Chocobo World Downloadable to Try

Squaresoft recently released a demo of the Chocobo World minigame that will be coming with Final Fantasy VIII PC. On the site, you can download a 1 Megabyte demo of the game. The reason it's a demo version is mainly because you can't use this version with Final Fantasy VIII PC, thus you'd have to restart your "minigame" anyway.

Where can you get this demo? At Squaresoft's Official Final Fantasy VIII PC Website. From here, click on the picture of the mouse, then click on "downloads" on the monitor graphic. Along with Chocobo World, they are also offering the intro movie for Final Fantasy VIII PC in two different resolutions.

Date Updated:
January 6th, 2000

Time Updated:
12:36 PM


Related Links:
  •   ff8-pc.com
  •   squaresoft.com


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