The Last Release Dates Update Ever?

I've always found it interesting that the Release Dates page doesn't get visited much at all. Don't you want to know when Parasite Eve 2 is coming out? Of course you do. Or how about the next RPG for the Dreamcast, Time Stalkers? And how about those Playstation 2 RPGs Dark Cloud and Eternal Ring? You know you want to know. The answers are waiting for you on this page.

In recent releases, the Dreamcast's first RPG, Evolution, was released on the 16th of this month. The next day saw the release of NEC's Seventh Cross, which for some reason in the US has the subtitle of "Evolution", to confuse Dreamcast owners everywhere. And more recently, the strategy RPG Elemental Gimmick Gear, or EGG for short, was released for the DC on the 29th.

On the N64, things have been quiet, as usual, with the only recent release being Natsume's farm sim Harvest Moon 64, which just barely made Christmas when it arrived in stores on December 24th.

For the Playstation, THE system for RPGs in recent years, November 30th saw the release of Vandal Hearts II, Konami's sequel to Vandal Hearts (of course). From Square, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 was released early on the 21st. It was originally scheduled for January 11, but Square EA most likely wanted to get it out for Christmas.

The next few notable releases are Square's SaGa Frontier II for the Playstation, which seems to have addressed all of the problems with the first SF, and shows potential. SF2 is set for release on February 15. And on Dreamcast, we have Climax's Climax Landers. It's being brought to our shores by Sega, and will be called Time Stalkers. As it stands, TS will be released February 29.

Then later in the year we have a possible 4 to 5 Zelda games coming out for the N64, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Chrono Cross, Dragon Quest VII, Parasite Eve 2, and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue should all be out in 2000 for the Playstation. In the fall, Game Boy Color will be graced with Pokemon Gold & Silver, the sequel to the first batch of Pokemon games. Considering the popularity of Pokemon, if you want this game, you may want to pre-purchase it soon... like tomorrow. :)

But again, since we have a few hours before the world is plunged into darkness for all eternity, I guess all of next year's releases don't matter, hm? :) But seriously, whatever happens, or doesn't happen, happens. I say just go with the flow. :P

Happy New Year everyone!

Oh, and if you're still alive come Saturday, celebrate by going here many times. :)

Date Updated:
December 31st, 1999

Time Updated:
1:32 AM

The Chronologist

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