No Presents For Christmas
December 10, 2004

Hi there. It's been a while, hasn't it? All I can say is this: if you ever have the opportunity to move to a new residence, DO NOT DO IT. It's entirely too much of a hassle to get things straight again. :P

But enough about my moving woes. We've got letters to read.

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Lil' Cactus > Sephiroth


My name is Misael and I came to ur site as i was doing a search for a Lil' Cactus Figurine from Legend of Mana. I have been looking for this figurine for a friend as a X-mas gift. I have also looked around the US and Japan. I would think it would be easy to find here in Japan but it almost doesn't exist. I have yet to spot one. I noticed ur site is the only one with an actual pic of the Figurine and was wondering if u had any info about where to get one or where u came accross the pics. Thanks for your time.


Aww, isn't it cute?

Sadly, I have no idea how or where to fetch one of those. If I did, I'd probably get one for myself. Although those eyebrows lead me to think he and the Antichrist are on a first name basis.

Do any of you fine readers have an idea where to find one of these? If so, send in a letter and I'll make sure Mr. Casanova gets it. Just don't suggest eBay. :P

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.

I'm a the only one who is scare about the storyline in the game industries. It always the same story, the evil treaten to destroy the world, chosen hero, mystic weapon. Didn't all that sound familliar to you? I kown, some game dosn't fall in that abyss but how many can you really name. Doom 3 aka Dum 3 :) just another remake. Xenosaga doen't recreate the universe that everyone love in Xenogears, it turn out to be another clone of Star Ocean. If the storyline is the center of the rpg universe, won't it meen that we are about to see is doom(sorry for my crapy english )

Well, this isn't exactly a new problem. RPGs have been about beating the big evil since the days of the first Dragon Quest/Warrior. Which in turn was influenced by nearly every fairy tale that has ever existed, like St. George and his famous dragon or King Arthur and his boys.

I don't expect things to change any time soon, and I don't think they really should. People like to see the big evil get their comeuppance. People like to get the girl at the end. It's one of those things that has been intrinsic in human nature since the beginning, and that's the way it'll always be.

The best RPGs out there seperate themselves from the pack by offering a fresh take on the old RPG standards. Take Xenogears as an example. It starts out pretty normal, but by the end everything has been turned on its head about fifteen times. :P

In the end, the story itself isn't as important as how the story is told.

Man, this is almost too vague to answer. :P

i am new to rpg games.however, i have heard from the commecial about this one game where u choose an action and there is a consequence.kind of like different actions and different consequence whatever action was chosen.what is the game title for PS2?
Ochie Dizon Correa

Well, that could be pretty much anything. There's lots of games where there are consequences for your actions. In fact, the entire act of gaming could be said to be a consequence of the actions you take with your control. That's a little too philosophical for this question, though. :P

If you saw a commercial for this game recently, then I can only assume that the game in question is Fable. One of the big selling points of that game was its freedom of action. You can read our humble webmaster's rather harsh review of it right here.

Heh, maybe dragging that review back to the surface will prompt someone to write him MORE hate mail. :P

The joys of importing.

Lately it seems that a lot of really good looking RPGs coming out in Japan don't seem to make it over here, and while I know there can be many reasons for this I still find it pretty annoying.

While I'm not sure you would have any better idea than I, I would still like to inquire as to your opinion on the chance that the games Magna Carta, Stella Deus, Waga Ryuomiyo: Pride of the Dragon Peace, and Generations of Chaos will be announced as titles for North American localization. I've looked at information and media for these games and they all really interest me, and since I'm not an importer of video games these are kind of out of my reach.

Some games that are coming out in the future that look interesting have, at least in my mind, a small chance to come over here, games like Zill O'll Infinity, the latest Growlanser games, the Romancing SaGa remake, and that game Nippon Ichi was porting to the Ps2 from the PC, Eternal Aseria. Just wondering what you thought of this.

I've basically given up hope for these two things but I still hold out hope for a release of the Ps2 version of Tales of Symphonia and a re-release of Valkyrie Profile like they're doing in Japan, think there's any chance of this happening?

One last thing, as I'm sure you're aware the developer Tri-Ace is developing a new game called Radiata Stories that I think looks just amazing. I loved Star Ocean 3 and was just wondering what your impression of it was so far.

Thanks for reading my letter and sorry for the length and number of questions I put forth.

Yeah, I've pretty well isolated myself from the Japanese gaming market, and have for years. In fact, I quit paying really close attention to the Japanese scene when I learned that Ys IV wasn't coming out over here. That was a damn long time ago. :P

On a similar note, my one trip into the land of importing came within these past few months, when I picked up a copy of the absolutely fantastic Ys I and II Eternal. Ys isn't exactly the most story-intensive RPG out there, so I had no problem picking up the game and going. Like I've said for years, Ys is the perfect RPG series for action gamers. :P

..Oh yeah, I had a point. Since I don't pay much attention to what the Japanese are releasing these days, I don't know much about any of those games you listed. In fact, the only one I have any sort of knowledge about is Magna Carta. Of course, I only know about that because a saw a screenshot and said "DUR, DAT ARE PRETTY".

With that said, I HAVE had my eyes on Radiata Stories, because I am of the opinion that tri-Ace does no wrong. Haven't seen enough to give a solid opinion of it, though.

As for seeing a re-release of Valkyrie Profile over here...let's just say I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. :P Although I'd love to see it happen, if only to stick it to those robbers charging $100 or more for it on eBay.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that was fun. I'm going to go snap some more necks in Snake Eater now. While I do that, make sure you write in with whatever gaming related topic you care to discuss. Just as long as you aren't writing in to praise Beyond the Beyond. :P

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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