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February 24, 2004

Well after a long leave of absence, the mailbag returns. It's my deep regret to announce that Liz's other site duties and personal life have made it difficult for her to address the mailbag on a regular basis. As per her request, I've stepped in to take over. For those who do not know me, I'm known more commonly as "Kurenai", but I prefer to just be called "Chris". I am one of the reviewers of RPGFan, though I drift out of bounds and submit a preview here and there. I hope we can keep the mailbag as rockin' as it was before.

Well, with introductions and formalities out of the way, let's get to the e-mails, then.
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Some questions.....I guess.

Wut up RPGfan!? First off, love your site! I at least check it out 3 times a week for my RPG needs.

Anyways, I've heard lots of rumors spreading around, and thought I'd ask ya'll about some, particularly about Final Fantasy XII. Is it true that FFXII is using 1/2 the pixels that were used in FFX-2 for its graphical look? If so, I would think they would look really scetchy.

I was also wondering about the so-called, 'sequel sequels' to FFX, also known as Final Fantasy X: Another Story, and Final Fantasy X-2: International+Last Mission. Is Square-Enix for real on this!? They must be crazy making two more sequels all concerning the same cast of characters. I wanna see something new, although seeing Riku never gets old...........

The rumors you've heard about Final Fantasy XII's polygon count are true, but rest assured that the game developer's at Square-Enix know what they've doing, heh. If you look at any screenshot, you can see the graphics are easily on par with Final Fantasy X/X-2's. This lower polygon count will allow for added gameplay elements, that's all. As far as FFX-2: International + Last Mission, it's not really so much of a sequel?.. Think of it more as a “remake?of sorts, along the lines of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. There are added elements and aspects and such. The game is lengthened, however, to extend beyond the final dungeon slightly.

ffx merchandise

Hey Liz,

i was wondering where i could buy the ffx tidus neckchain that you have pictured in your ffx merchandise page on your site (i belive it is 488$) if you could help me find it would be awsome i found the pendant in .925 silver already but i would like the necklace and bracelet too. thank you for you time. Anthony Amato.

Heh, it's not really a “merchandise?section, just a photo of merchandise related to Final Fantasy X. Your best bet is gonna be ebay, or amazon, or a site that hosts sellers who’ve already imported the item. More then likely, however, you've gonna have to stumble upon some Japanese page and order it there. Sorry, the U.S. doesn't get much merchandise for RPGs v_v.

A FFXI Inquery...

I have a question about Final Fantasy XI for the PS2. When it comes free with the purchase of the PS2 hard drive, do you also need to buy the expansion pack or does that come with it also? Does the hard drive have a built in modem or do you still need to purchase the network adapter?


Unfortunately, the Hard Drive is just a HD. The network adapter must be purchased individually, if I'm not mistaken. Like its PC counterpart, Final Fantasy XI for the PS2 will include Zilart in the package, it won't need to be bought separately.

Xenosaga? So Soon?

Whats upppers

Heya. I was just wondering myself something. Last I was at GameStop the employee there had told me that Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose has the release date of 08/03/04. I was totally unaware, there was a set det already announced? Is this true or just some bologna? Thank ya.

As a previous gamestop employee, it's my solemn duty to inform you that their computer system's release dates are TOTALLY bogus, heh. Once official release dates appear on the internet, Game Stop tends to correct their systems. I honestly don't know where they get their info from, but I know that when I worked there two years ago we had release dates for Star Ocean III in 2001/2002. Guess they weren't so on the ball, eh? Heh?

Star Ocean Woes.

Dearest RPGamer,

Square-Enix is aiming to release Drakengard 4 months after its Japanese release, a game that not too many people really seem to care about.

Square-Enix is aiming to release Star Ocean: Till the End of Time about 16 months after its Japanese release, a game that many people seem to care about.

But more importantly, I do! Damn it, give me my Star Ocean. I was supposed to have it long ago! What gives?


Well as you may already know (or can easily find out by reading the main page of our site), Star Ocean III's delay is the result of a handful of reasons. For one, NA is privy to the additions of the Japanese 'Director's Cut', which include additional dungeons, costumes, a vs mode, and more. Also, quite frankly, like any other business VG developers/publishers operate through marketing. SOIII's release correlates to other Square-Enix titles and release dates in order to bolster sales more. Such is the way of the world. However, considering the additions from Director's Cut, I'd say the wait is worth it. Hopefully August will be the last date announced...

