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November 17, 2004

Hola, mis amigos. I hope youíre all enjoying the new Metroid. I know I would be if I werenít flat broke. :P

Of course, Iíve managed to keep myself occupied by playing the World of Warcraft beta. Itís quite fun indeed. Blizzard certainly knows how to deliver the goods. I fully expect this game to have totally dominated the MMORPG market by this time next year.

To the letters.

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Yes, staff members write in too.

Some nameless person wrote,

"Does it matter if Digital Devil Saga goes up against San Andreas? Of course not."

It sure doesn't. I guess it didn't occur to this person that the game was pushed back because it wasn't done yet, much like... you know, every other game. Obviously no company delayed a title to avoid competition with GTA. Or Halo 2. or Metroid Prime 2. Or Metal Gear Solid 3. Or the DS. The only one that did was Ubi Soft with Prince of Persia 2, since they realized "hey... there's a lot coming out in November."

Well, that and DDS wasn't even planned for release until mid-November, weeks after GTA hit anyway. That date was also based on the game's first announcement in May, and had it released on time, it would have not seen a single delay. Is there any game in history that ended up making the planned date from the very first announcement? I don't think so.

That's a very swiss cheese type of logic... though most assumptions rarely have logic come into play, so disregard that.

~Michael Salbato
Senior Editor, RPGFan

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never anger a web designer. :P

If you donít have a clue what the good Mr. Salbato is talking about, I would direct you to take a gander at the last update.

Of course, I do have one little qualm with a tiny aspect of your point. When you questioned whether or not any game had ever made its original release date, it got me to reminiscing. Way back in the days of yore, there was this little game you might have heard of by the name of Mortal Kombat. The home versions of that game were hyped up like crazy, and they were released on a day the Midway spin doctors referred to as ďMortal MondayĒ. As far as I remember, they always intended the games to come out on that particular day. Hence your point is ruined. :P

And Iím glad someone was there to point out all that about DDS, because God knows Iím paying absolutely no attention to that game. :P

"Mr." Stringer? Someone knows the proper way to suck up. :P

Hello, Mr. Stringer.

I'm quite interested in the soon-to-be realeased Nintendo DS. With touch screen, microphone and wifi, playing games might be a different exprerience than before. But on the other side, I'm obsessed with RPG games. and mostly only buy RPG games. (unless it's a multiplayer game with a lot of fun like Toy commander)

So, I've been thinking (and I am certainly not the only one) about what kind of improvements the RPG experience could have with the new Nintendo DS. Sure, I've read about Square-Enix coming Egg Monster Heroes and the rubbing idea.

Wifi could mean a lot of multiplayer (Phantasy Star Wifi anyone?), the stylos could be used to "slash" ennemies with your sword, ect. The future is bright, or is it? What do you think?


Well, itís a little early to be determining whether the future is either bright or murky. However, the potential for something groundbreaking is certainly there, merely waiting on some ingenious creator (hi, Miyamoto-san ^_^) to take advantage.

I can see a few things happening with the wireless aspect. It could be something as simple as item trades a la Pokemon. It could also be something more ambitious like a multi-player action/RPG in the vein of Secret of Mana, except you could have more freedom of movement since the players have separate screens.

The skyís the limit, I suppose. Personally, I expect to see great thingsÖbut Iím a Nintendo fanboy, so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt. :P

And now, an excuse to spew hate.

what do you think the worst rpg of this year is? i think crystal chronicles was the worst one to me.

I can't really argue with your choice. I loathed that game with a passion I usually reserve for beating down mimes.

However, there is one game that (believe it or not) I consider to be worse: Phantasy Star Online Episode III. Or, as I snidely refer to it as, PSO-gi-oh. The whole "game" was nothing more than an attempt to cash in on the whole card battling trend. And it didn't even succeed at that. Good job screwing over the fanbase, Sega.

Closing Thoughts

Right, so I'm gonna hit the sack and try to forget that I actually used the emoticon ^_^ in a response. Besides, I need to rest up for the upcoming MGS3 marathon. Good times, baby.

Import gamers, keep your eyes open for an upcoming change in the rules regarding letters about games that haven't been released on this side of the pond yet. After having two Xenosaga Episode II plot twists revealed to me over the last month, I need to make things a little more clear. :P

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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