Legend of Mana Swedish?

When I first got my copy of Legend of Mana back in July, I remember hearing the song in the second intro and thinking it was a really great song. However, something felt strange about it somehow. I couldn't really tell what it was but something was different about this song. Well, thanks to some help from an RPGFan reader, the mystery is solved. Tunek e-mailed us to say that the song in the intro is actually in Swedish!!! Now, the question is: "Why would SquareSoft put a song in Swedish in the intro of a big title like Legend of Mana?". Well, quite frankly... I don't know... So it seems like we've got another mystery on our hands. Maybe Swedish music is the big thing in Japan right now, who knows? Or maybe there's a connection between Sweden and the Legend of Mana game. Or maybe SquareSoft just wanted to play with everybody's mind and said: "Hey guys! Let's confuse the hell out of everybody by putting a Swedish song in the intro!". Well, if that was their goal, they succeeded because I'm thoroughly confused :P.

Anyway, as an added bonus, Tunek gave us a translation of the song and quite frankly, the song is pretty darn weird (unless it doesn't translate well into english). Here is the translated song in English. A big thanks to Tunek for the tip and check out his Sonic Team website by clicking here.

Legend of Mana Intro

I hurry to be close to you
Again and again I long for you

I hurry to be close to you
Again and again I long for you

Something is shown in a diamond
A glimpse in a beautiful crystal

In the desert I am a drop
but with humor I come

There isn't much time
and I must hurry
thought I was free
free from the banned

With mooncoloured eyes he stood beside me

finally, finally
I kept my truth
and fled my dream, my beautiful dream

fights come and go
and I follow the same tracks

finally, finally I reach

Date Updated:
August 17th, 1999

Time Updated:
5:44 PM



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