Flesh of the Gods
November 9, 2004

Shadow Hearts: Covenant has officially become my favorite game of the year. The game is pure RPG gold from start to finish. If you're one of the misguided souls who hasn't gotten this game yet, then step away from your machine and fetch a copy. Yes, right now.

With Metroid Prime 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 coming out so soon, I'll probably be shackled to my television for the next few weeks. Better get an update out of the way before I become a hermit...again.

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Fanboys/girls suck...well, unless they're Castlevania or Mega Man fanboys/girls.

Dear RPGFan.

I wanted to write in to discuss a game that has been in the fictional so called limelight for what feels like quite the substantial amount of time. The game is Square's long fabled and often speculated Chrono Break. The third game in the series with Chrono in the name. One that people have been obsessing over for years now.

Where is it? Not in our Gamecubes or PlayStations, that's for certain. And what can we do about it? We can accept that this game could, and probably never will, come out. Or at least entitled as Chrono Break that is. A sequel to one of Square's most popular series would seem to be something very likely for us to see one day, but obsessing over a game that most likely doesn't exist as other than a name (One that's actually entitled as Chrono Brake) would seem to be wasted energy.

With a plethora of other RPGs on the horizon (even just the Square ones, if that is your perogative), it seems self emaciating to be so set on something that is little more than an industry rumor. Why waste your time wishing on a star, when you are already bathed in moonlight? Well... Even then, hoping for that one game to come out that you've been waiting for for years would show how much loyalty you do have for that series. I know I'm certainly guilty of that in regards to Phantasy Star V.

I guess it all boils down to fanboyism or actual loyalty. Which, I guess, is unfortunately too similar to each other for our own good.


First things first: you should probably leave lines like ďWhy waste your time wishing on a star, when you are already bathed in moonlightĒ for your Fiction 101 class, not a Mailbag letter. :P

As for the difference between fandom and loyalty, I agree that they are quite similar. I suppose itís just a matter of degree, really. For example, Iím a huge Castlevania fan. Iíve followed the series religiously since Simonís Quest. I own at least one copy of every Castlevania game in existence. I enjoyed the N64 versions. I get excited over the merest rumor of a new entry in the series.

Does that make me a fanboy? I donít think so. In my eyes, fanboyism equals obsession. If I were a fanboy, I would do all of the above things, but Iíd also have my walls plastered with Castlevania-related wall scrolls, run a Geocities Castlevania shrine, cosplay as Simon Belmont, and spend my free time writing sex scenes between Alucard and Richter.

Fanboys would most likely do worse things, but I choose not to think about them. :P

Assumptions are cool.

All these delays suck. I hate them.

Does it matter if Digital Devil Saga goes up against San Andreas? Of course not. No RPG gamer with sense will pick GTA anyway.

This sort of letter really annoys me.

Donít get me wrong, itís okay if you donít like San Andreas. Iím not a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise myself. But this letter practically oozes out a certain type of close-mindedness that I loathe: the hatred of a game or series solely because it is popular with the masses. Just because a game is popular doesnít mean it isnít worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is entirely too rampant, whether it be games, music, books, or any other form of entertainment.

Thereís my soapbox rant of the day. :P


I think we're all still recovering from the 'Celda' fiasco. And props to you for making me laugh today. Poor Liz! Speaking of which, whatever happened to her? Did she quit? Goodness knows she put up with enough.
-The Lizard

Oh, sheís still around, doing various Behind The Scenes™ things. Sheís like a pleasant sort of intestinal parasite. You just canít get rid of her easily.

Sheíll probably want to harm me for that less-than-flattering comparison, but itís too early to be thinking creatively. :P

What, someone actually wants a Lores update? My mind is blown.

hey, why don't you update that comic anymore? it was pretty good. does that guy still work there?

Well, he CLAIMS to work here, anyway. :P

As to why he hasn't updated in eight months, you'd have to ask him that. I'm sure he'd love to get a bit of fan mail. I agree that he needs to update that thing. He's been saying for a year now that I'd become a character in it. :P

Closing Thoughts

Well, so ends another update. Send me your lovely letters so I can write lovely responses that overuse the word lovely.

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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