Squaresoft's Year 2000 Product List

Square Electronic Arts released their product schedule for the first quarter of the year 2000. The schedule includes 1 original title and 4 franchise sequels.

Final Fantasy VIII

"Final Fantasy VIII - following the staggering success of the PlayStation game console version, which claimed the honor of the best-selling role-playing game of all time, Final Fantasy VIII ships on January 25, 2000 for the PC. Final Fantasy VIII features a compelling story mix of action and adventure with an added touch of romance. Squall is a member of an elite combat team that engages in a power struggle with another faction; both are battling to take control. The key question for Squall and his team is who to trust? Adding to this completely new Final Fantasy story line are intriguing characters such as the free spirited young woman, Rinoa Heartilly, the sorceress Edea, Quistis Trepe the instructor, and Squall's archrival, Seifer. Final Fantasy VIII carries an ESRB rating of "T"(Teen)."

Chocobo's Dungeon 2

"Chocobo's Dungeon 2 - an adventure role-playing game featuring Chocobo and his friend Mog. These characters, both from the Final Fantasy series, embark on a quest in search of hidden treasure. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 offers an engrossing story line and dynamic role playing elements. In addition, a Random Dungeon Generator creates a different layout to the dungeons which is realized by the player upon every re-entry and makes for a different adventure every time, promising hours of entertainment. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 will ship for the PlayStation game console on January 11, 2000 and carries an ESRB rating of "E" (Everyone)."

SaGa Frontier 2

"SaGa Frontier 2 - In a 13th century European-like setting, Gustave XII rules the kingdom of Finney, where characters use a magical power called "Anima" to conjure up spells. When Gustave XII discovers that his son, Gustave XIII, doesn't have Anima powers, Gustave XIII and his mother are exiled from Finney. Gustave XIII becomes the hero of those who don't possess the power of Anima, and instead of relying on Anima, Gustave XIII and his partners develop battle skills using tools and natural resources such as metal. Eventually his nation becomes a threat to other nations including his homeland of Finney, resulting in a century-long conflict known as The Gustave War. Unlike traditional linear role playing games, SaGa Frontier 2 2 offers a multi-level scenario system where players select the scenario they want to play. The game is set against a backdrop of dramatic 2D watercolor environments, and players battle their way through several scenarios from the perspective of various characters. SaGa Frontier 2 will ship for the PlayStation game console on February 15, 2000 with an ESRB rating of "T" (Teen)."

Vagrant Story

"Vagrant Story - a tactical espionage thriller that delivers suspenseful gameplay set in a richly detailed medieval environment. Sydney Losstarot, leader of the Mullenkamp cult, has framed a 'Riskbreaker' named Ashley Riot from a group called the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP) for killing Duke Bardorba. Forced into hiding, Riot is determined to reveal the truth about Duke Bardorba's death. Vagrant Story offers an innovative weapon system that enables players to mix and match different weapon parts to create unique and destructive medieval weaponry. The game also features a Status System that allows players to strategically target opponents' specific body parts, providing more realistic combat and bringing more depth and complexity to battle sequences. Vagrant Story is not yet rated by the ESRB and will ship for the PlayStation game console in Spring 2000."

Front Mission 3

"Front Mission 3- a mechanized robot strategy game featuring two complete intersecting scenarios and more than 100 hours of gameplay. The year is 2112. Kazuki Takemura, a test pilot for wanzer manufacturer Kirishima Indistries, learns that his sister, Alisa, is missing after a massive explosion at a Japanese Defense Force base. Upon discovering a worldwide conspiracy responsible for the explosion, Kazuki and his friends begin their battle for peace. Using a turn-based combat system, Front Mission 3 allows players to control robots to fulfill mission objectives and to defeat foes in mechanical warfare. Front Mission 3 increases the game's depth with the Double Feature Scenario, which allows the player to choose from one of two completely different gamplay paths. Each direction features eight characters with their own customizable robots. Front Mission 3 will ship for the PlayStation game console for the first time in North America in Spring 2000."

All of these games look great. Look for a preview of each of them very soon right here at RPGFan.

Source: Squaresoft

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December 15th, 1999

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