Victor Ireland Speaks Out About Dreamcast Development

In an email reply to Sega Web's Craig Hansen, Victor Ireland puts some old rumors on Dreamcast development to rest.

1) That Working Designs is 100% not developing for Dreamcast

This is old information. Now that management has changed, the possibility of doing development is an option, where it WAS 100% out of the question previously. There are a number of possibilities. However, even if we do announce a Dreamcast game or games, our focus remains Playstation 2.

2) That WD believes there are "no good games" coming out for Dreamcast

Incorrect quote and/or old. This was relative to RPG's. There still precious few good to great RPG's coming for Dreamcast, but the situation has improved.

3) That Shenmue is "terrible"

Shen Mue as a showpiece is terrific. Shen Mue as a game IS terrible. There is no game. It's walking around from Dragon's Lair-style encounter to Dragon's Lair style encounter. With cheap mini-games thrown in to make it SEEM like a game. The only difference between Dragon's Lair and from a system sense is that the Shen Mue sequences are generated in real-time. What a terrible waste of processing power. Anyone that says different hasn't played the actual demos SEGA has released (ALL they've released is piecemeal demos thus far) or is spouting pure hype copied from the mags or websites. The fact that SoJ changed the release of the game by another 6-9 months when it was supposed to be released in a scant 3 weeks shows that the title is in trouble. Unfortunately, I don't think they can fix the base problem, which is that the core engine of the game is ill-conceived.

Victor Ireland

Working Designs

According to this information, Working Designs may indeed someday bring over a title for the Dreamcast. So even though the Playstation 2 is their main focus, at least the chance of WD bringing out a Dreamcast game exists.

Source: Sega Web

Date Updated:
October 5th, 1999

Time Updated:
7:10 PM

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