RPGFan Announcements!

Okay, I admit it! This update is nothing more than an excuse for me to test our CGI script for Y2K compatibility (we made some changes to it)... BUT, I will also take this time to mention a few things about the site and give an overview of what you can expect from RPGFan in the coming year.

First of all, I would like to wish all of our readers a very happy New Year, New Decade, New Centenial and New Millennium :P. In the year 2000, RPGFan will continue to try to give you the latest news on the RPG scene as well as give you comprehensive reviews from the best reviewers on the internet (EsquE, Commodore Wheeler, Tortolia, E-Chan, etc...) and more multimedia than you can handle: more pics, movies, music, soundtrack, etc, as well as trying to expand on our smaller sections like the Fan Art, Fan Fiction and FAQs sections. RPGFan has always prided itself with the fact that we are close to our readers and this is evidenced by the editors here being very involved on the message boards and chatroom and the various sections of the site that gives a chance to readers to participate on (reader reviews, editorials, fan art, fan faction, etc...). After all, all of us on the site are doing this because it's a passion and because we love RPGs and we want to work cooperatively to bring people the best RPG site possible and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal readers who have been with us through the 2 years we've been online (as LunarNet first, and now as RPGFan) and all the new readers who have just discovered us recently. Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to everybody who has written to us with ideas, tips, compliments and encouragement.

Okay, now let me talk about 2 big projects that we currently have on RPGFan. As you all know, RPGFan editors and readers have a tendency to also be big Anime fans and we thought that combining the 2 would probably be something that our readers would really enjoy so in less than a week or so, you can expect a new sub-section of RPGFan on Anime. The site will be called Anime Dream (as most of you know since we've alluded to it many times before) and will be a lot like RPGFan (mainly because many RPGFan editors will also work on it). The look of the site is a bit different from RPGFan (in terms of colors mostly) but the layout will be similar and the content too (that means that you can expect lots of pics, music, movies, etc...). Our resident playmate... err, I mean editor Sumire :P told you a few days ago that the site would go up on January 1st but obviously she was lying and will be fired on the spot!!! Okay, I'm kidding :P. No, actually, we ran into some problems and since we want the site to be very high-quality when we release it, we decided to delay it a bit in order for us to release a better quality product within the next week or so (Working Designs, we understand you now :P). Sumire and her team will deliver a very good site, I assure you and you will not be disapointed. Just hold on, a little bit longer.

The second project is something we've been working on for much longer but things keep happening and work has been on an off with this project but hopefully we can continue it and try to finish it off during the year 2000. This one is actually a big Lunar project that GhaleonOne has been working on. Basically, this RPGFan subsidiary would be what we hope the biggest Lunar ressource on the internet. The most complete Lunar website possible. Once Anime Dream is finished, we'll hopefully get back to this project and hopefully try to finish it in time for Working Designs' release of Lunar Eternal Blue on PSX. That should give us about 1 year and a half to finish it :P (just kidding Vic, don't hurt me when you see me at E3 :P).

Well, with all this ranting, I've forgotten if there was anything else that I wanted to say... :P. Oh yeah! In the near future, you will notice that 2 new editors will pop up on the site. They are actually not new editors but current editors who will change their name. ^Kamui will become Kei Sagami and Synbios will become Parn. Keep that in mind when you see a new face showing up. It's still the same guys but under new names. Oh, and who could forget The Chronologist who has changed his editor picture a bit to look more electrifying!! Call him the "New Millennium Chronologist"! In any case, Chronologist wants all the girls to know that he is still single and that his current fan base of over 2,000 girls is not enough! You can reach RPGFan's loverboy in the message boards or in the chatroom so girls, go get him!!!

Anyway, that's all for now and continue to visit RPGFan because we'll continue to give you everything that you want, and MORE!! (I sound like a politician now). Oh, and don't forget to send TONS of e-mail to JD for the Mailbag section.

Date Updated:
January 2nd, 2000

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10:23 AM



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