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Konami announced their first Playstation 2 RPG, Reiselied: Ephmeral Fantasia, for a June 29th release at 6800 yen. The game will be in a CD-ROM format and not DVD. Billed as a real time adventure RPG, and featuring a Surround Battle Field System where upon entering a battle, you will either surround enemies or the enemies will surround you. Also included is an Action Counter System, in which each character has a certain amount of Counter Points. The number of moves your characters can perform depends on the number of points they have. In addition, special events will occur only at specific times during the day and night. Got Guitar Freaks? Wanna find something else to use that controller for? Look no further, Reiselied makes good use of the peripheral. Since the main character, Mouse, is a bard, you come across different instances throughout the game requiring you to play music. You are then rewarded based on how well you play. A North American release is expected sometime this year. No word yet if the Guitar Freaks controller will ship here also.

New details have surfaced surrounding ElderGate, for the Playstation. Almost everything in the game is randomly generated, including events, story highlights, and layout of the cities, maps, and dungeons. Each weapon will have a different attack range, and if a party member stands close enough to the attack path, they may receive damage. Spells are considered long range attacks, but they must be charged, leaving your character vulnerable to enemy attacks. You can also find Spirit Stones, which increase your power and give you special abilities when equipped on your weapons or magic spells. Yes, you read that right, though I'm not quite clear on how you equip something on a spell. No definite release date yet for ElderGate.

Fall Tokyo Game Show has been announced for September 23rd through the 25th.

The popular SNES RPG we all know and love is facing a name change for its N64 sequel. Super Mario RPG 2 will be called Mario Story in Japan and Paper Mario in the U.S. This time around, Mario is trying to help Princess Peach (aka Toadstool) and her kingdom, which is being attacked by Kuppa (aka Bowser). Action oriented battles are what's new, plus earning badges after completing events, which give you new powers and abilities. Mario Story is to be released in Japan on August 11th for 6800 yen. Paper Mario is to follow on December 26th.

Sony is set to release their new Playstation 2 RPG, Dark Cloud, sometime this fall in the US. In it, you play as Toran and create landscapes using a feature called Georama. After creating land, you can build villages, streams, hills, and buildings. You can also control the weather and explore your creation in real time.

Due for release in the U.S. this fall by SCEA, ICO is a new Playstation 2 RPG, which takes place in a 'fantastical, awe-inspiring world.' You must make your way through the puzzles within castles, dungeons, corridors, fields, etc.

According to Electronics Boutique, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, published by Activision, and Dark Cloud, published by SCEA, are to launch with the Playstation 2 in North America on October 26th. Your news chick played some of Orphen at E3 (which you can read about in the upcoming E3 report) and it's a pretty neat game.

Expect another news update either late tonite or tomorrow. And look for RPGFan's E3 reports and interviews from Atlus and Enix!


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