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New descriptions of the characters from Tales of Eternia have been released. Rid Hershel is the main character and makes his living working as a hunter. He's 18 years old, has short, dark red hair, and uses a sword as his weapon. When in a place he likes, Rid likes to stare up at the sky. Tales of Eternia's heroine is Farah Oersted. Being a farmer, she helps out in the fields at her aunt's. And even though she's a woman, don't discount her strength; she fights barehanded. A graduate from the university of Mints, Keel Zeibel and is the party's brain. He likes to explain enigmas and flaunts his knowledge. Animal lover Meredy likes to throw her pet Quickie at enemies. When Quickie isn't attacking, he likes to jump from person to person and hang on their arms or heads. Chat is a truly brave and clever 12 year old girl. She is proud to be a descendant of the great pirate Eifreed, and plans to follow in her ancestor's footsteps. Rassis Fomalhaut likes to shorten his name to Race upon introduction. He is a mysterious, sword-toting, merchant. Thanks to Feena for the translation!

In a press release sent out today, Square is determined to hype their upcoming movie adaption of Final Fantasy, due for release in 2001. The Official Final Fantasy Movie site features at this moment two new video clips, which mark the first public release of any of the film's footage, as well as never before seen pictures. The website will also feature exclusive stills from the movie, a registration area that will be utilized to provide access to only select registrants, suprise updates and changes that will only be available on a 24 hour basis, and a look at the voice actors. The site will also provide games, weekly updates, Final Fantasy stickers, Rich Media backstories, screensavers and other animations and third party viral technologies. The Official Final Fantasy film site will be the first such site to release SuperSig, which is a "new and dynamic way to add personalization and functionality to your e-mail."

Atlus will be announcing its mystery RPG at E3. Thursday the company will be handing out free posters of the game from its booth. They even have a mock Playstation cover, done in black with a big red question mark, on their site. I don't know about the rest of you, but here's hoping it's Persona 2! Just don't edit out my fascist killing and principal homicides, okay?

The third installment of Konami's popular Playstation RPG series, Suikoden, is reported to be released sometime next year. There should definitely be some buzz about the game at E3.

Dragon Quest VII seems to be facing a late June release date, only a couple of weeks before the release of Final Fantasy IX. Enix of Japan has booked huge amounts of commercial time on Japanese TV for this month. DQ7 will release on 2 CDs and will retail for 7800 yen ($71.87 in US dollars).

Final Fantasy IX will release on 4 CDs on July 19th for 7800 yen ($71.87 in US dollars).

French developer Œil pour œil (meaning Eye for Eye) will be showing off their fantasy RPG Death Dealer during E3. Scheduled to be released in 2001, the game will feature 13 scenarios 'linked into an epic saga, each posin a unique heroic-fantasy challenge,' 40 non-linear subquests, real-time 3D characters and monsters set against pre-rendered backgrounds. In addition, there's the ability to interact with your environment, i.e. bash doors down, burn wooden objects, and push things. Death Dealer will be released as a multiplayer PC game. Œil pour œil will be on hand during E3 so show goers can view Death Dealer's demo, interview and to interview the developers and producer. You can check out screenshots of the game here.

This will probably be the last big news update before E3. Check back here at RPGFan starting this Thursday for the best RPG coverage from E3 from Chrono, Rudo, ZonePharaoh, JediLeroy, and myself.



Date Updated:
May 8th, 2000

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7:07 PM

Sumire Kanzaki

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