MORE Movies!!

Let's do this in alphabetical order...Shall we? ;)

First, we have a very rare trailer for Arc the Lad 2. It features in-game scenes and some CG too. A very cool movie indeed. Click here for this one.

Next is Chocobo's (Mysterious) Dungeon. This introduction animation will never be seen in America as it hasn't been released in America and probably won't make it with it's sequel already out in America. This should be more insentive to download and watch this INCREDIBLY cute movie! Click here to go ahead and get this cute piece of animation!

Here is an interesting movie. This one's from Ehrgeiz, except it's kinda from Final Fantasy VII; or maybe that's...Oh, nevermind. This movie is a special ending for Ehrgeiz featuring a bunch of CG scenes from Final Fantasy VII, playing the song "One-Winged Angel" in the background. This is a welcome addition to our seemingly small collection of Final Fantasy movies. You can find this movie listed under Final Fantasy VII; click here to find this one!

Next up is a movie that we kind of already had. We have the Parasite Eve 2 Introduction Animation for ya. However, the movie that we used to have (the official trailer) features the exact same movie. Why did we update? Well, this intro doesn't have "trailer info" at the end, it's also encoded in MPEG (looking much better), and it's also 5 Megabytes less than the original file. Reason enough to change? You bet your life it is! Click here for this one.

Now we have a very COOL movie from Spectral Force of all things. It's the introduction animation, and it has an amazing introduction song (Japanese vocals, YES!). Just some more import fun for ya! Click here for this one!

Whew, almost done! This movie is from Suikoden, and it's the introduction movie. This movie's pretty friggin' old now, but it still holds a rightful spot at RPGFan, so it's here! Click here to get this!

FINALLY, we have a very secret ENDING movie from Xenogears (finally, the only movies you can find of Xenogears are in QuickTime on RPGamer). I don't wanna type this out again, just read the description before downloading. I'd just like to emphasize that this is NOT fan-edited and does exist on the Japanese disc. Click right...Oh, not there; click here to get this one! Oh yeah, this one comes in 3 different formats! (MPEG, AVI MPEG4, and RealVideo).

Oh, a couple of notes. I'd like to thank OMEGA WEAPON (Future Anime Dream staff member) for a lot of these movies. We'd only have like 2 of these movies without him. Thanks again OMEGA! Also, we deleted 2 movies from Lunar Silver Star Story because they were encoded poorly and no one downloads them. They were movies of Laike and Dyne. These movies...And ALL of the Lunar Silver Star Story movies, will be found in something "special" someday soon (there I go, hinting at secret unfinished *hush hush* projects again). ;)

Date Updated:
December 27th, 1999

Time Updated:
2:58 PM



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