Monday's News Bits and Media Update

KSS is scheduled to release a Playstation RPG entitled Little Kingdom Eltria on June 29th. In this simulation RPG, in the same vein as Princess Maker or Marie no Atelier, the player takes the role of a young prince, tested by his father who wants to see if the next reigning king will live up to his expectations. The prince will rule the modest country for a two-year span. Maintaining peace, managing the country's agriculture, training soldiers, enlarging the kingdom, finding the perfect wife, as well as proving his bravery and wisdom, will be some of the duties of the Prince in this so-called "hybrid RPG". You can find 7 screen shots of Little Kingdom Eltria right here.

Capcom has announced a new Playstation RPG called Suzu Monogatari (Tale of the Bells/Tale of Suzu). Somewhat reminiscent of the Tengai Makyou games, this game is set in traditional Japan. The main character, Suzumaru, son of a kami (Japanese god), has to search for 7 bells that he has lost in the world of humans. In his journey, he will meet characters from Japanese folklore such as Momotarou, Kaguya-hime, or Urashima Tarou. Suzu Monogatari will feature card battles; the victory or loss will be decided depending on the element of the cards: Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Water, etc. Suzu Monogatari will be released on June 1st, and you can check out some screen shots and artwork of the game in our pics section!

As we previously reported, starting May 27th, a Japanese TV commercial for Dragon Quest VII will feature the members of the popular jpop band SMAP. Known in the anime fandom for having sung the songs of Akazukin Chacha and Hime-chan no Ribbon, SMAP starred in a lot of drama and commercials in the 90's. This isn't the kind of music you'd expect in a fantasy RPG commercial, so the commercial promises to be quirky! The members of SMAP are Dragon Quest fans and were apparently very excited about doing the commercial.

For those who read our earlier update about Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia, we have 10 screen shots and 4 pieces of artwork for the game for you to look at.

Konami's Elder Gate has been pushed back from its original June 1st release to a June 22th release. Until then, you can check out 21 screen shots and 10 pieces of artwork from the game.

If Senkai Taisen, the game adaptation of the anime Houshin Engi, caught your attention, head to our pics section to check out 6 new screen shots and 5 pieces of art from the game! The game is to be released on June 29th.

Be sure to also check out our 3 new screen shots of Eternal Arcadia, and 4 new screen shots and a new character design of Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream. You can also take a look at the first screen shots of Square's WonderSwan RPG Working Chocobo. Lastly, we have 4 wallpaper designs for Namco's RPG Dragon Valor right here. Enjoy!


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May 29th, 2000

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