Final Fantasy Madness
February 26, 2004

I'm glad to see that my first foray into the world of mailbag responsibility hasn't gone unseen. I've noticed a lot of appreciation on our message boards, all of which I am grateful for. Sinceyou demand it, I'll provide it.

This session seems to be all about Final Fantasy. As tired as I am on hearing about this series (come on people, it's great, but there IS other stuff out there!) I've not ignored any questions. You're all gonna make me awfully stabby at this rate, though. Anyhoo, to the letters!.
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The Future of Final Fantasy.

Being a major Final Fantasy fan, I am always trying to find out about Square Enix's intentions of the future. By this I mean that I am anxious to know when the series will come to a halt. Most romours say that Square will stop at the 18th game. But because of Final Fantasy X-2 and Kingdom Hearts, I have gained hope that Square will make more sequals for their games, thus the series continues for longer. It will be a sad moment when Square Enix steps down from the throne of RPG's and I believe that millions of gamers can back me up with that statement. Perhaps a petition could force Square to keep going. Anyway, I don't think that Square will stop too soon, there's still a few more games to follow the generations of consoles ahead...Seeing FFXVIII will bring a tear to my eye.

Well, honestly, they bank a lot of success off their major series, namely Final Fantasy, so for them to "stop" production of that series is kinda unrealistic. As far as I've been able to ascertain, the 100% "originality" of new Final Fantasy installments has ceased. This is why you see Final Fantasy XII taking place in a pre-established Final Fantasy world (Ivalice, of FFT). This seems to be the new trend Square-Enix will follow. Considering there's absolutely no word on future Final Fantasy's beyond XII, I can't satiate your desire to see this series end, heh. They have stated before, however, that sequels are in their best interest. Considering Final Fantasy X-2's success, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on the horizon, that hypothesis may be on target.

More Confusion...

hi i want to know that is final fantasy7 adent children is a movie or a game or is it just coming out

please write back i am very intrested in ff thank you

I'm amazed you even know about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's existence without knowing it's medium. Square has made it EXPLICITLY clear that it is a straight-to-dvd movie, roughly 80 minutes and length. Try reading some of those articles before you look at all the pretty pictures ^_~.

Strike Two...

I've heard from numerous sources that FF7 is coming to the PS2 as a remake with better sound and improved graphics. Is there any truth behind this?
Yeup! What's even cooler then the new graphics is the added gameplay. See, you get to play as Sephiroth during several very key points in the game. You start off as a fetus in Lucretia's womb, and the first mini-game involves the player controlling Hojo as he jabs Lucretia's pregnant belly with needles full of Jenova cells to inject Sephiroth with. From there, it's a rollercoaster of fun as you control the child, adolescent, and rebellious teenage Sephiroth!


Once again (I feel like I've made this arguement a hundred times...Oh wait, I have) there has been NO official confirmation, word, or even HINTS from Square-Enix that a Final Fantasy VII remake is in the works. In fact, quite the opposite has been proven true with the unveiling of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. At best, you can wager that this straight-to-dvd movie is a means to test the waters for future forays back into Final Fantasy VII. That is, of course, of the movie sells well in both Japan and America.

Final Fantasy...VIII-2...?

Whats upppers

everyones gotta admit!...Final fantasy 8 is when Square-enix(square-soft then)started making great graphical progress(not the sphere shaped heads like FF7,also better CGI movies).So i think it is stupid that Square-enix is not atleast not considering taking the time to do a project like FF8-2.They picked the better graphical wise game(FFX)to do a sequal for...WTF were they thinking!!!!.I know it was one of there top selling games...but still why did they do it for that and not for final fantasy 8?I think that a sequal to FF8 could potentially be better then FFX-2.I also personally like the characters more on FF8 then FFX-2.Theres only one think i like on FFX-2...thats yuna and rikku *drools*...well i just needed some closure on this subject

I think...you're a little off there. It's not as if previous to Final Fantasy VIII Square said "nah, we don't need pretty graphics, F-It". At their times, Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII were revolutionary. If you played Final Fantasy VII when it first was released, you (like everyone else) undoubtedly were amazed and in awe at the FMV sequences and the pre-rendered backgrounds. Ironically, Final Fantasy VIII's development ended up costing LESS then VII's, despite the refined graphics and battle system and such. Nevertheless, yes, FFVIII was definately when Square (or atleast, the Final Fantasy series) began to take shape as a more photo-realistic series in terms of graphics. I don't think the decision to make a sequel to Final Fantasy X was due to its graphics, however. In fact, I'm POSITIVE about that, heh. Most Final Fantasy games were self-contained, and didn't leave much left opened or unanswered. Final Fantasy VIII particularly, as its ending is one of the best of the series. With Final Fantasy X, matters concerning Tidus and the world of Spira were left with big "???"s in their place, which allowed Square-Enix to venture into their first full-blown sequel.

