Early Saturday Morning News

Apparently the Final Fantasy Coke Commercial isn't the last we've seen. A large tie-in campaign, called Digital Future, has been announced in Japan between Square and Coca Cola. Starting on April 17th, people who purchase 500 ml (a little less than a 20 oz.) Coke bottle drinks will have a chance to receive collectable cards and figures of characters from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. The figures will be available in both a standard size and a super deformed size. Like we reported earlier, silhouette images of another five Final Fantasy IX characters have been shown in conjunction with this. Click here to see the figures. Seems that Square is totally hyping up their titles on both sides of the Pacific this year.

Wow, what a surprise! Even more Square news. This summer, a Memory Card Data CD will be released for the Playstation. The disc will feature save data for games such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Seiken Densetsu, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, and more. 143 save data files total will be on the disc; some will unlock hidden features in the games, such as secret weapons. So far the disc has only been announced for a Japanese release.

Nintendo is scheduled to debut Harvest Moon 2 and Lufia: Ruin Chasers at E3, along with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Ogre Battle 64, Super Mario RPG 2, and all three Zelda games for the Gameboy Color. RPGFan editors, including yours truly, will be on hand to witness and report back from the show.

Future installments of Tokimeki Memorial, set for the Playstation 2, will incorporate 3D graphics with 2D animation quality, voice synthesis, speech recognition, and network modes. Now, if only they could teach some of the people who play how to get "REAL" girls, they'd be all set!

A new Playstation 2 fantasy RPG from From Software, called One Fourth, is set for Japanese release this winter. The game is in a medieval setting, in which you point and direct each character to act in the real time environment or in fighting against troops of enemies, using the geographical features of your surroundings to serve you in battle.

On April 13, Konami will release the sequel to the Playstation's Yugioh Monster Capsule for the Gameboy Color, Yugioh Monster Capsule GB. The game is now a Strategy RPG, as the battles are now turn-based, you send out four monsters in each battle, etc. Rolling the dice each turn determines how many steps your monsters can move. Monsters are divided into seven attributes, which will surely effect your advantages and weaknesses on the battle field. Along with Yugioh Monster Capsule GB, Konami will also be releasing Yugioh Duel Monsters III for the Gameboy this summer. This is the sequel to the million selling card battle game.

After being totally wired on mudslides, I think the boredom of doing work has finally lulled me into sleep, because otherwise I don't think I could do news this early in the morning. Good morning everybody!


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