Punishment Divine
February 14, 2005

Morning, folks.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had trouble finding something to play during the past few days. With Xenosaga Episode II coming out soon, I'd hate to get started on some other lengthy game. It's a good thing Castlevania games never get old, because I've been playing the hell out of...well, all of them. :P

Let's do some Q&A.

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...Wow. Where to begin? :P

Wow, this is a pretty cool website. Ya it's my first time on here I was actually just looking for some feedback on the whole KOS-MOS blue eyes phenomenon. Ya it's sad I actually pre-ordered Xenosaga II just so I could get the "movie" version of the game. Which isn't really worth the $5 dollars down at the EB games store. So while I'm here I think I'll just say a few things :) Umm okay as for Xenosaga--totally kick ass game! I mean I'm not a stupid person by any means but I have to admit that the game did leave me a little confused. Okay and the girl that does the voice of Shion also does the voice of Claire on Star Ocean, maybe Yuna I haven't played that in a while.....wow I think I'm a little behind on my RPG's I only got Xenosaga and Star Ocean at Christmas......can u recommend a favourite RPG? I mean I know RPG's can be really personal but let give it a try! Don't say FF cause I kinda got fed up when I bought FFVIII and it was IMO total crap. I loved Arc the Lad even though I couldn't beat the final boss--erg. what's Xenogears like? Is it good enough to put up with PS1 graphics? And what about this Vagrant story that you speak of? What's it like. I mean I'm not totally against PS1 games I did try The Legend of the Dragoon and it had an impressive opening sequence, but I got bored after that and turned it off. Oh another awesome game was Skies of Arcadia Legends, I was like addicted to that thing when it came out. Anywho it'd be cool if you gave me your opinion!

oh P.S crystal chronicles was crap


I doubt you'll find anyone who WASN'T confused by at least one aspect of Xenosaga's plot. There's a lot going on with that story. And I have to say, that DVD of all the movie scenes in the first game is an absolutely brilliant idea. Kudos to whoever came up with that. I won't ever have to slug through the first game again now. :P

I'm pretty sure that the same person didn't voice Shion and Yuna. Not positive, since I don't have a good memory for voice actors, but pretty sure nonetheless.

A favorite RPG, eh? Well, I can answer that without the slightest bit of hesitation: Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It's the best traditional RPG I've played since FFX. I swear, maybe there will be one update in the future where I don't pimp this game. :P

What is Xenogears like? Man, you don't even know what you're asking. :P I recommend heading to our review section and reading what our humble reviewers had to say about it. I will say, however, that if you're a graphics whore, you'll find plenty of fault with the game these days. See, all the characters in the game are sprites, yet for some strange reason the director of the game loves to zoom in close, making the characters incredibly pixelly (is that even a word? :P). It's a problem easily solved if you play it on a PS2: just turn on smooth textures.

Ah, Vagrant Story. I'm of the opinion that Vagrant Story has the best plot of any game to have been created by the Square brain trust. The problem most people have with the game is that it can be quite repetitive and complicated. There's a science to the weaponry system, a science that most people just don't get. Again, read a review. If I start talking about this game, I'll write a book. :P

And Skies of Arcadia is indeed awesome. And Crystal Chronicles is indeed not awesome.

Talking hats > you

I do not think that the map was that compact. However, I did not play Wind Waker. The most recent Zelda that I have played aside from Minish Cap is The Ocarina of Time. It was a small map, but it seemed to be larger because of how it was reviled bit by bit throughout the story. Overall, I felt the game to be pretty well done. It was a sort of throw back to A Link to the Past, with some ties to Link's Awakening. However, I did not particularly care for the items that could be used. While some of them are nice, and rather essential (The Pegasus Boots, The Shield), over all, I felt that most of them were rather strange (Gust Pot anyone?). In my opinion, however, I always thought that the Gameboy Zelda games were rather strange, storywise and gameplay wise. One thing that I did not appreciate that much was the graphics. They held a "cuter" more pastle-esque colour scheme, and design. The overall design of Link did not, in my opinion, suit him very well. I have always been fond of the way that Link from A Link to the Past was drawn.

Finally, someone else who thinks the Gust Pot was an insane idea. :P

Yeah, the portable Zeldas are a little strange when compared to the console versions. That gives them a little bit of charm, you know? I personally like games that are a little quirky, and Minish Cap definitely fits that bill.

Well, Minish Cap definitely draws off Wind Waker for its visual style. If you haven't played it, then it's no wonder you don't have an appreciation for the style. Personally, I think it's great; I've played my share of dark, gloomy games as of late, and Minish Cap was like a breath of fresh air.

Closing Thoughts

Short update this time. Can't wait around forever for a third letter, you know. :P

Well, with Xenosaga coming out soon, I suppose that will be the topic of conversation for the next few weeks. Make sure you read the topic carefully however. Our discussion of the game will be quite specific for the first week or two.

~ Daniel Stringer (letters@rpgfan.com)


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