Again with the XBox Rumors...

i read on the internet that front mission 4 wil olso be released on the xbox can you guys confirm that ??

GreetZ Breal

I can't confirm anything. Nor can RPGFan. Realize that...Square-Enix (both companies apart, and together) have yet to release anything for the XBox. They are not signed on with Microsoft as Developers. With that said, it's obviously very unlikely Front Mission 4 will wind up on the XBox, heh. It's not very popular in Japan, and it wouldn't do much good for Square-Enix to release a game as popular as Front Mission on that console.

The power of Ys.

Hello! I was reading the mailbag for October 6, 2003 and I noticed a few things that I could answer.

First of all, the english version of the FFX-2 songs suck, a lot. Oh well, I guess Square Enix's target demographic can't read subtitles or something.

Then for those import games.. Shenmue 2 and Sudeki are out (or coming at least), All the others except for Orphen (unless it is a new game) won't be coming here. I think it's because of the type of games they are, Suikogaiden is a text adventure, no action, just text. Doesn't seem like it would do very well in North America.

Then I agree with this guy on Suikoden 3. I really like SIII, but it didn't have the same feel. I really loved the sprite graphics of 2 (2 being my favourite of the three), I guess I just have a thing for sprites. Suikoden III wasn't that bad, and especially not because of the graphics. It's shortcoming was that annoying battle system.

Lunar 1 and Lunar 2 were both re-made games from earlier Sega Master CD games. Lunar 3 never existed, so I have no idea if they would try to resurrect that series or not.

FFXI actually can get pricey, you have to buy the game, and then pay monthly fees. But the really hard part to swallow is the fact you have to pay for *world passes*. If you don't buy a world pass you can't play with anyone. I don't know if they have changed this, but that is definetly irritating. With something like Ragnarok online you download it and pay the monthly fees, that's all. However the english RO server has been fairly ignored, it's only REALLY worth it for the Japanese/Korean players ^^;;

Then on Suikoden Card Stories, your best bet is to import or get a rom (which is illegal, obviously). But beware, it's pretty heavy on the japanese. I highly doubt it will be released in North America.

Then I have a question, why don't you ever update the mailbag? @.@ I hope it hasn't been discontinued or something and all I wrote was for nothing XD


Heh, put your fears to rest. Obviously the mailbag has not been discontinued, it just took a break and underwent a shift in management. Now, to address some of your other concerns (in no particular order).

While Final Fantasy XI may be pricey, it's no different then any other MMORPG. You buy the game, like EQ/Asheron's Call for 30+ dollars, then pay the monthly fees (which usually average out around 12.95 a month). The only major difference is FFXI's $1 charge for making characters. Unusual, but not enough to warrant rebellion. The World Passes are items purchased in-game, with Gil, not real-life money ^_~. While I agree the server allocations set-up in FFXI is goofy as all sin, atleast there IS a means to get your friends into the right one (World Passes).

You already said it. Suikoden Card Stories, text-basted Suikogaiden games and the likes just wouldn't sell in the U.S. You'd gain some interest from the hardcore series fans, but you won't draw in new crowds or interest ALL RPGers with games of that nature. It's unfortunate, I suppose, but I'm one of the few who wouldn't care to play Suikogaiden despite being a huge Suiko-fan. I'm satisfied with full translations, heh.

Ignoring the remakes, the last Lunar released NEW was Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, back in 1995. It's almost been 10 years since then, so the chances of a Lunar 3 are slim to none. It's not often you see a series get a sequel after such a long interval since its last installment's release. There's been talk, and word from Working Designs, but never any official confirmation. Considering there hasn't been an iota of leaked artwork, or anything of that sort…it's safe to say it probably ain't happenin?

I enjoyed Suikoden III quite a bit, but I agree it had a different feel that the past Suikoden titles. It still felt like it belonged in the series. I didn't mind the battle system so much, my complaint was with the series director leaving the game before it was completed (which is why the last quarter of it is so broken up and leaves so much unanswered). Ah well. Thanks for your attention.

Closing Thoughts

And so concludes my first Mailbag session. I hope I addressed everyone's questions and concerns to their satisfaction, and I look forward to our next session. Feel free to e-mail me praising my finely written reviews and previews anytime ^_~.

Keep those letters comin'.

~ Christopher Holzworth (letters@rpgfan.com)


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