Monday's News Update

Enix's often delayed Dragon Quest VII looks to be on a more stable course at last. With its release looming ever closer, some new information on a few monsters has sprung up. And these creatures are...

Thunder Rat: A strange rodent that can summon lighting to attack you with. Not nearly as cute as Pikachu but just as happy.

Dark Dwarf: Sports a massive axe that is more than likely not used for chopping wood.

Fire Kellog: Flies around and attacks from above with a poison based attack. Not to be confused with the breakfast cereal.

Barbarian: Usually armed with a weapon of some sort, otherwise fairly typical as far as demons go.

Shield Ogre: Holds two gigantic shields that are used to attack as well as protect. Definitely a believer in the adage of a strong offense is a good defense...except that he sorta does both.

On an unrelated note, Planescape Torment gets a Beta patch. This will hopefully fix some of the minor problems players may have while trying to enjoy the game. A partial spoiler free list is written below. To read the full Readme text as well as download the patch, check out the links on the right.

- A number of changes have been made in order to fix the slow-down problems that have been occurring. A broken resource-servicing loop has been fixed. An optimization has been made to rectangle calculations for floater messages to avoid doing it more often than necessary. Finally, the capturing and releasing of resource shares in the AI thread have been optimized.

- The disc-swapping bug between CD2 and CD3 (and potentially others as well) has been fixed. You should not be asked to provide more than one CD during area transitions.

- After level 20, fighter's Attacks Per Round will no longer drop to 1.

- The bug where a blank dialog box would pop up when trying to advance levels has been fixed.

- A cut-scene firing problem when first entering the Dead Nations has been fixed.

- Numerous items that were improperly being sold for 1cp have had their prices modified.

- Numerous infinite experience and/or copper bugs were fixed.

- Numerous spells have been fixed in their interactions with cut-scenes as well as player death and resurrection.

- A number of stats rolling over to 0 have been fixed.

- Lockup when leaving Ravel's Maze through portal should be fixed.

- Interactions between and number of spells and the Autopause function have been fixed.

- Dakkon is no longer able to equip any weapons except for his Karach Blade.

- Many spell tweaks have been made.

- Numerous bugs concerning Lothar have been fixed. He should no longer kill the player inexplicably nor disappear.

Source: GameFan Online

Date Updated:
January 17th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:53 PM

Kei Sagami

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