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Square announced its E3 lineup, previously announced, but now with solid release dates. Vagrant Story should ship May 16th, and include a demo disc with various playable and non-playable Square titles. Legend of Mana is scheduled for a June 13th release date. Threads of Fate, known to the Japanese and importers as Dew Prism, will ship July 18th. The follow up to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, is due out sometime in August. Parasite Eve 2, the Resident Evil-esque sequel to the first game, will find Aya Brea in stores in September. And just over a year after the eighth installment in the series released to North America, Final Fantasy IX is on schedule to ship late this year. All of these titles will be shown at E3, plus Square's non-RPG Playstation 2 games. All should be playable except for Final Fantasy IX, which will be shown in video form only. E3 is May 11th-13th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. RPGFan will be there, delivering highlights from the show on a daily basis.

Ripcord Games will be showing off a few Dreamcast RPGs at E3. Gorkamorka combines "combat-style RPG with intense racing action." Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, players recruit an Ork Mob of their very own and equip their "battle vehicles" before battling it out on the race field with other "Mobz," who are either computer-controlled or are other online players. Yes, Racing Lagoon...with Orks no less! Gorkamorka has an October release date. Billed as the first 3-D action RPG for the Dreamcast, Legend of the Blade Masters is faced with good against evil in "a classic battle of wills as five anarchistic "Guardians" lay claim to a world engulfed in chaos." Playing as Erik Valdemar (wow, anyone remember Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books?), you are faced with the massive responsibility on discovering a magic blade; you must beat the Guardians to the other six swords. Legend of the Blade Masters should ship this June. If you want more Blade Masters, a follow up should be available in November. The only details released so far is that eight players can cooperate via the Dreamcast Network, and will boast immersive environments and "unbelievable graphics combined with white-knuckle online action." Yeah, that lag makes my heart pound.

Might and Magic will debut at E3 for Playsation 2. 3DO describes the game as being a 3rd person action adventure taking place in the land of Ardon, a land ravaged by various plagues left over from a war. The hero, Drake, is accused of witchcraft and must prove his own innocence. During his investigations, Drake discovers a deeper plot, with an evil god who kinda wants humanity obliterated.

Although Apple will not be exhibiting at this year's E3, MacSoft, a division of Infogrames, will be showing off their port of the PC RPG Silver. We can also expect a Dreamcast port of this game in the near future.

ESP, publishers of Lunar and Grandia, is working on a Playstation Strategy RPG entitled Aquarian Edge Tokyo Wars (does that even make any sense?). The game is scheduled for a May 25th Japanese release at 6800 yen ($64.36 US). You control a team of pretty girls, not ugly ones, with psychic powers, who battle against invaders in Tokyo. Five people can play simultaneously, taking control of each girl in the team.

On June 15th Aki/Media Factory will release their new monster breeding RPG called Animaster for the Dreamcast. The game will retail for 5800 yen ($54.89 US) and be the first Dreamcast game to synchronize with the GameBoy Color version of the same game. Data will be exchanged by using a password instead of the link cable.

Can't get enough of girly games? Affect has your fix. They will be releasing the Playstation adventure RPG Alice in Wonderland ~ Another World on June 15th for 3000 yen ($28.39 US). Based on Lewis Carrol's book, Alice's mission is to restore time, color, and music to Wonderland, all of which has been stolen by a, *gasp*, evil magician. To accomplish your quest, Alice must find different items to solve the various puzzles she encounters.


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May 2nd, 2000

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