RPGFan Mailbag Frequently Asked Questions v 8.31
So, how often is the Mailbag updated?
It depends. If we get a lot of letters, then you can expect frequent updates. If not, then things will go a little more slowly. I'll update as often as it is feasable to do so.

Oi, I wrote you, so why didn't you use my bloody letter?
Simple. I post them as they come in. If there are ten people who submitted a letter before you, then those ten go up first. Common sense, folks.

Of course, there's always the possibility that I turned down your letter. That's not too likely to happen, but you never know. And it could be that your letter didn't promote any conversation. Sending me a link and only saying "LOL THIS R GUD" won't exactly get your letter placed in a position of glory.

There's also the chance that your letter was accidentally deleted in my twice-daily ritual of spam purging. While my eagle eyes can usually pick out what is legitimate and what isn't, occasionally something will get banished to the trash bin. To make sure this doesn't happen, be certain that you make your subject lines as clear as they can possibly be. In fact, you should probably just leave the subject line alone and send your letter with the default subject.

So, what's the deal with that topic?
It's a simple concept. I rub both of my brain cells together to come up with something to talk about, and you fine people write about it. Of course, you can write about anything you wish, but these topics will give us some common ground, because I won't be making a topic about something I'm not familiar with. Therefore, no anime topics.

Great, then let me type up a quick letter about *insert current favored import game here* and its ending.
Hold it, champ. While I don't mind discussing games freshly released in the Land of the Rising Sun, you need to be aware that the vast majority of people (including myself) don't do a whole lot of importing. Ask yourself this before you send in a spoiler-filled rant: would you have wanted to know the contents of your letter before you played the game? If the answer is no, then do us all a favor and don't send it.

So, what kind of content do you want? What's appropriate and not appropriate?
If you have a question regarding when a game comes out, please check the release dates section first. It's only the logical thing to do. I'd prefer you guys to keep your letters to be kept... somewhat intelligent - if you're going to write in something other than a response to the topic, try to encourage some sort of discussion at the very least. And if you can, please watch the spelling, punctuation and grammar. PLEASE? I like my column to look nice and tidy, thanks.

Let's see. No profanity, no sexual references (minor ones I will let slide... :P), no threats to well, anyone, no trash talking (i.e. if you're complaining, please do it in a tactful manner), racism, well, if you have common sense, you should know what's appropriate or not. And no saying that Disgaea is the best strategy game ever made, because that's a lie straight from the mouth of Satan.

If that reply looks familiar to those of you who are older of school than others, that's because it is. See, former mailbag head/current newshound Elizabeth "If it were humanly possible to put another A in my last name, I would" Maas did such a good job explaining this that I decided to be lazy and keep it. Well, I did add the Disgaea comment, because the only thing I hate worse than that game are the people who enjoy it. :P

So, why did most of these questions have the word "so" in them?
...Go away.

Remember, anything you send in is fair game to be posted. If there's something that you don't want the entire readership of RPGFan to read, then don't be sending it in.


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