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Along with the announcement that Square will be exhibiting Final Fantasy IX at E3, albeit only in video form, comes new information on the game's item-equipment system. Characters learn special abilities by equipping the different weapons, armor, and accessories found; you learn abilities like Counter, Mug, HP Bonus, MP+20% (somewhat similar to the Guardian Force junction system in Final Fantasy VIII). Each character can learn 4 abilities at once, as you can equip a weapon, a shield, armor, and an accessory.

Although it is just rumor now, Enix has once again delayed Dragon Quest VII, to be released on June 29th in Japan. It's supposed to be the final release date because Enix must beat Final Fantasy IX's July 19th date as to avoid competition. If this is true, an official announcement should follow soon.

In support of the release of Sakura Taisen for the Dreamcast on May 25th, Sega started a reservation campaign. The re-release will boast higher resolution in game graphics and anime. You'll be able to view a character's emotion on the VMU screen (definitely a plus when you can't tell if the girl is mad or not). Internet support will also be available, so as to browse the official Sakura Taisen home page. Instead of having to beat the game once to access Long Day at Teigeki, this option will be available once you pass the first chapter. You will also have the ability to quick save during a battle and then return to it. Besides the cherry colored VMU that will accompany the Limited Edition, a preview disc for Sakura Taisen 2 & 3 will also be included.

Vagrant Story will release in the US with a demo disc containing six games total, three of which are playable; those are Chocobo Racing, Front Mission 3, and Threads of Fate (formerly DewPrism). Non-playable titles will include Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Mana.

Yet more delays hinder the release of NEC Interchannel's Sentimental Graffiti 2. The dating sim is being pushed back to yet another indeterminate date for this fall. Lonely guys must find another fix.

New information has surfaced on Konami's Gameboy Color RPGish card battle game, Yugioh Duel Monsters III, which is scheduled to release in Japan on July 13th for 4500 yen ($42.59 in US dollars). 10,000 different kinds of cards will be featured, including the card from the Yugioh Official Card Game and will fully support the OCG. The game on release will also have deck capacity, original cards, and enhanced graphics over the prior versions.

Bioware and Interplay will be demonstrating Neverwinter Nights at this year's E3. Demonstrations of the online RPG at both Interplay's and BioWare's booths will allow players to interact with each other. Other characters will be joining in from BioWare's corporate headquarters in Alberta, Canada.

An unofficial Torment novel written by Rhys Hess, based on the dialogue from the game, has now been released online. Want to check it out? Go to Planescape-Torment.net



Date Updated:
April 25th, 2000

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9:42 AM

Sumire Kanzaki

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