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December 26, 2004

Boy, am I glad Christmas is over. As much as I love the holiday season, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two of the most strenuous days of the year. If you have a massive extended family like I do, I'm sure you can sympathize.

A short update today. Let's get to it.

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We need more of Shion and her giant hand, and we need it now.


I enjoy reading your mailbag. I'm glad it is more updated now, your doing a great job.

Well on to my question(s).I'm a huge Xenogears/saga fan, and I have a couple of questions about it. How many episodes are there going to be? I heard not counting gears, 6 but then i heard 3.

Also is the whole series going to be on PS2 or will it eventually be on the PS3 also?

And please tell me, will we have to wait as long for episode 3 as we did for 2?

Thank you for your time.

Six is the number I heard as well, but that probably isn't written in stone. When someone told you three, they probably meant three games featuring Shion and the others. It was originally thought that the second game would be the last to feature this set of characters, but that apparently isn't the case.

It's pretty evident that if the series will indeed be six installments, there will be no way Monolith will be able to do the entire story in this generation of consoles. A Xenosaga game on PS3 is a certainty...assuming they continue the series, of course.

And while it DOES seem like there's been a disturbing lack of news regarding Episode III, my sources tell me that we had to wait even longer to get any initial information about Episode II. It looks like the amount of time in between games could easily be about the same as between Episodes I and II.

Oh, the evils of marketing.

ah mister daniel sir,

i saw a letter that sparked a need in me to to reply to it. The reason why a game like skies of arcadia semi-flopped was because a majority of us all had it as one of the few gems to sparkle about the dreamcast, and the VMU (visual/virtual? memory unit...the save card that looked like a tiny gameboy); and we're still haunted by the hours we spent, lost, the first several times we played it looking for the discoveries. As for crystal chronicles, i think that all of us were hyped into buying that one as whatever-soft's triumphant return to nintendo, however they flubbed on that one, who had four friends they could actually get interested in playing that one (i guess they tried to make it like guantlet of old, but not quite, "elf shot the food"). I keep hope alive that the sequel/re-release craze will last just long enough to bring back the old good shinning force games i loved (II and the sega cd, never got a rare copy of #III) on a platform other than the gba, ahh ya know what my gensis has some life left in it, time to fight the squirrels in the attic and get it back and back then they made the controllers to last, maybe it has something to do with the rumble feature shaking things about and poor design, sony ;bought my 8th controller, during a heavily packed x-mas shopper filled store no less. Maybe mention a new rpg type of Kid Icarus game, next time your hobnobbing with nintendo reps at an expo, otherwise enjoy the holidays.

Tim Dug

That's a good point regarding Skies of Arcadia. The Cube version was just a port, after all. And since the Dreamcast was pretty RPG deficient, it makes sense that any RPG player would have snapped the original up in a heartbeat.

While I admittedly loathed Crystal Chronicles, I can see how it would be a great game with other people. It's too bad none of my crew enjoys RPGs. I wouldn't say the game is completely devoid of fun as a single-player game, though. I got immense pleasure in shaving my moogle...probably TOO MUCH so.

And I'll mention the Kid Icarus thing the next time Miyamoto calls me up for a chat.

Closing Thoughts

While you folks are still digesting your holiday meals, why not take the time to gaze upon the new topic? Tell me what your favorite RPGs of the past year are, so I can either wholeheartedly agree or call you crazy. :P

This is probably the last update of 2004, so let me go ahead and wish you all a happy new year.

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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