Final Fantasy is far from being final

What everyone expected has finally come to pass. Square has made major announcements regarding the Final Fantasy series at the Square Millennium Event current happening in Japan.

Long since rumored, Final Fantasy IX is now indeed a reality on the aging Playstation hardware, and should see a release within this year! Final Fantasy IX seemingly returns to the look the series had originally. Far more cartoony characters, with that medieval backdrop that some fans of the series missed during the transition to Final Fantasy VII and VIII's more futuristic settings.

On the Playstation 2 console is where things get very interesting. Final Fantasy X will debut in sometime in the first half of 2001, and will take a very radical step into a new realm for the series, online gameplay, which can be selected prior to beginning a quest. Unlike the afformentioned Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X will maintain the realism in appearance from Final Fantasy VIII, but at an obviously much higher level. So far the footage didn't reveal much except for one of the cinemas, some of the gameplay itself, and of course, the new logo, which now appears to be a girl. The 'logo girl' is probably someone who will play a significant role somewhere during the course of the story, or at least that's my assumption.

Lastly coming in late 2001 is Final Fantasy XI. This title will be an even bigger departure as it is completely online and has an immense world to traverse. If you ever wanted a Final Fantasy world with the feel of one of the great online PC multiplayer games, then this may be your dream come true. While no footage of the gameplay was shown at all, Square revealed several sketches of characters you could play as, which included humans, ogres, and a variety of other monster types.

Source: The GIA

Date Updated:
January 28th, 2000

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11:39 PM

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