While it's cool that you have a preference for FFVIII over FFX, much like myself, there aren't many reasons to make a continuation of the game as opposed to FFX. However, since Square's new kick is sequels in various forms (games like FFX-2, movies like FFVII:AC), there is a small chance you may see the return of your beloved FFVIII characters.

That's right. More FFVII goodness.

A new Final Fantasy 7 with overhauled graphics, and a new story line? Thank-you god (he loves me and wants me to be happy)! I couldn't say for certain but judging by the screen-shots of Sephiroth walking into flames (appeard on the original) my assumption is that it is a remake of the old, perhaps with a few new twists in the story line; I think it's still too early to make a plausable guess as to how that's going to work. Maybe there is no game, and Square Enix is just trying to piss us all off. REALLY piss us all off (blood would run in the streets). It seems doubtful that they would just remake it though. I mean, what's up with the guy (or girl, I've been surprised before) in the wheel chair? and who's the dude with the short white hair dukin' it out with Cloud (who looks hella-badass in his new threads and graphics). I nearly jumped out of my seat when I seen these shots (actually I think I wet myself). Anyway, I can't wait to hear more.

Richard Alexander-Robert-Allen Weise (the Third)

Well Richard Alexander-Your-Name-Is-Too-Long Weise…when you go to websites to find pictures of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, do you not read the articles and information and press releases concerning the title? Apparently not, because then you’d be aware that it is indeed NOT a remake of Final Fantasy VII, nor is it a game. Square has made it abundantly clear that Final Fantasy VII is a roughly 80 minute straight-to-DVD movie that takes place two years after Final Fantasy VII’s end.

Let me enlighten you on the plotline thus far. The world (or the children of the world) are under the threat of some crippling status known as "Star Scar Syndrome". It’s safe to assume that problem has ties to the three main villains (the silver haired trio), who have been stated to be related to Sephiroth in some way. It’s up to Cloud and his companions to save the world – again.

Sorry to break your heart there, but it's not a game. It's not going to be a game. Those shots of Sephiroth in flames, or Cloud laying Aeris to rest in the infamous Ancients’ pond are all flashback sequences. It’s still going to be phenomenal, however.

Final Fantasy Offline XI


I've been looking everywhere to ask this question... Can you only play FF11 online? Because I think that would totally suck, and all I have seen lately is all this stuff about final fantasy 11 online blah blah blah.. making a seueal is one thing, but taking the game online completely abuses the whole final fantasy effect. You are meant to play it byyourself and enjoy it as much as you can right? i think they are doing way to many things to it, and are just stuffing it up. So yeah thats my question, can you play final fantasy 11 on your play station 2 offline, by yourself, and just enjoy the game?

Thanks a bunch :)

Uh, no...Final Fantasy XI is completely, 100%, unquestionaly an "MMORPG" (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Think along the lines of EverQuest, or Asheron's Call or somethin'. There is no offline mode to Final Fantasy XI, sorry. While there is a loose plot structure for players to follow, including a "final confrontation" and a resolution, the game's main emphasis is on character building - like an MMORPG. It really is more idealistic for those who ever wanted to personally BE their favorite Final Fantasy class. Honestly, it takes the job classes and newly created races and places them a world suitable to be called "Final Fantasy". It's more of a service to the fanbase then it is a continuation of the series. I do agree it should be be referred to as "Final Fantasy Online", not "Final Fantasy XI", but there's little to nothing anyone can do about that.

Closing Thoughts

Well this has been a very...Final Fantasy-rific mailbag. I hope this will be the last of any inquiries concerning Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and whether or not it's a movie or a game, heh. I hate to break anyone's heart, but I think things are for the best. Let's talk about Suikoden or Xenosaga or some other RPG series next ^_~ Puh-wease? v_v.

Keep those letters comin'.

~ Christopher Holzworth (letters@rpgfan.com)


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