oh one more thing while I was playing Xenosaga for the 4th time (great game) I noticed that Shions voice sounds kind of similar to Yuna. Do you know if the same voice actor did both voices for the American versions.

I hope they don't change Movie scenes from Xenosaga series especially episode 2 "Beyond good and Evil" because that was some creativeness I liked. It would have been tight if they copied off of FFX and allow the player to watch the scenes whenever they wanted to like FFX with the movie spheres.

John: You bought U: SaGA? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem, sorry. That game is some kinda ass. FFX-2 is.. glitzy. It's not a bad game, but it's nothing great, either. I have no idea about the Shion/Yuna thing. You can usually find VAs for games at IMDB.com.
Yes, it's about Unlimited: SaGa.. again.


I've done alot of research on the game, and read many reviews, and only one site I found liked it. I decided to buy it anyway, and it sucked the first few hours I played it, but after you start getting into the quest's, it's really addicting. I'm playing as Ventus, and I've had the game only 2 days, and i've played it almost non-stop. The customization is amazing, I've never had so much flexiblity in an rpg. Yea, the exploration in the towns is kindof boring, and the dungeon's or (movement phase) lacks the ability to run around in polygonal environments, there is still alot of exploration. I'm not saying this game is better than a final fantasy or suikoden, but it's a really good change of pace. I've been playing rpg's since ff4 (ff2 us) and I loved saga fronteir 1, just because it was so different then all the others. I'm barely getting into this game so far, and I've just begun to learn everything there is to know. Also, I've played tons of traditional rp! g's and have died less then 3 times in all of then combined, in Usaga, I've already died 5 times. It's like old school gaming all over again, where actual skill is needed to beat a game (contra anyone???). I like that I can have a game with a challenge. Rent this game definately, and devote at least 20-25 hours to it, because you might find an awesome game in it, and if you don't, u only lost 5 bucks.


John: U: Saga is unique, yes. It's also crappy, in my opinion. They did do unique things, but they could've done them so much better. Look at SaGa Frontier 2. It's unique, and it's brilliant, too... Squaresoft, what have you done?!
A guinea pig is apparently a follower of mine...


I'm back again to lament about yet aNOTHER factor in FFX-2 that is completely sick beyond my imagination. Funny- didn't even notice it until I read a PREVIEW on it!!! I'm tellin' ya, Lulu pregnant  with Wakka's frikin' baby is WAAAY over the line for me - I just can't take it anymore!! My sister's right in thinking that it was women's day off when Square came up with that stinkin' crap. Oh, yeah, and she's also made up an awesome toon about it. Here's the plot:

Yuna, moderately calm and standing with a freaking out Rikku:"Oh my - this certainly wasn't in our contract."
Rikku, covering self with towel:" Of course it wasn't! Yunie, we gotta do something!!"

Glances over at Auron, just standing there: " Hey! Auron knows a lot; maybe he knows what's happening!"
Suddenly freezes at a thought: " Wait a minute ! YOU didn't have any part in this ,DID you?! Auron: "Hm- Hmph." Yuna gasps: " S-Sir Auron! " Rikku freaks out, brings up towel higher: " Waagh!"  
Auron:" It all happened on - CRACK- BOOM!( Rikku: Waagh!) Women's Day Off !!"  

Shows guys drinking beer, going nuts in the studio while tossing around porny Victoria's Secret mags can be seen. Some guy screams," Hey, yall! I got some ideas for the sequal!!" Guys immediately crowd around. Later: Women come back to find - "AAAGH!! What have you DONE?!!" Guys say, " Well, it would be a hit in America!" Director thinks for a minute , then says, " Hmm, yeah! Put 'em on the shelves!" Guys cheer, but women wail in extreme anguish... back to Auron, Rikku and Yuna.
Auron: " And that is your story. "
Rikku, enraged, drops towel: " That's horrible! " Looks down and quickly puts on the towel again.
Auron only rolls eyes, so Sis an' I appear with renewed fury: " OH NO! Auron never rolls his eyes!!" Me: " Gaa! HE'S been changed, too..." Auron pushes us off the page like does to Tidus.
Yuna, determined: " Something MUST be done --- a sending!! "( walks off to look for her FFX garb and staff) Rikku,triumphantly, then confused: " Yes, a sending... why a sending?"
Auron sweating noticably but thinking: Good thing I hid her staff pretty well.
Yuna comes back with it cheerfully, with staff in hand : " Funny - I found it in the trash !! Okay, here goes! "
Auron hysterical: " no, No, NOO!!"
Yuna, not hearing Auron's plea, starts the twirl with music playing, when:>POOF!<  (Auron dissapears in a cloud of pyreflies, his sword clanking to the ground)

Yuna stops during mid twirl, music stops also. " Sir---"
Rikku frozen:  " Not even gonna look..."
Yuna: " How are we gonna tell Wakka?"

A few months later- " NOOO!!!"  Yuna's nervously trying to comfort a fasting and wailing Wakka , who's ribs are plainly showing: " e're sorry! We didn't know Auron was an unsent..." Rikku :  " C'mon, we can always see him in the Farplane..."

That's what me an' sis came up with, so NO stealing, okay?

John: Um.. Yeah..
Closing Thoughts

~ John, Dark Jedi in Training. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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