Time Beyond Time
October 28, 2004

I must be crazy. Even though there are so many good new games out right now, I'm playing a ton of Neverwinter Nights fan modules. There are some excellent ones out there, a few of which are good enough to go toe-to-toe with the official expansions. I've been quite pleased with their quality.

But enough about that. To the letters.

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Because it practically IS Chrono Cross.

Dear rpgfan:
Why does Baten kaitos looks so much like chrono cross?

Well, that's easy enough to answer. They look similar because a large chunk of the Baten Kaitos team worked on Chrono Cross. From what I've seen, the two games have a particularly similar artistic style. Which suits me just fine, because CC's graphics were by far the highlight of the game in my opinion.

Life-sucking jellyfish > anything

Though there have been many delays lately; they've hopefully been for the better. With so many stellar games coming out at once from October thru December, it was inevitable for a few gem games to be swept under the rug. So many games are all vying for the already busy shelf-space at our local game stores that RPGs would likely be the ones left to die a slow and painful death.

As much as I love Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Star Ocean: Till the End of time, they are nothing compared to the Halos, GTAs and Metroids: the 'big boys'. Though I would like to believe that our ranks are swelling everyday with more consumers realizing how wonderful a good story and actual character development is, the fact of the matter is RPG players are still the minority; and therefore must be faced with some unfortunate delays. However, if it means more polish for the game and greater reception by the public; then I am all for it. More exposure is never a bad thing.

Besides, we have quite a few months of playing before we exhaust our current lineup. Star Ocean, Shadow Hearts, Paper Mario: TTYD and especially Shin Megami Tensai -which is amazing- will occupy our time, till the end of time. Then the Bards tale, KOTOR, Baten Kaitos and the juggernaut Growlanser Generations will come along to make sure we don't do anything other than be engrossed in some of the best RPGs of the season... If my bank account can survive such a hit on a college income.

Oh well, it's back to some demon hunting. If you thought Shadow Hearts was good; you need to play Shin Megami Tensai: Nocturne. Truly amazing.

Keep up the good work,


1-ups save lives

That’s a good point about the ‘big boys’ of gaming. I know that if I were in charge of marketing a niche title like a non-Square RPG, I would absolutely sweat bullets if I knew I’d be going up against GTA or MGS3 or Half-Life 2.

Of course, moving all these RPGs back probably won’t change their sales all that much. Instead of competing with the Christmastime phenoms of gaming, they’ll be competing with one another. And unless you’re made out of money, you’ll probably only end up buying one or two of them.

I’ve heard good things about SMT: Nocturne, but I doubt I give it a try. I wasn’t a fan of either of the Persona games released over here, so I most likely won’t dig Nocturne, either.

You know you can't wait to play Final Fantasy VII-29.

Am I the only one getting annoyed with all the FFVII crap thats spreading around!? At first I was excited about the new Advent Children movie, based on FFVII. As time went on, another game, Dirge of Cerburus was pressed for release.....and this is where I got really annoyed, they just revealed their secret, Crisis Core: FFVII for the PSP. While I'm not to fond of FFVII myself, I'm sure theres others that would say that the game has been overdeveloped, as was FFX, when X-2 was released. I find it incredibly dumb of Square to be putting out repeats of stuff they have already created, and find it more wise to be working on new concepts. Gamers usually don't want to see the same things over and over again, and tend to lean towards the fresh material. Its true that the games themselves will be different in all aspects, but that doesn't make it any more original.

First things first, let me get my one disagreement out of the way. While you might think that gamers “usually don't want to see the same things over and over again, and tend to lean towards the fresh material”, I couldn’t possibly disagree more. When it comes to changes in an established series, gamers are some of the most conservative people you’ll ever find.

Remember the whole “Celda” fiasco? If not, go back through the Mailbag archives and refresh your memory. It’s a well-known fact that one of our former Mailbag hosts was driven insane by the sheer volume of “LOL CELDA IZ TEH SUCK” letters. Now all she does is sit in dark corners, constantly muttering the word “boat” under her breath. That’s some sad business.

But yes, it does appear that Square Enix is whoring out the legacy of their most successful game. I say “appear” because it is entirely too early to judge any of these games. For all I know, this “Vincent May Cry” thing may turn out to be fantastic. Let’s wait a bit before we pass final judgment on these things.

Closing Thoughts

Wasn't that fun? Send me your letters so we can do this again some time.

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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