New Shen Mue info and more!

Shen Mue, arguably the Dreamcast's greatest example of what it is capable of, has hit the streets of Japan a few short weeks ago. But despite all the hype and excitement over the import version, Sega has been fairly vague in regards to the localization of Shen Mue until now.

Much to the dismay of purists, Shen Mue will not have the original japanese voice acting. It will instead have all new english voice overs for each of the various characters in the game. Other than that, Sega states that Shen Mue will have no other extreme alterations from the original. Shen Mue has an undetermined release date set for sometime in the Fall of 2000 in the U.S.

On the PC front, another Final Fantasy VIII demo has been released to the public. This time the demo is of the Chocobo World mini game that was originally only for Sony's PocketStation peripheral. This mini game wasn't accessible in our version of Final Fantasy VIII because the PocketStation was cancelled for release here some time back.

Also, Popolocrois Story II has received a final release date on January 27, 2000 for the price of 5800 yen. Popolocrois Story II will feature the appearance of a few new characters, and should hopefully appeal to fans of the first title.

Lastly, a new strategy RPG being published by Atlus and developed by the team that previously made the Fire Emblem titles, is headed to the Playstation in the form of Emblem Saga. Emblem Saga will have the same history as the Fire Emblem series, but take place in a completely different location. However, fans of the Fire Emblem series will notice the appearance of characters from that series. Emblem Saga will be displayed via a quarter view and with 2D graphics. A player will have the ability to control more than two groups of characters at once, with each group having a party of eight individuals. The battle system will enhance this diversity by featuring some sort of friendship attribute that could either help or hinder you depending on how everyone gets along. Emblem Saga will grace the Playstation with its presence sometime in April of this year.

Thanks to SegaX, Magic Box and Gaming Age Online for the news.

Date Updated:
January 5th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:49 PM



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