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Hello to all you readers. I hope that all of you had a happy holiday and opened a few RPGs on the morning of the 25th. :P I know I sure did and here is my (late) present to all of you.

The Legend of Dragoon, currently under development over at Sony, is shaping up to be quite the game. Here is a clip from Krelian's preview of The Legend of Dragoon:

"The game is set in a fantasy-based world, one that is very medieval. Therefore, there is sure to be less technology and futuristic ideas (seen in the latest Final Fantasy games) and more magic and sword swinging. The story involves over 108 different races, all of which were spawned by a magical tree. Of those 108 races, humans eventually enslaved the others. This prompted a great war known as the "Dragon War." The two sides of the war, Dragoons (humans that could control dragons) and the "enslavers," who were capable of using magic. 10,000 years later, Dragoons and enslavers have vanished, leaving only humans behind. We meet Dart, the main character of the story, which is in search of a demon that killed his parents."

I personally think that this is Krelian's best work so far. Be sure to check this one out right here.

Last, we have a preview that I wrote on Valkyrie Profile. Enix and tri-Ace are showing that they know how to make a quality RPG, and they know how to make the ones that we remember and replay. Here is a little clip from my preview of Valkyrie Profile:

"The game takes on a European mythological feel. You play as the Goddess Valkyrie. While a war known as the Valhara is being waged in the Heavens. Odin, master of the gods, sends Valkyrie down to the Earth to collect souls to assist in the fight for Heaven. If you know any mythology, a Valkyrie is an angel from Heaven that descends to Earth to collect the souls of the fallen and return them to Heaven. Many believed that death in battle was the only way to be received by a Valkyrie and that this was the most honorable way to die. In addition to this belief, it was said that death in battle as a warrior meant eternal life as a warrior in Heaven, and even angelic transformation."

Read the full preview here.

So folks, there you have it. Tune back soon for an all PS2 update. We will have previews of Dark Cloud, Eternal Ring, and Evergrace. Oh yeah, have someone hold you down, you might get a little excited. :P Until then, enjoy what we have for you today and go get ready for y2k!

Date Updated:
December 28th, 1999

Time Updated:
8:05 PM


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