October 25, 2004

So, I may have been a bit hasty in proclaiming Star Ocean to be the best RPG of the year. A little game called Shadow Hearts: Covenant has been occupying me for the past week or so, and it is absolutely fantastic. I recommend that you all try this game out, even if you’re one of those freaks who didn’t like the first one. :P

To the letters.

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Is there ANYONE who hasn't beaten the hell out of an NES to get it to work? I think not.

Ahhhh, Food for Thought?

Silly rabbit trix are for kids. Tell me your out there still trying to win at the bunny races, and recruit 'whats his name', the blacksmith or engineer. all the letters I've read lately make valid points, i had trouble with star ocean until i did the only sensible thing, after blundering badly getting to know the actual game, i started over and bulked up the weapons something fierce. but overall, the game is blah, seems setup more for the bonus dungeons, a la the game is just filler until you can get into them and get your hands on the cool swag. did it improve on the second one, yes if you like to guage such things on load times and cutscene graphics. And to mention a great game that didn't get mentioned from the 'Golden Days' and i have myself given some thought to is "Kid Icarus" (nes), maybe its not right to call it a rpg when compared to say dragon warrior, but in those early days, you took what they gave you and sat there for hours, until one day you had to blow on the game pack of flip the lid on the nes and blow in there. and when the springs started giving out, you'd wedge some playing cards in there. The only systems i've not had any trouble with, knock on wood, is my old genesis, things like my first stereo, i can't kill it! I am on my third playstation 2, and second gamecube, although the first one was more a victim of my cat than any defect, i've got about 6 broken ps2 controllers in a box , trying to decide if i can't use the rumble tumblers from them for something that actually vibrates hard enough to pull out of my hand. Oh and to mention stories again, who can forget the opening to final fantasy tactics, that was a breath of fresh air in the later half of the 'golden age'.

laughing uncontrollably

Tim Dugs

You could not have paid me to do those godforsaken bunny races enough times to get that sword to recruit that blacksmith. Yeah, I could have gotten a turbo control and let the game run overnight, but I refused to do so. Why? Because I don’t care to perpetuate the acceptance of mind-numbing tedium. People tend to complain about doing this little side quest, but they do it anyway. Me, I complain and refuse to even begin it. It gives me something to rant about. :P

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone having to use playing cards to make an NES run properly. Yeah, I did the whole blowing thing, and gave it a few thwacks with Ye Olde Wiffle Ball Bat, and other things that popped into my seven-year-old mind that I wouldn’t even begin to contemplate doing to one of my systems now. But cards? That’s a new one on me. Can’t say it surprises me, though.

Finally, someone else on their second Gamecube. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) can’t believe it when I say that my first Cube was defective. Honestly, I wouldn’t believe it either if I were them. If someone said they’ve gone through nine PS2s, we gamers wouldn’t even blink an eye. But TWO CUBES? People I tell that to act like I told them great Cthulhu was coming down from the skies. Although I suppose it’s a testament to Nintendo that people have trouble believing their product can malfunction.

And now, how not to get ripped off by random sellers on the internet.

Hello I am sorta what you would call a irked gamer. In the glory days of good RPG's more or less looking to the PSone, I passed up on alot of those classic games due to moving on to nex gen systems like Dreamcast and such. Now that I've realized what I missed out on im craving it. Where can you get some of those games without breaking your wallet? Im looking for titles such as Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Thousand arms etc. I know you can find them on Ebay but come on I want the games but $50 or more for a used game is just ridiculous. Come on people share the love you played them, you loved them now share them with the people that missed out.


Ah, eBay. If I were in a verbose mood, I could tell you a horror story involving a disreputable seller, a Turbo Duo, and a somewhat naïve first time eBayer who also happens to run the letters section of this very website. But I won’t. :P

Since I completely understand why you don’t want to go the auction route, let me point you towards one of my favorite places to score older games: Video Game Depot. You might not find everything you want, but you’ll definitely find something. I give it two thumbs up, yo.

I thought this was a joke. Boy, was I wrong.

Can you tell me where to get a real live Blitzball?

You know, I almost deleted this letter off-hand, thinking that the submitter was a little…well, confused. :P However, my opinion changed quickly when RPGFan’s maestro of web design, Michael “Verdeophile” Salbato, informed me that such a product does indeed exist.

Naturally, I searched the web diligently to find one of these blitzballs. However, I regret to say that my search wasn’t fruitful. I did find a large number of those soulless, disturbing Dragon Quest slimes, though. I’m certain Lucifer himself had a hand in designing those things. :P

I love fan mail.

Hey guys, just like to say good job on being kickass. especially Teh John, The Darkrider, and Gast. WAY TO KICK ASS GUYS.

Thanks, Mom.

For those of you who don’t know:

Teh John = John McCarroll, webmaster and message board tyrant

The Darkrider = myself, Mailbag host and message board tyrant

Gast = Professor Gast = Chris Winkler, our one man news department. If you read this site at all, then I’m sure you know who he is. :P

Closing Thoughts

Hey, a new topic. Meditate on it while I go get owned by the Judgment Ring some more.

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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