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Message Boards are back!!

The wait is finally over. The RPGFan message boards are finally back up and they should be better than ever. The boards that we had before were using the script called RPGBoard from SineSwiper. Well, these new boards are now running on the very latest version of this message board script (version 2.00) and RPGFan is one of the first site on the internet to have this new version up.

This new script improves on the functionality and features of the old board and you'll be amazed by how good this script is. You can now temporarily save your posts before it's finished to make sure that you don't lose everything if your browser crashes on you or the PC freezes. This is especially helpful for very long posts. There's also a whole slew of stats available to you in the profiles section. These stats will tell you what browser is used the most on our boards, the percentage of female and male posters, a ranking of the most frequent posters for every board and even statistics such as the average words per post for every posters. Anyway, you will experience first-hand all the new features of this board as you start posting so I will just let you discover them as you go. Click here to go to the message board page.

A big thanks goes to SineSwiper for creating this awesome message board script and for helping me setting them up on RPGFan and working on adding some things that I asked for. You can check out his company's web site Resonator Software at the following address:

Date Updated:
May 3rd, 1999

Time Updated:
1:29 AM


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