Four Reader Reviews

Okay review fans, now that all the crazyness is over with, I can finally bring you this important reader review update. Though the four reviews we have are the highlight, we've also got some corrections, appologies, and retractions, so make sure to read the whole update.

First up we have reader Sl0th's review of the classic SNES RPG (and one of my personal favs) Taito's Lufia. Check it out here.

Next up is a review that should have gotten posted with the last batch of reader reviews, but which I mistakenly overlooked, Alex Toran's review of the highly acclaimed Square Strategy/RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics. Check out my man Toran's review here. My appologies to Alex for my oversight.

Third up is a review that marks a few firsts here at RPGFan: it's both our first reader-written Dreamcast review, and our first review of a domestic Dreamcast RPG. Thank reader Megid for his review of Sting's cutesy RPG, Evolution, go read it here.

Finally, a very different review, by a very uncommon reviewer. It's of Square's hit RPG, Xenogears, which we have a lot of reviews of, but I felt this one had to be posted. Straight from France (and the French translation of the game) comes reader Garbager's review. Check this one out here.

Now, it's time for the follow up. First, the corrections: the most recent Final Fantasy 8 and Legend of Mana reviews were not reader written, but actually written by our newest editor, Shiguma.

Secondly, the appologies and retractions which go together. As I mentioned in a previous update, and as it is stated on the submissions page, RPGFan has new standards for accepting and retaining reviews from our readers. It is for that reason that I decided to take down some of RPGFan's older reader reviews, ones that didn't meet the criteria for acceptance in the first place, or ones for games that we have a lot of reviews for. I'm sure you can all guess that the Lunar SSSC reviews would be culled a bit, but also some of the Xenogears, Final Fantasy 8, and Grandia reviews, along with a Panzer Dragoon Saga, a Shining Force 3, and Dracula: Nocturne in the Moonlight review. I spent most of the day writing e-mails to those people whose reviews I took down, and the last one was as difficult for me to write as the first. However, we need to keep up with the new standards, and so I had to take some down.

To all those people whose reviews I took down, let me repeat that it wasn't anything personal, just that some reviews needed to be taken down. These may not be the last reviews that get taken down from the site, but I doubt that there will be many more if indeed we do.

I want to thank everyone who has submitted reviews in the past and to those who will submit reviews in the future. I always appreciate reading your reviews, whether I post them up or not, and you can look forward to seeing more great editor and reader reviews in the future.

Until next time when I bring you all an editor review of Arc the Lad 3, take care of yourselves, and long live the PCAWD!

Date Updated:
January 25th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:53 PM

Sensei Phoenix


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