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Shen Mue is a game considered by many to be the ultimate Dreamcast showpiece. It is also considered by me personally to be one of the biggest enigmas in recent years. Besides my being impressed by Shen Mue itself trying so hard to simulate a real world, the sheer number of mini games astound me! At this rate Shen Mue will have so many mini games, it makes me wonder if anyone will ever pry themselves away from them long enough to advance the main storyline at all...

The latest mini game is Shen Mue's take on the whole virtual pet craze. Over the course of the game, our hero Ryo will come across a stray cat abandoned on the street. Naturally Ryo can't just leave the cat alone since he already picked up a Saturn with games, played Hang On, Space Harrier and some egg catching machines, all the while participating in races. So as you may have already guessed, Ryo picks up the stray kitty and the wackiness ensues.

Once Ryo takes the cat home, he has to feed it and play with it everyday to keep it happy. This probably has no real bearing on the game itself, but since Shen Mue just had to get into the virtual pet craze, this option was included. And yes, I still plan to buy the game despite the inclusion of this feature.

Ryo can also go around town learning new techniques from various martial arts practitioners. Each individual move has its own experience system, and as in real life, practice makes perfect. The higher a move's level the more deadly it becomes in battle. And considering how busy it looks like Ryo will be in his adventures, he will need all the techniques he can get. After all, you never know what kind of thugs you will run into while heading to the grocery store to purchase catfood.

In a completely unrelated story, Popolocrois II is set to release on February 24, 2000 in a 3 CD set priced at 6800 yen. In this new title Pietro is 15 years old, and his younger sister Ellena will also make her debut in the storyline. The focus this time around is the love between Pietro and the witch Nalsia. Popolocrois II will have a sort of timer system added to battles, although the specifics of this system have yet to be revealved.

Source: The Magic Box

Date Updated:
November 21st, 1999

Time Updated:
8:08 PM


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