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Some new info surrounding Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Gameplay is remaining much the same, i.e. the rumor, Persona, and contact systems. A greater emphasis will be placed on combat. Personas your characters are equipped with may have an effect on the outcome of some story events. It is still unconfirmed if Tatsuya Suo, the hero from Innocent Sin, is going to return. What is certain is that news reporter and heroine from Innocent Sin, Maya Amano, will return. New characters will include Maya's roommate Ulala Serizawa, some guy with long hair named Baofu, and even Tatsuya's brother Katsuya Suo. At least they don't have that same Twiggy hairstyle going. The question remains, however, will Atlus ever publish either or both Persona 2 games in the U.S.? It's a possibility, with either Atlus only releasing only one of the titles or (hope against hope) releasing both in one package. Hey, if Working Designs can do it with Arc the Lad, why can't Atlus? New Persona 2: Eternal Punishment pictures can be seen here and here

Pandora Max Vol. 3: Ravish Prison, will release April 27th from Pandora Box. This Playstation RPG, which will retail for only 1980 yen ($19 in U.S. dollars), is being describes as a Fantasy-Comedy. It takes place in the country of Kaguarantes; you are Alfred, whose cliched goal is to become a warrior. You do the basic things, such as guiding him through various dungeons, while battling monsters. Battles are turn-based and you combine both weapon and magic attacks to defeat enemies. After battles, some of your opponents will attempt to join up with you. Whether you decide or not to will alter the story line. The game features an Item Generation System, similar to how you gain monsters in Monster Rancher 2; by popping in various cds you can receive over 200 different items and armors.

A new Game Boy Color RPG will be shown by Vatical Entertainment at this year's E3. Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit is billed as being "the most immersive role-playing experience ever created for a portable video game system." Now, the question is, how good is it?

A bit of miscellaneous news. Sony announced today that shipment of the Playstation 2 reached 2 million at the end of last week. This figure has sadly already surpassed shipment of the Dreamcast in Japan.

In an extremely weird turn of events, Japan's Trade Ministry strangely enough has classified the Playstation 2 as a "super computer" which could be used for military hardware, and is requiring exporters to apply for an export permit to bring the system outside of Japan. Wow, Sony's public relations/advertising people are GOOD!

Rumor has it Nintendo is planning to release a hand held similar to Pocket Pikachu based on Sakura Taisen. Pocket Sakura will have mini games and is said to have linkup features for the Sakura Taisen game for Gameboy Color. The year 2000 is definitely looking pink. I don't know about you guys, but I'm in heaven.

Wind of Shiren 2: Demon Raid of Shiren City has been delayed. Chun Soft plans to release the game for the Nintendo 64 sometime this summer.

Kid will be releasing a new love novel adventure game on June 29th. Memories Off Complete for the Dreamcast in Japan will retail for 6800 yen ($65.27 in U.S. dollars).

Yugioh Duel Monsters III Holy War God will release on July 13th from Konami. The 3rd installment of the popular card battle RPG game will retail for 4500 yen ($43.19 in U.S. dollars).

In case you've been wondering about our movies, yes indeed the movies server is down. Fear not though, because GameFan Network is hurriedly working on the problem and we should have movie access back ASAP. This effects both RPGFan and Anime Dream. In the mean time, why not check out the other things both have to offer. And don't be so media greedy! :P

Well, time for me to go work on my tan so I don't blend in with the pasty white fanboys at E3.


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