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Deus Ex, a soon to be released RPG for the PC, may have its violent backdrop cast a shadow over Macs everywhere after all. According to Ion Storm's Peter Marquardt, plans for a Mac rendition of the title are in the works, but the development won't get seriously underway until the PC version is completed.

In the world of PCs, iEntertainment has revealed its plans to release a massive online RPG. Ok ok, I know online RPGs are sprouting like weeds of late, but this one has a twist. Rather than the typical fantasy setting or something out of science fiction, this game will take place in ancient Rome. Players will be able to wander around the city participating in several activities varying from chariot races, to creating campaigns against those who would attack the city. The Eternal City 3D should be a nice change of pace if you ever decide to take a break from Ultima Online, or EverQuest, or Asheron's Call, or....

Moving on to the Dreamcast, Time Stalkers, the renamed Climax Landers, will be delayed for nearly an entire month. All the way back to March 21, 2000 to be exact. Sega wishes to polish up Time Stalkers a bit before its lauch. I personally felt the import version felt unfinished in several ways, so this could be good news for a slightly improved version of the game.

Happening in Japan right now, Sega is holding a contest involving Shen Mue's various mini games. By trying your hand at Space Harrier, Darts 7, Excite QTE, QTE Title, Slot Machine, Hang On, Fork Lift Race, 70 Man Battle, or the Shenmue Triathelon on the Passport disc, anyone in Japan who scores highest on each individual game in the online ranking modes is going to receive an unknown gift from Sega. However in order to participate all scores must be earned by January 31. I'm aware this doesn't really mean much to anyone outside of Japan, but in my continuing desire to report all things Shen Mue, I felt I had to include this somewhere.

FromSoftware seems to be the masters of upgrading their games, first EverGrace was updated to run on the PS2, now Eternal Ring, FromSoftware's other Playstation 2 RPG, will be upgraded as well. Eternal Ring will be the second title to incorporate the DVD-ROM format. Now all we have to do is hope the extra space isn't used only for FMV.

Lastly, Zelda: The Mask of Mujula, has received a set release date in the land of the rising sun. If you can't wait for the domestic version and absolutely must import Zelda: The Mask of Mujula, it will be available on April 27, 2000 for the tidy sum of 6800 yen.

Source: The Daily Radar, Videogames.com, IGNDC, IGNPC

Date Updated:
January 22nd, 2000

Time Updated:
4:06 PM


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