Koudelka and Shin Megami Tensei Info

Snk/Sacnoth have launched a preorder campaign for their upcoming game Koudelka. Those who preorder the title in Japan are eligible to get either a Koudelka B1 size poster, or a Koudelka music CD! This is certainly an incentive to preorder the game to get a chance at one of these two gifts, particularly the music CD. Time is short however, Koudelka should be out by December 16.

More details have been revealed on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book and Devil Children Red Book. As previously mentioned, the two games will have different characters. In Devil Children Red Book, players will take control of a teenage girl who has varying personalities. Her main companion is a demon who resembles an eagle. In Devil Children Black Book, the hero is a teenage boy, and he begins his journey with a demon that looks similar to a dog.

As in past Megami Tensei games, players can chat with their enemies in hopes of getting them to join their cause. Each character in the two games has an elemental type as well, and these elementals can affect the possibility of a successful conversation.

The game will also come with a feature that enables you to trade captured demons with your friends, or try to combine demons on two separate Gameboys via the link cable. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Black Book and Devil Children Red Book should be out in Japan sometime next spring.

Source: The Magic Box

Date Updated:
November 22nd, 1999

Time Updated:
7:15 PM



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