Zelda Media Update!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask just came out yesterday in Japan. Expected for an Autumn 2000 release in the States, the game came out in two different versions in Japan: one regular edition (5,800 yens) and an expansion pack edition (7,800 yens). Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to the previous Zelda as the story starts just a few months after Ocarina of Time. We have some 96 new screen shots for you to look at, in addition to the 92 screens we already had. The new shots can be found here! There's also two new pieces of artwork for you to look at, and a japanese ad!

The first chapter of a 3-part game, Legend of Zelda: Acorn of the Mystical Tree - The Chapter of Power for the Game Boy Color is set for a 2000 release in Japan, with a retail price of 3,800 yens. The Chapter of Power will focus mostly on action (with a lot of action-oriented dungeons where you'll have to jump over obstacles), the Chapter of Wisdom will focus on puzzles (with blocks to push), and the Chapter of Courage will be both action and puzzle oriented. You will supposedly be able to keep your save files from one game to another, by using the cable link. In this Chapter of Power, Princess Zelda has been kidnapped yet again by Gannon, and transported to a strange dimension where the seasons are controlled by the Rod of the Four Seasons. Link can alterate the looks of the landscape by using the Rod, and thus take advantage of certains seasonal changes (like a plant that grows and lets him climb a cliff, or a lake that gets frozen, etc). Several new characters will appear in this title, like Maple the witch or the mysterious Ura tribe. 5 new pieces of artwork and 4 new screen shots of Legend of Zelda: Acorn of the Mystical Tree - Chapter of Power can be found here and here!

Date Updated:
April 28th, 2000

Time Updated:
5:47 PM


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