Six Reader Reviews

Buenos noches a todos afficianados de reviews! Appologies to all our Spanish speaking readers for my butchering of the Spanish language and my inability to use a tilde, but I felt that a Hispanic-themed update is appropriate. So let us begin with our review fiesta!

First up is reader SilverPP7's review of Square's newest addition to the world of time travel, Chrono Cross. From this review and editor Commodore Wheeler's review, it seems that Square has a hit on their hands. Check out the review here.

Next up we have a review of the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 sent in by reader Patra, which you can find here. Computadores estan mis amigos!

Third in our fiesta tonight is reader Alex Toran's review of Atlus' strategy RPG, Tactics Ogre which you can find here. It's been said to be the precursor to Final Fantasy Tactics, and from the screenshots I can tell why!

As we round the corner into la plaza mayor, we are greeted by two very festive Grandia reviews, the first by reader Stuart Tay, and the second by reader Abe.

And, por el finalmente, we have Abe's re-write of his old SaGa Frontier review which you can read here.

Now, before you close your browser window or go to the reviews, you should read this. The review section has undergone changes recently, mostly in regards to the reader reviews. As you can see by looking at any reviews page that has reviews by both editors and readers, the two have been split into seperate tables. We did this to avoid confusion since we've been getting some mails from people who believe the opinions expressed by the readers are those espoused by the site or the editors of the site. So, from now on the editor-written reviews are in the top table, and the reader-written reviews are on the bottom table.

Second, and most importantly, we have enacted new standards for accepting reader reviews. From now on, all reader reviews MUST include both scores AND explanations of why you gave those scores for each category we rate; graphics, sound AND music, story, gameplay, control (if the game you're reviewing is an action or adventure RPG) and overall. If you either forget to put your scores or explanations of those scores in your review, we will not accept them. If you are not the first reader to review a game, you must also have played through the ENTIRE game at least once and your review needs to reflect that. In addition, when we begin to receive a lot of reviews for a single game (i.e. Lunar SSSC or Grandia) we will be more choosey in which reviews we post up. This is because stating the same oppinion over and over is not doing anyone a service, and we're here to provide new information to our readers. You can find these new standards on the submissions page.

We are also, I'm afraid, going to be getting rid of some older reviews that either don't meet our new standards or for games we just have too many reviews for. This is still an ongoing process and we haven't made a final decision yet (and by the looks of it, there won't be many in the end), but to all those reviewers who sent in the reviews that we're taking down, we want to thank you wholeheartedly for your efforts, and hope to see some new reviews soon (following the new standards, of course ;)

As always, I love getting your reviews, people! So don't let the new standards scare you (it's rare that I get reviews I can't post). Keep sending them in, and remember, you guys help make this site great, literally! Until next time, Adios muchachos!

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January 14th, 2000

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8:16 PM

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