The Christmas Review Update

Ho ho ho! As you can see, I'm Rudolf the Santa Phoenix, and when I ask the readers for reviews for an update they sure deliver! And, thanks to them, I bring all you good little review girls and boys oodles of review presents for your enjoyment! So without further adeu, let's get started!

I'll begin this first section by mentioning all the reviews sent in by reader Jeremy Tan, and there are a LOT of them! First up we have a review of Square's port of it's second Chocobo-themed dungeon crawler, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 which you can find here. Next up is a review of Game Arts' remake of one of it's most popular series' titles, Lunar EB Remix which you can read here. Third up is a review of Square's rerelease of two of its best Final Fantasy games (in one package), Final Fantasy Anthology. Read it here. Then there is a review of another Game Arts title, this time the port of the company's highly popular Grandia which you can read here. Rounding third is a review of another Square title, this time the eagerly anticipated Legend of Mana readable here. And finally, it's a review of Square's latest addition to its SaGa series, SaGa Frontier 2. Take a look at it here. I gotta give it up to Jeremy Tan. Six reviews in only one day. Just for that, you get lots of presents from Santa!

But wait, there's more! We've also got a couple of reviews from our reader with the really cool name, Saad Al-Ayyoubi. The first is of Lunar EB Remix here, and the second is of Konami's epic RPG with all those characters, Suikoden 2, which you can read here. Thanks much for the reviews!

And we have more reviews still! Reader Darklore sends in two reviews of his own. The first is of Sony's new (and might I add, at least visually pleasing) RPG, The Legend of Dragoon. Read it here boys and girls! Then, there is his review of Square's sequel to Parasite Eve... Parasite Eve 2. Who said a sequel needs to have a different name? Check out the review here. Thanks, Darklore, for the submissions, and I hope to see your Valkary Profile review soon!

Now, here we have a review sent in by reader Zalasta of Konami's strategy/RPG title, Vandal Hearts 2 which you can read, you guessed it, here.

You might be ready for a rest, but Santa's been up all night yesterday and today, so you're getting the whole kit and kaboodle! Reader Bladerunner sent us his review of a golden oldie, Square's fourth FF game (but second released in the US) Final Fantasy 2. If you love that classic FF feeling, then check out the review here.

While we're on the topic of Final Fantasy, reader SilverPP7 sends in a review of the eight game in the series, Final Fantasy 8. Remember what I said about naming sequels? Anyway, check it out here.

And while we're on the subject of final, here's the final Christmas review update review! Reader Dustin's review of the original Parasite Eve here.

Well, that's it for today review fans. I hope you enjoyed this update, I worked hard to bring it to you by Christmas. It's about 12:45 AM EST right now, and it's officially Christmas Day. Merry Christmas all, and tune in next time when I'll have editor-written reviews of EVE Burst Error and Mamatoto ~A Record of War~, both for the PC. Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas Day, and thanks again to all those readers who submitted reviews! Ho ho ho!

Date Updated:
December 24th, 1999

Time Updated:
9:53 PM

Sensei Phoenix


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