Finally, an Ultima IX Patch!

Origin's Ultima IX:Ascension has been one of the most anticipated RPG releases for the PC and everyone was heartbroken when they found how bug-filled the game actually was.

Origin promised that a patch to fix most of its problems will be released shortly, and they have finally followed up on this promise with the release of Ultima IX version 1.07.

Here are a small sample of the number of fixes in the game:

- Made additional D3D improvements.
- Fixed an issue in D3D in resolutions higher than 640x480 where
the camera could only turn in one direction.
- Fixed an issue on the TNT cards where the Avatar's responses
were not displaying.
- Fixed a crash that could occur if you saved your game while
- Fixed a crash that could happen when the earthquakes occurred
in Covetous.
- Fixed a crash that could occur in the prison Wrong when
walking down the hallway near the false Raven's cell.
- Fixed a crash that could occur if you tried to bind reagents
using the binding circles in Moonglow or Wrong.
- Fixed a number of miscellaneous crashes.
- Fixed a few issues with the Hardware Setup program that would
reset the options settings to the defaults.
- There were some situations where an item could disappear if
your inventory was full and you swapped your sword and shield
for a two handed weapon. We addressed this.
- Improved creature reaction to ranged attacks.
- Made it so your spells are canceled if your spellbook is taken
away like when your are sent to Despise or captured in Wrong.
Thus your mana will not continue to drain.
- Fixed a problem where some spells could get "stuck" on and not
be canceled.
- Fixed a problem where the Stone spell would fizzle if you were
using auto-targeting.
- Fixed a problem where the Kiran Shield would give you an extra
5 mana if you were out of mana when you took it off.
- Fixed a problem where if you cast Light from a scroll it would
use mana, and run until you were out of mana.
- Fixed an issue where pigs would end up propogating like rabbits
in certain areas of the world.
- The flag to allow you to speak with Eustus is now set when you
read the Book of Justice as well as when you speak with
Vasaglarem. Thus you can now get the Quill from him when either
action is taken.
- Fixed an issue where some of the trainers would give you the
option to train again (they wouldn't train you again, just
offer) after you had trained once.
- Fixed an issue with Desbet where he would not talk to you again
if you did not have the gargoyle queen egg. You will now be
able to come back and speak with him again.
- Fixed an issue where Amoranth acted like you had the candle of
love when you did not.
- Fixed an issue where Marek the fisherman would give you a Karma
boost multiple times.
- Fixed Phineus so you could talk to him in mid-fight in the
arena and get your belongings back. You will have to start
the fight over and still have to win three fights in a row
to get a skill increase and you will have to pay again if
you do this.
- Fixed a problem with Felix and Castro where you could not get
the information about the Kiran Stones if you said goodbye
- Fixed an issue with Sarah where you could exit the
conversation and then not have the option to get the mantra
from her later.
- Fixed a problem where the Avatar could sometimes become stuck
inside a rock, or a wall/
- Fixed a bug in swimming that made swimming very difficult.

- Fixed an issue in Moonglow where the magical airship would not
return if you fell off of it. It now appears back at its
original starting point (Tydus' house) when you take the lift
up. Also increased the speed the ship travels.
- Fixed an issue in Valoria where the Demons could be killed
early which prevented you from finding the Dagger of Valor.
- Fixed a section of Covetous where the lava would sometimes
rise too high.
- There was one point in the game where the Guardian could be
killed (though it was extremely difficult), making the game
unfinishable. This has been fixed.
- You now receive a karma boost for finishing the water valve
quest in Paws.
- Vasaglarem now leaves Lord British's castle after the shrine
of compassion is cleansed (as was originally intended).
- Fixed the point where you could get the Hail Britannia music
stuck and cause it to repeat for the rest of the game. Those
of you who already have this problem with your savegame use
the flush_music command described in "Additional Notes" above.
- Fixed an issue where the lift to Vasaglarem's House in Yew
would not return if you have already used it. When speaking to
Desbet the lever to call the lift back will reveal. If you
install the patch before entering Britannia this lever will
be visible at the outset.
- Fixed an issue with Raleigh where he would sell you a
Longbow if you selected Composite Bow or War Bow. He now
offers the correct weapons and prices.
- Fixed an issue where the game would lock if you purchased a
jade bracelet from Irene in Cove.
- Fixed an issue with Leeland in Moonglow so he doesn't say his
daddy's gonna die over and over again.

Additional information can be found on the patch text file here.

What are you waiting for? Your dreams of a bug free Ultima IX is just minutes away! Download it now!

Source: Ultima IX

Date Updated:
December 23rd, 1999

Time Updated:
5:41 PM

WooJin Lee

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