Seven More Reader Reviews

Konichiwa y'all. I'm back again, your loveable flaming featherduster. Now I'm sure you're all asking, "what, so soon? We haven't even been able to bask in the glow of the last review crop." Well these reviews will take you down memory lane, stright up to the present, so let's begin!

First off, we have reader Lazarus' reviews of two RPGs, Contrail's Legend of Legaia, and Capcom's Breath of Fire 2. You can find the Legaia review here, and the Breath of Fire 2 review, here. These reviews originally appeared at the old Save Spot website, but since it is now closed, Lazarus has been so kind as to provide us with them. Thanks!

Next we have reader Patra's review of that classic SNES RPG, Square's Chrono Trigger. You can check it out here.

Reader Dragonmaster Dan brings us a review of a game we realized we didn't have a review for, but really should, Square and Nintendo's joint venture RPG, Super Mario RPG. You can take a look at it here.

Interestingly, we have a reader review of Game Arts' much acclaimed Grandia port from a Dr. Nabil Al-Ayyoubi, in which he mentions your's truly! Finally, my name up in lights ::sniff:: uh, ahem! In any case, you can find the good Doctor's review here.

Coming into the home stretch, we have reader The Swedish Viking's review of the quiet Konami hit PS RPG, Suikoden which you can read here. See, even Dark Age Nordic Warriors like RPGs!

And finally we have another review of Working Design's Lunar: SSSC submitted by reader Ric Dowell, and which you can check out here. For those keeping count (meaning me) that makes 10 reviews of this game. I think we have enough of them by now, so unless you have some incredible new insight into the game, 10 is a good round number to cut the total off at *hint hint*.

On a final note, I'd like to mention two things to those readers who submit reviews. There are two important requirements for review submissions that I thought I might share: 1) Please do not flame other reviewers in your reviews. Keep it strictly on the topic of the reviews. 2) The grading scale ranges from 0-100% and as such, a 50% is not a bad score, it is merely an average score, like a C grade in most schools (in other words, it's not an F). Just remember these things when you submit your reviews.

Well that ends the review update fury for now. Now remember, review fans, this Christmas if you send in a review to Santa Phoenix, maybe, just maybe, you'll get it put up on RPGFan! Hey, it beats coal!

Date Updated:
December 8th, 1999

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10:44 AM

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